Now That’s a Lime!

After the rainy season ends, our yard always looks like someone had gone crazy with weed seeds and fertilizer, and this year was no exception. We had to use a machete to find our lime tree amongst the 10-foot tall, orange-flowered weeds that had taken over the yard again. No surprise there. What did surprise us this fall was the incredible number of limes hanging from its branches. Last year it only had three in total. Then we saw a lot of them were the size of grapefruits… wow! I had purchased this tree only a few short years ago from a local vivero (nursery) north of La Peñita. We thought that someone from the vivero had played a trick and sold us something other than a lime tree! There should be enough juice from this one fruit that I could make two limonadas. How fantastic is that?

These three are more like the average size of the fruits that are on my tree.

I wonder how much juice will come from this lime?

I wrote a story about this lime tree, “My Lime Tree Gives Me More Than Fruit” if you would like to read a bit more about it.

About the Author: Tosia Archer spends her winter living near El Tonino (a 20 minute drive north from La Peñita) along with her husband David and their Mexican adopted pets: dogs Agua Chili Bob and Momz, and their cat Blanca. They all travel south together by truck from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada each fall and return there to work each spring. She enjoys photographing local wildlife and flowers, whale watching and then rendering what she has seen into watercolour art. She volunteers with JBAR and is a member of the Guayabitos Artists Collective and Writers Who Love Mexico. Tosia is also part of the Jaltemba Bay Life Team.

This story was submitted by one of our staff writers. If you want to join in the fun and share your stories and photos of Jaltemba Bay, Mexico, please email them to Tosia@JaltembaBayLife.com


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