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New Solar Energy Installations Are Slowing Due to CFE

Investments in the installation of solar systems in homes and small businesses have been slowed by the shelter filed by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) a year ago, generating uncertainty in the sector, says the National Association of Solar Energy.

“What could not be done is that small users can offer or sell energy to the CFE Basic Supply. That is the point that has not been achieved, and we believe that it is holding back investment, “said the secretary general of this organization, Héctor Hernández.

The national electricity company filed an injunction against the regulations issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) on the methodology for calculating the rates that the CFE would pay when a user generated its own electricity with solar panels, and sold the surplus to CFE, or when the entire generation was sold directly. The first method is known as net billing and the second as a total sale.

“There has been a bureaucratic halt in the two segments that have to do with the issues of protection, net billing and total sale,” said Hernández.

These modalities have not taken off due to the legal conflict with the CFE, and although the industry has grown at rates of 110% for years, it can actually reach 200% if investors were certain about the payment they can receive from the Commission, he added. . “He is no longer just a domestic user, but investors who want to do business, and do not feel comfortable seeing the existence of the amparo.”

The Association hopes that it can advance in the resolution of the amparo that for now is in one of the courts specialized in economic competition.

The installation of this type of solar technologies -known as distributed generation, because electricity is consumed in the same place where it is produced- went from 130 MW to 270 MW between 2016 and 2017, but these producers were interconnected to the CFE network. through the scheme known as net metering .

In this system, households or companies consume as much electricity as they generate in their panels, such as the CFE, and only a subtraction is made to discount the generation of the final invoice, without generating payments in favor as in net billing.

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    Get with the reality CFE. MANY PEOPLE REALIZE THAT ELECTRITY Is essentual for homes, businesses, and a feasonible economic survival. CFE rates are way too high and attenMpts to lower rates is ecceptionsl steps to protect the earth and not add more pollution to lur lives. It is the same with garbage/trash. No wonder many people burn, even olluting trash! Make the recycle issues reality and make a largedifferent for garbage. Mexico is litterered with trash, because the garbage operators do not createbetter alternatives for pick up. At least some towns ha e those mrshwired plastic ottle containers for collection of plastic bottles! Expand now. Having bult/sold a home in ha ala, these 2 issues are important for progress in many aspects of human survival in Mexico.

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