New Puerto Vallarta-Guadalajara Highway to be Completed in 2017

The construction of the Jala-Bahía de Banderas Highway has advanced 33%, however, it will not be finished until 2017, informed the delegate of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) in Jalisco, Bernardo Gutiérrez Navarro.

“The stretch from Jala to Bucerias is 166 kilometers and is 33% complete, including sections finished with four lanes. It will allow drivers to get from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta in two and a half hours because the total kilometers will be 266. It’s a road that has an estimated budget of 13 billion pesos, it involves the construction of about 50 structures, three tunnels, it is a stretch that is in its advanced stage; the section from Jala to the junction in Compostela is done. We are advancing to Las Varas, La Peñita de Jaltemba and finally Bucerías; those are the four parts where there will be junctions,” he explained in an interview.

This work is expected to reduce transferring from Guadalajara to Vallarta to only two hours and a half.

In due time, the road would connect with the macro-bypass project.

Translated by Edgar Castellon for Jaltemba Bay Life

Vía Corta PV-GDL Hasta 2017

by Carolina Gómez Aguiñaga
August 1, 2014

La construcción de la carretera Jala-Bahía de Banderas lleva un avance del 33 por ciento; no obstante no será terminada hasta 2017, adelantó el delegado de la Secretaría de Comunicación y Transportes (SCT) en Jalisco, Bernardo Gutiérrez Navarro.

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    Not too much word on this project for a long time. Nobody seems to be up on it either. hmmmmm. Wonder what the new estimated time frame is? Personally, I will be thrilled to get off highway 200 and welcome this new road, pay or not.

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      Actually, we ran an update a few weeks ago...

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    I wonder if they will open up the parts that are finished for travelling on or if they will wait until it is all complete? Does anyone know that answer?

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    been waiting for 25 years now. what's a few more. dc

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    This is great news....looking forward to a quicker journey from PV to Guadalajara!

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