Pet Travel Tips & Regulation Updates

You may not automatically think of Jaltemba Bay Life when you think of pet travel, but perhaps you should. We have relationships with several government offices, pet rescue organizations and local vets – and we update our Pet Travel Tips & Regulations page on a regular basis.

Regardless of whether you cross the border by land, air or sea, you are required to follow the same basic guidelines when bringing pets into Mexico. Our Pet Travel Tips includes the current regulations for Mexico, the United States and Canada. We highly recommend that you read through the regulations for the country you are traveling to (and from) to make sure you comply with both. We also suggest that you contact your personal vet and your airline, as each state and airline can establish their own rules.

Our Pet Travel Tips page includes:

  • Important Air Travel Tips  (and list of Airlines that fly to/from Mexico)
  • Mexican Pet Travel Regulations
  • US Pet Travel Regulations
  • Canadian Pet Travel Regulations
  • Helpful Pet Travel Links
  • Adopting a Pet from Mexico

Check out our Pet Travel Tips before you plan your next trip with your pet!

by Allyson Williams

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2 Reviews on “Pet Travel Tips & Regulation Updates”

  1. :

    Hi Ally, thanks! Has there been any changes from last year?

    1. :

      Lin, there have been a few minor changes, mostly in the documents. You can find absolutely everything listed on our Pet Travel Tips page (see link above).

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