We had a two week break at the end of September and wanted a bit of a change of pace, so this year we decided we would visit Jaltemba Bay during the rainy season.

(above photo) One evening, after supper, as we sat at “La Avenida,” hundreds of small birds raced in overhead and just up the street. When we walked up the street, we saw that they had all settled on the building up a couple of blocks on the north side – across from one of the Michoacana’s. Too strange. All chattering and jostling for space, like the frigate birds used to do above Tiki’s, but many more and much smaller!

Leane Goldsmith POTW 1

Another evening, as we crossed the Puente La Peñita I bridge, everyone was hanging over looking down. We were amazed to see a torrent of water rushing down from wherever it comes from! The next day it was all back to “normal,” but still way more water than we see in February. The video we took is even more impressive.

Leane Goldsmith POTW 3

I was totally blown away by how lush and green everything was… we walked the back road along the highway from Rincón de Guayabitos to La Peñita one afternoon, and saw this power pole plant preacher – “come to me, my plant children!” We couldn’t actually walk all the way on the ocean side of the highway – had to cross at the Puente to the east side, as the ocean side was totally overgrown.

The rains, when they came, were intense – carving great channels across the sand, turning the beach into sections. Some channels could be forded, others (like the lagoon exit by Mateja’s) had to be avoided.

Leane Goldsmith POTW 4

It flooded all over in La Peñita and Guayabitos… but as quickly as it accumulated, it drained away. The cobblestones were all green and mossy, and the variety of flowering plants was incredible – hibiscus replaced bougainvillea as the primary flower down Avenida del Sol Nuevo. It was hot, and humid, and quiet, and totally fun to experience.

It was so different at that time of year. I am glad we were able to do this!

by Leane Goldsmith

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