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July 2014 Author’s Note: Please view our Pet Travel Tips for up-to-date regulations and required documents for Mexico, the United States and Canada. Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment or question below.


Last week, I flew from the US to Puerto Vallarta with my pups for the first time since the new regulations were implemented. Anyone traveling with pets is now required to stop at the SAGARPA/SENASICA Office at your port of entry (the office in PV is located before the baggage claim area). Here, an officer will ask you to present a valid health certificate and perform a quick physical inspection of your pet(s). The officer seemed especially interested in making sure my pups were in good physical condition and that their rabies vaccines were current. The officer entered my name and information into his computer. Several minutes later, I was presented with an import health certificate, which I had to sign and later present to the person in customs. The entire process took close to 45-50 minutes. There were several people in line even on a Sunday afternoon, so be sure to plan a little extra time if someone is picking you up.

I asked the officer several questions about the new process and documentation needed, and he confirmed that everything listed on our Pet Travel Tips page about the new health certificate requirements is accurate and up-to-date.

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    Thanks, That is good to know. We have driven into Mexico for about 10 of the past 15 years and, although we knew of the rules, we were never asked ath border for the rabies vaccination certificate or given the health certicate but maybe driving across vs flying in brings clser scrutiny

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