NEW: Recommend YOUR Favorite Businesses & Vacation Rentals on Jaltemba Bay Life

We are excited to announce the new Rental & Business Recommendations function on Jaltemba Bay Life. Patrons, clients and guests can now write recommendations for their favorite restaurants, businesses, hotels and vacation rentals to help others decide where to dine, what to do and where to stay.

To write a recommendation, click on the business or restaurant you patronized, or the hotel or vacation rental you stayed at, and write your review. The reviews for each business are posted on the bottom of that business’ actual webpage.

There are 5 levels of recommendation: Great, Good, Average, Fair and Poor similar to that on TripAdvisor and VRBO.

When writing your review, please keep in mind that one negative comment can dramatically affect the future of a business. If your stay/visit was not quite perfect, there is a box where you can leave notes that only the owner/manager can see and will not be posted in the review. Businesses all want to offer the best client experience possible and are always open to constructive advice and suggestions. By focusing on the positive, residents and visitors can compare and make informed decisions about the rentals/businesses listed on this website to help ensure that they have the perfect vacation!

We want to thank you in advance for sharing your love of Jaltemba Bay and supporting our local hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and other businesses!

Go to Jaltemba Bay Life to recommend your favorite places now!

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    Allyson: Verdaderamente los felicito por su seriedad y profesionalismo. Favorite businesses es una oportunidad única para informar a nuestros visitantes quienes son los servidores comprometidos con su marca y que se esfuerzan para brindar un servicio esmerado y precio justo. La calidad tendrá una cara muy presente. Saludos Miguel.

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