Platanitos Amongst “Five Beaches to Discover on the Pacific Coast” of Mexico

The recommendations for the Riviera Nayarit keep on coming! This time the kudos come from, an international website which focuses on music, art, travel, nightlife, cocktail culture, mixology, fashion and global interests.

The article, written by Edna Pedraza – designer, fashion coordinator, contributor to MEOW and editor of Société Perrier Mexico – extended an invitation to “five beaches to discover on the Pacific Coast.” The list includes Platanitos and the Marietas Islands, both in the Riviera Nayarit. “On this occasion, we’d like to mention five tropical paradises that aren’t as well known. They’re bathed by the warm waters of the largest ocean in the world, but we have to warn you that to get to some of these beaches you’ll have to work it like Indiana Jones,” said the article.

Author Edna Pedraza speaks eloquently about Platanitos and its calm waters that allow swimmers to remain in the water without having to worry about jumping any big waves. “Located some 25 km from Las Varas and about 30 km from San Blas, Platanitos greets you with its very fine sand beach framed by dense vegetation. Here you’ll find turtles and trails to take you to the Cora and Tecuitata waterfalls. It’s the perfect combination for nature lovers in search of total relaxation.”

Learn more about Platanitos and Playa Las Tortugas, get directions and view an interactive online map on

Las Mariettas

“The Marietas Islands are made up of two islands and two islets surrounded by natural rock formations that seem to encapsulate the turquoise-tinted water. It’s as if they wanted to keep this place a secret only for those brave enough to uncover its treasures,” it continues. “The treasures consist of coral, blue-footed boobies, bottle-nosed dolphins, a fantastic variety of marine birds, and of course, fish, giant manta rays, Olive Ridley sea turtles and even humpback whales.” It also mentions a protected area that encourages adventure and exploration via scuba or snorkel, where visitors can even practice their mountain climbing skills!

The beaches of Michigan in Guerrero, Playa Mermejita in Oaxaca and La Llorona in Michoacán round out the list.

This website has more than half a million followers on Facebook. It’s part of one of the world’s most famous brands of mineral water. The global site is published in over 10 countries, with readership in many more.

This article is just one more example of the growing interest of the world at large in Mexico’s Pacific Treasure.

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    Buscando sobre este lugar encontré su magnífica web. Gracias por la información para mi blog

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    Wow. Next time I visit I would love to visit the two islands sharing islets in pure blue water. I love reading the articles you offer. Thanks everyone!

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