If you have this in your garden, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

As far as I know, it is called PLAGA. It came into my garden in La Peñita from a local nursery. Within 5 days of re-planting over 15 pots of a 40 pot project with salvia the little blue flower, I walked out to find those 15 COVERED WITH THIS STRINGY YELLOW ANGEL HAIR PARASITE. My new salvia was yellow and dieing. I pulled a huge handful, I carefully put it in a plastic bag and I returned to the nursery. PLAGA, no spray, must be CUT OUT was all I was told. Be careful with it.

I won’t even tell you the tedious hours I have spent fighting this vampire plaga. At least in my situation, they are in pots which does contain them to some degree. You must be very careful to cut below where it has entered the plant stem. Then it grows at about a rate of 2-3 inches a day. As it sucks the life out of the stalk it has rooted into, a long thick hair like yellow string seeks a new stalk to attach to. I did not think to take a picture when it was first discovered, but the last picture here was totally YELLOW, in a cobweb of this plaga. I have worked daily to get it under control. These pictures are after an entire week, and this is one days growth. I think I am making head way. I did return to the nursery for more salvia of a new shipment. BELIEVE ME I INSPECTED EACH PLANT, and will keep a sharp eye on the spread of this nasty stuff.

I have spent hours with this challenge and thought others might have it too. If anyone has any information on this plaga, like its name, I would be very interested in learning more about it.

About the Author: Sarah J. Walker grew up on a farm in the central part of Ohio. Seldom in her life was she without the companionship of a cat or dog, or both. At present, her loyal guardians are a rescued Labrador, rescued Chiwiennie, 4 Chihuahuas and a rescued kitten, 7 in total…. plus all the street fosters in nursing care and recovery waiting to be adopted into forever homes. In the 9 years she has lived in La Peñita, Mexico, Sarah has witnessed firsthand what love, care (often medical), can do to save the life of an abandoned, sick cat or dog. “To me, these animals can give the purest form of innocent love anyone can ever receive. But it does not come to you without your act of kindness.” Sarah enjoys sharing her animal rescue stories and is a dedicated Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) volunteer.

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