Peñita Players are Gearing Up for their 5th Hysterical Season

If the astronauts’ parrot was controlling their TV by remote and viewed Marie Antoinette kissing Ken while Barbie had dinner with a drunken old waiter… that would be a nightmare recollection of some of last year’s Peñita Players skits’ characters.

The Peñita Players hope to keep Jaltemba Bay entertained with theatre performances, another option in addition to the great music and dance shows in the area. “It’s a real challenge coordinating volunteer artists and techies, as well as finding fresh skits that suit their talents and the time available,” observes founding member Marion Rogers, “especially given the come-and-go nature of retired residents on holiday.” Her husband and co-founder Jeff agrees, “in our Canadian community theatre group in Port Burwell, Ont. rehearsal times are usually three times a week for three hours in the evening for about 10 weeks, but here the social scene means most actors prefer daytime to rehearse, and that gets sandwiched around golf, darts, art, committees… to produce a professional level of performance means we need at least 60 hours of rehearsal, so a lot of compromise on scheduling is needed. And commitment and compromise are what make our shows professional, not salaries; we’re all volunteers.”

What will they do in 2013 for their 5th season (dating back over time to 2003!)? If you’re thinking comedy, that is indeed the usual bill of fare, mainly in short skit format; expect some more variety this year and a lot of new material.

Last year’s show brought in several “newbies” to theatre who proved their ability to learn a lot and the ability of our directorial team to help them entertain our audiences. Was it a lot of hard work, commitment and focus? You bet. If you can provide the same, join us! We welcome more onstage and backstage participants, and of course… where would we be without our audience?

Auditions are Friday, January 11th at 2pm and Monday, January 14th at 10am at Jacarandas #10, La Peñita. Performances are tentatively slated for February 28, March 1, 2 and matinee on Sunday, March 3rd.

More information will follow, but for those wanting to be part of the fun, contact us at

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