Vicky Flores and her helpers, Joe & Mary and Gary & Jerri, delivered 400 notebooks (200 from Ken & Mariam), 800 pencils, 425 toys, 120 barbie dolls (from Geri de Moss), 200 sharpeners, 200 erasers, 25 carpets with rings for children in 7th, 8th and 9th grades, 425 rulers, 100 boxes of crayons and 45 colored pencils, jackets, sweaters and warm clothes, zhoak and 2 basketballs.

These items were given away on December 22 at the Huichol Indian community of Zitacua, Tepic, Nayarit… 450 persons and 20 reading glasses to old people until 60 at 70 years old… and thank you very much to Canadian and American people for support my job, and also buy at Sam’s Club (50 kg. sugar, 50 kg. beans, 50 kg. rice and 5 boxes of milk with 12 tetrapac (60 lts.) and this is for the enjoy this season and have a nice Christmas.

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