“Operación Salvavidas (Operation Lifesaver) Semana Santa 2015” in Action in Rincón de Guayabitos

The Secretaría de Marina (SEMAR) has initiated “Operación Salvavidas Semana Santa 2015” (Operation Lifesaver) on beaches and in tourist destinations along the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Naval officers will be posted to provide first aid and medical attention during Semana Santa (Easter break), from March 28 through April 12.

(photo by Rob Erickson) Marines have their Operación Salvavidas canopy set up on the beach in Rincon de Guayabitos to watch over those enjoying the water. They are a rather professional looking group with their white uniforms and rescue cans.

They expect to have 4,373 participants, including admirals, captains, officers and seamen, supported by about 341 area units (ships, intercepting patrols and rescue craft), aircraft and land vehicles.

The Navy invites the general public to fully enjoy the Semana Santa holiday. While at the beach, please consider the following recommendations:

  1. Do not jump into the water after eating food or alcohol, or a combination of both
  2. Try to swim near a lifeguard stand
  3. Do not neglect children on the beach
  4. Do not bring valuables
  5. Use sunscreen if you plan to stay in the sun for long time
  6. Drink water constantly to rehydrate
  7. Respect the signs of life
  8. Be careful if boats or jet skis are nearby
  9. Do not bring pets to the beach
  10. If traveling in small boats, remember that lifejackets are required, and make sure the boat is not overloaded
  11. Do not obstruct access to the beaches, and allow free access to patrols and ambulances
  12. No littering on beaches
  13. Observe and comply with the instructions issued by the Port Authority regarding the sea tide level markers. Green flags indicate that conditions for bathing, swimming or diving are good. Yellow means take caution due to ocean currents and the possibility that weather may worsen; and red indicates that swimmers should not enter the ocean.

Original article was published in Spanish on Noticieros Telavisa

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