Thanks to donations from Dr. Malcolm Macartney at McKenzie Veterinary Services in Victoria, BC, the Pets for Life Team now has full trays of surgical instruments as well as two new stainless steel surgery tables. This equipment was put to good use during the free spay and neuter clinic in San Pancho last week.

Even though there are only two surgeons on the Pets for Life Team, we have seen local or visiting vets drop by to help to increase the surgery counts. Also, as Paulina’s prep table completes another animal, this animal can be moved to the spare table, tied and scrubbed, for the next available surgeon. This clears space for Paulina’s next patient and reduces turnaround time for the surgeons.

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Thanks to donations from McKenzie Veterinary Services of Victoria, BC and Gail in San Pancho.

San Pancho SN Rob Erickson 2
Dr. Poli shows off his full cold-sterile trays. No need to stop surgeries to clean instruments now.

One local was very creative in capturing and carrying a feral cat, “Muy Bravo,” to the clinic. He captured the cat and snapped it inside a plastic tote. The cat immediately popped the top off, so he quickly used his boogie-board and a load strap to keep the tote secure. Once at the clinic, we removed the strap and boogie-board, then put the whole tote inside a large steel cage. Within a few seconds, this large male had popped the top off the tote and was free inside the steel cage. From there, it was easy to anesthetize the cat through the cage, in preparation for surgery. We do whatever it takes!

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How to handle a dangerous cat…

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by Rob Erickson

Pets for Life provides free weekly spay and neuter services throughout our area. To learn more, visit the Pets for Life website.

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