Old Cemetery in La Peñita

The old cemetery in La Peñita is a little worse for wear these days, but nonetheless, it is still a charming and restful place. It is located on the very north end of town and is snuggled in between the beach and Calle del Mirador. Much of the destruction occurred back in 2002 when Hurricane Kenna barreled through the Jaltemba Bay area. Still to this day, you will find a few empty coffins sunk into the sand along the ocean’s edge.

As I walked gingerly and respectfully through the cemetery, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of newly and lovingly placed candles and plastic flower arrangements left over from Dia de los Muertos, which took place a few weeks ago on November 1-2. During this 2-day holiday, Mexicans visit the local cemeteries to tidy up and decorate the graves, and to pay homage and celebrate the lives of those who have passed. Many of the graves here don large cement crosses, some more intricate than others, and a few proudly display the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This is a quiet and tranquil place, and much of it is shaded by large trees. With its spectacular view, the sound of the waves, the cool ocean breeze and the filtered sunlight, the old cemetery in La Peñita is indeed a very special place to rest in peace.

P.S. Thank you to Robi Smallwood and Donna Steensma for joining me.

by Allyson Williams

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    I love visiting cemeteries and this one looks so interesting. I intend to check it out when I return to Guayabitos. Thanks for posting the pictures as I wouldn't have thought of it.

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    No creo que sea fácil mover las tumbas del cementerio que ya en sí es un parque MEMORIAL. La legislación al respecto es compleja. Los antecedentes de otros lugares como en Puerto Vallarta donde se han efectuado reubicamientos de este tipo, han provocado graves incidentes civiles-políticos, dado que se aprovechan los vivales de siempre para actuar con engaños y marrullerías tramposas para lograr un beneficio económico inmoral. Seguiremos con atención los acontecimientos para vigilar el Patrimonio de la Peñita.

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      Miguel, Si tu tienes mas informacion de el cementerio de La Peñita, llame o envíeme un correo electrónico.

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        Me he enterado que existe interés de ciertas personas y grupos, que pretenden reubicar este parque, y aprovechar el terreno con otros fines muy ajenos a un área común.

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    Our little vacation house is just down the road from the cemetery on Malpaso, and we enjoy the beach in spite of the conditions there. It is touching to see the new flowers and candles every so often. Thanks for sharing!

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    A lady named Gia?? who is the municipality representative for this area spoke at the Rotary meeting this morning. The plan is to move all the graves to another site and the cemetery site will be included in the Malecon. A special plan is being planned for that particular area - hopefully a peaceful resting spot for those who are still here.

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    Thank you very much for the great photos, Allyson. It's nice to see the cemetary decorated and cleaned; makes it feel less sad. I appreciate the time you and Robi & Donna took to put this together.

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    Thanks you for this. I have long wanted to explore the cemetery in La Penita. Now I have a reminder. Such love shown to loved ones.

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    Alyson,I have never seen this cemetary before. I will have to go looking for it this winter..so sad to see so much destruction.Thanks for the article and pictures. AB

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    I have been watching the ocean encroach on this cemetary since the early 1980's. It is a nice site but sad to see the ocean taking it's toll on the grave sites. Only a sea wall could protect the rising tides. The graves should be relocated. The land could be sold for a building site and the funds used to relocate the graves to a permament site not subject to the rising ocean.

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