Nurse Vicky Delivers Donated Items to Schools in Las Lomas, Nayarit

Nurse Vicky Flores Ramirez, her assistant Erica Santiago Joachin and I drove to the small town of Las Lomas, near San Pancho, to deliver donated items to the poor children there.

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 1

Our first stop was the preschool, Prescolar Comunitario Niños Heroes.

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There were 15 students and their maestro (teacher), Anselma Judith Espinoza, who is originally from Cuastecomate, Nayarit. Each student received a toy, pencils and toothbrush and toothpaste, and the maestra got two packages of colored chalk to make her job a little more enjoyable.

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Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 2

Vicky reminds the students to brush their teeth “four times a day!” To make sure they are listening, she makes them repeat it!

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 7

Many of the children in Las Lomas know Erica, because she used to be a teacher here. She is now working at Protección Civil in Rincon de Guayabitos.

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 9

Will someone please go back and rescue this poor pup!

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 10

We then headed to Primaria Benito Juarez, where we were greeted by 35 smiling faces (in two classrooms) and Maestro Hector Manuel Perez.

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 12

We gave one item to every student – from clothing and shoes, to Barbies, water bottles and backpacks, and of course, Vicky’s signature offering, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Vicky is very firm about the importance of dental hygiene and being a good student, which is why the students who were most dedicated to their studies (chosen by their classmates and teacher), received items before the rest of the class.

As you can see above, the stainless-steel water bottles were a big hit!

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 11

As we left this classroom, Vicky asked me if I noticed how pale the children’s faces were. She informed me that this is because of their diet and lack of good nutrition, which is why Vicky continues to ask for donations of children’s vitamins.

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 13 Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 14 Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 15

This group of boys were obviously grateful for our visit, and they loved shouting “whiskey” for the camera!

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 16

Our last stop was Telesecundaria Juan Escutia. There were 17 students currently attending this school. We handed out two notebooks, pens and a calculator to each student, plus portfolios, pens, paperclips and other teaching aides to Maestros Manuel Isiordia Rubio and Jesùs Angel Aguirre.

Surprisingly, Vicky took the time to teach the students about sexually transmitted diseases – and even though it’s an uncomfortable topic, they really listened! She agreed to return with materials to share with the teachers and students.

Nurse Vicky Las Lomas 17

Vicky delivers donated items to 32 communities throughout Nayarit. She often asks for volunteers to drive her, and she is in constant need of donations to continue her good work.

Please consider making a donation so the McKibben Foundation (Nurse Vicky’s Dispensary) can continue helping schools, seniors and needy families in the Jaltemba Bay area. Donations can be dropped off at:

McKibben Foundation (Nurse Vicky’s Dispensary)
Mar de Cortez #55
La Peñita de Jaltemba
Nayarit, Col. Miramar
C.P. 63726
(Municipio de Compostela)

Vicky would like to thank the following for their donations given during today’s outing:

  • Geri de Moss – Barbies
  • Cinnamon Dagsvik – Clothing and shoes
  • Emma Schofield & Lyla – Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Cindy Wan – Shoes
  • Nancy Wilson – Water bottles
  • Karen Trudell – Backpacks
  • Debra & Grant Cooke – Toys

by Allyson Williams

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    I just read the article and felt terrible seeing the condition of that poor dog. Has anyone followed up to help? Today is May 13. Not sure how long ago the sighting was made.

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    Vicky did you ever get the 2 bags of donations I left at Mateja's Restaurant on March 24th, 2015? Please advise that you have picked these items up. Kids clothes, vitamins, tooth brushes and tooth paste, toiletries, stuffed toys etc. Please let me know you got these items. Thanks you

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    Thanks a lot Ally good work . and God bless you all the generous people.

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