New “No Pets In Cabin” Policy Could Change the Way We Travel to Mexico

July 2014 Author’s Note: The article below outlines the detailed transition to the new Mexican pet travel and aviation requirements back in 2012. Please view our Pet Travel Tips for up-to-date regulations and required documents for Mexico, the United States and Canada. Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment or question below.


Many foreigners bring their beloved pets with them to Mexico each winter. Unfortunately, the new “no pets in cabin” policy recently put into place by several airlines could drastically change the way we all travel to and from Mexico.

Taco the Dog (shown above) always hangs out in our suitcase
so we don’t forget to bring him with us when we go “home”
to Rincón de Guayabitos, Mexico!

The airline agents we spoke with say that they are obeying an old Mexican government regulation that is based on laws dating back to 1950, 2004 and 2007. The SAGARPA and SENASICA offices in Mexico City informed us that it was a new international aviation regulation. There is also plenty of speculation by online sources that say that the airlines want to cash in by requiring pets to travel in cargo, which costs more than in-cabin pets. Either way, it seems the blame game is going in circles here.

After searching the net for hours, speaking to several airlines including the International Airport in Mexico City, SAGARPA and SENASICA, our local Mexican consulate, the Humane Society International, as well as emailing back and forth with three Mexican rescue organizations, we could still not find anyone who had (or had seen) a copy of this new policy in writing. Even the SENASICA (Mexico’s National Health Service for Food Safety and Food Quality) website, which was updated in April, states that pets are allowed to travel to Mexico from the US and Canada. This raises the question, who really did decide to implement this rule and why?

Regardless, people need to be aware that the majority of airlines now prohibit pets from flying in-cabin. Here is the breakdown:

Airlines that no longer allow in-cabin pets:

  • Air Canada** (see June 15, 2012 Update below)
  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Frontier* (as of June 9, 2012)
  • United
  • US Airways

Airlines that still allow in-cabin pets:
(as of the publication date of this article)

  • WestJet** (see June 15, 2012 Update below)

Airlines that allow pets in cargo:
Keep in mind that many of these airlines enforce embargo dates due to hot weather and have special restrictions based on breed, kennel size, weight, etc., so be sure to check with your airline for specific requirements.

  • Air Canada – $270 CAD/USD per direction
  • Alaska – $100 USD each way
  • American – $175 USD per kennel
  • Delta – $200 USD one-way
  • Frontier – $150 USD each way
  • United – $189-679 USD each way, prices are based on weight
  • US Airways – Not allowed as of March 1, 2012
  • WestJet – $50 CAD/USD each way

So if you are planning to travel to or from Mexico, be sure to contact your airline before you head to the airport. You might also want to consider driving instead of flying so you don’t have to leave Fido, Taco and Panchito behind.

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Article Updates:

Because information is changing so quickly, we are adding updates as information becomes available. Please scroll down to view the latest post…

June 8, 2012 Editor’s Note – We have posted a copy of the AICM’s pet policy below in the comments.

June 8, 2012 Update – We called the FAA, US State Department, US Department of Transportation, the TSA and the Aviation Consumer Protection Division, and none of these government agencies know anything about the policy change. However, they have all basically said that each airline can implement their own policies. I will post as we learn more.

*June 9, 2012 Update (1:30pm) – Frontier no longer allows pets to fly in the cabin. My husband was suppose to fly from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to the US today on Frontier. Even though he had all the proper paperwork for Taco the Dog and we called yesterday to confirm that he could fly with him, he was turned away at the airport. The agent booked him on next week’s flight and told him that the only way he could fly then is if he presents a) a letter from his doctor saying that Taco is an “emotional support animal” and b) a copy of the Frontier “Therapeutic / Emotional Support Animal Medical Authorization Form” (to view the form, scroll down to “Traveling with a Service Animal”). Two counter agents, a desk clerk and a Frontier supervisor at the PV airport all informed him that there was a new US law that was implemented on Monday. I spoke with a Frontier agent in the US to confirm this, and he told me that the policy change is due to a Mexican embargo.

June 9, 2012 (4:40pm) – I just received a call back from a Frontier supervisor in the US. She informed me that this new policy was put into place by the DGAC and is effective as of June 7, 2012. The DGAC offices are closed until Monday, but I will call back then and post an update as I learn more.

June 12, 2012 Update – I have been corresponding with MVZ. Joel Antonio Arrioja Pérez, Jefe de Departamento de Operación de Inspección Fitozoosanitaria (Head of the Department of Plant and Animal Health Inspection Operations). Here is his response to my emails…

Dear Allyson Williams,
In relation to your questions I can tell the following:

Q: Who actually put this new policy into place? The DGAC or the individual airlines?  A: Is the DGAC which performs the indication to the airlines by the airlines of the Obligatory Circular knowledge.

Q: Do you know why it was put into place?  A: Is for the improvement of the conditions of safety for users.

Q: Do you have a copy of the new policy? And if so, can you email it to me?  A: The Obligatory Circular CO AV-07.8/07 may consult her on the link:

Q: Do you know if the Canadian airlines will implement this policy as well?  A: Could not confirm if airlines implemented the Obligatory Circular will have to check with them.

Again confirm you that: from the health point of view, there are no restrictions for the trip, for the entry or exit of dogs and cats and they can enter the country complying with the relevant requirements.

Then I give the SENASICA website, as well as the direct link detailing information for travelers, with the purpose of informing users about our activities.

MVZ. Joel Antonio Arrioja Pérez

Jefe de Departamento de Operación
de Inspección Fitozoosanitaria

Subdirección de Inspección en Puertos y Aeropuertos
Dirección General de Inspección Fitozoosanitaria
Municipio Libre 377 piso 8-A, Col. Sta. Cruz Atoyac,
Delegación Benito Juárez, México, D. F. C.P. 03310
Tel. 01 (55) 59051000 ext. 51126

Email #2:
Q: I just want to clarify one more thing… is the DGAC enforcing the regulation now after 5 years and the airlines are now required to implement it? Or are the airlines implementing it on their own?  A: Is correct is the DGAC which gave the instruction and did knowledge to the airlines that they give it to inform its customers and implement such disposal. An apology don’t know because so far it is applying this policy and not when it was established. I am referring to the fact that pets can not travel in the cabin or baggage, is not a health by the SENASICA disposition as they have publicized it airlines.

The DGAC Circular Obligatoria mentioned above dates back to June 1, 2007. Policy 2.1.2 is outlined on page 3. It states:

2.1.2. La combinación de pasajeros y animales vivos en la cabina de pasajeros no se debe permitir, excepto en el caso de perros lazarillos y otros “animales de servicio” que acompañen a una persona discapacitada, quien deberá respetar los lineamientos del numeral 4.3 de la presente Circular.

This translates to: The combination of passengers and live animals in the cabin should not be allowed, except guide dogs and other “service animals” accompanying a disabled person, who must comply with the guidelines of section 4.3 of this Circular.

June 13, 2012 Update – In response to the new comments below… yes, both WestJet and Air Canada are still allowing pets to fly in cabin and neither have heard about the new policy. In speaking with the FAA again today, they reminded me that individual airlines “can decide what type of passengers they are carrying”.

June 15, 2012 Update (7am) – Finally Some Answers – Okay folks, we finally have some answers. I corresponded with MVZ. Joel Antonio Arrioja Pérez again yesterday and he confirmed that the DGAC did indeed implemented this policy, not the airlines.

I also received an email from an airline passenger (who wishes to remain anonymous) who provided me with a copy of the “unofficial translated version” of the circular which I quote below. Thanks to a little internet sleuthing, I was able to get my hands on the original DGAC Circular dated May 10, 2012 (in Spanish). The sections that pertain to pets are outlined here in English…

2.1.2. The combination of passengers and live animals in the passenger cabin must not be permitted except in the case of guide dogs or other “service animals” accompanying disabled persons, who must abide by the guidelines of sub-item 4.3 of this Circular.
?4. Transport of animals in passenger aircraft.?
4.1. Animals must be transported in cages or appropriate containers, which, in turn, must be placed in pressurized and air-conditioned compartments. The pilot in command must be informed when live animals are transported and of the cargo hold in which they are located.
4.2. If the aircraft is not equipped with pressurized and air-conditioned cargo holds, animals may be transported in a cabin next to the passenger cabin but separated therefrom by a bulkhead, provided the other guidelines of this Circular are followed.
4.3. Guide dogs and service animals.?
Notwithstanding the provisions of this Mandatory Circular, a guide dog or seeing eye dog and other service animals may be transported in the passenger cabin accompanied by a disabled person provided that the following requirements are complied with:
4.3.1. The guide dog or seeing eye dog must have been trained and the disabled person must have been instructed in dog handling and care. According to such considerations, the dog must remain at the side of its owner during the flight. The disabled person must be seated in the front row, preferably in a window seat in a section next to the cabin dividing wall. If assistance is necessary, the personnel of the licensee or permit holder must provide such assistance in a calm manner. The cabin crew must request any passenger they find trying to stroke the dog to refrain from doing so, so as to prevent the animal from becoming distracted.
4.3.2. Service animals may be allowed in the passenger cabin in accordance with the policies and procedures approved by the Aviation Authority, stipulated for such purpose for permit holders and licensees, provided that such animals do not represent a risk to the health and safety of passengers or crew, such as snakes or other reptiles, rodents, spiders, ferrets, among others, or animals such as ponies, pigs and monkeys which, given their size, dimensions or health restrictions of the competent Mexican authorities or the authorities of the States where permit holders and licensees operate, are not allowed in the passenger cabin.
4.3.3. The same requirements set forth in sub-item 4.3.1. of this Mandatory Circular apply to service animals.
4.3.4. During the boarding of disabled persons assisted by a guide dog or seeing eye dog, the cabin crew must direct the passenger to his/her seat in order for such person to provide instructions to the animal.
Appendix “A” states these definitions:
4. Service Animal: Any animal individually trained or capable of assisting a disabled person or any animal where it is demonstrated by documentation that such animal is necessary for the emotional well-being of a passenger.
14. Permit holder: Corporate entity or individual, in the case of the national or foreign, private commercial air service to whom the Ministry of Communications and Transport grants a permit to carry out its activities, including the provision of scheduled international air carrier services, and national and international non-scheduled and private commercial air carrier services.

**June 15, 2012 Update (9am) – I just called both WestJet and Air Canada. The Air Canada agent said that pets are no longer allowed in the cabin effective as of June 13, 2012. The WestJet agent I spoke with said they are aware of the new law, and while they have not implemented it yet, he expected that they would be soon.

June 16, 2012 Update – Before I go any further, I just want people to understand that I am just one gal who adores her Mexican rescue pups who wanted to share information about this new policy with neighbors and friends who live in Rincon de Guayabitos, La Penita and Los Ayala (Jaltemba Bay), Nayarit, Mexico and who happens to own a community website with a means to do just that. At no point could I have ever imagined that this article would be read by so many people. With every passing day it becomes more and more apparent how much this new policy is impacting those of us who travel to/from Mexico.

I am willing to continue to work on this effort, but I’d like to ask for your help. If any of you have made contact with Mexican government officials who seem willing to listen and to help, please email their contact information to me at

My plan is to contact the US and Canadian corporate airline offices on Monday to see if the airlines would be willing to allow pets back in the cabin “if” we can get this law changed. If not, there is no reason to pursue this any further.

In the meantime, for anyone who is scheduled to travel out of Mexico in the next few weeks, I highly recommend that you post on your local community forums to see if you can find someone who might be willing to drive your pet across the border. For anyone traveling to Mexico, I suggest that you research pet boarding facilities near you and/or find someone who can care for your pets while you travel. Here are the requirements for traveling with pets to Mexico if you plan on driving… Pet Travel Tips

June 19, 2012 Update (11am) – I finally got through to the Mexico Tourism Board. The gentleman I spoke with said that they have not yet received an official statement, and as far as they are concerned, the bulletin only affects pets flying within Mexico. They are very concerned and hope to resolve this as quickly as possible. He suggested that everyone contact the following offices:

Mexico Tourism Board
Call Center: 1-800-44-MEXICO (1-800-446-3942)*
*You can call this number direct from the US. Their office is collecting names, phone numbers and email addresses.

SCT (Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes)
Contact Form:

I am also in communication with the Deputy Director General at the DGAC. I have emailed the SCT, SECTUR and Sra. Gloria Guevara, the Secretary of Tourism. I will post as soon as I have more information.

June 19, 2012 Update (1:30pm)  For anyone traveling with pets in the next few months, Charlene Angelo has kindly taken the time to put together a chart with options and restrictions for pets in baggage vs. cargo, as well as handy airline links. You can access it here… Traveling with Pets by Air.

June 21, 2012 Update – Policy Change – I am absolutely thrilled to share an email I just received from Lic. José Armando Garcia Nuño, Dirección de Política Intersectorial, Dirección General de Planeación Estratégica y Política Sectorial, Secretaria de Turismo (SECTUR). It reads…

Mrs Allyson,

I send an apology for to answer your call and email a little late, however, I am here for talking with you about the animals in the aircraft passenger cabins.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with the Aeronautic Authority on this case for talking about the concern of you visitors by the prohibition of get pets on airplanes.

At the meeting we were able to obtain good news, which I inform you:

• They going to change of the article one hundred seven (107) of the regulations of the law, where the regulation is established on the transportation of animals allowed in the passenger cabins. Today, the Aeronautic Authority has already a proposal for a reform to the article of the rules of which shared and will be analysed.

The Aeronautic Authority published an official circular where inform about of the current authority decision and where they report the possibility that in the month of September is already counted with this reform allowing, in some way, raise animals to the passenger cabins.

In this moments The law should be applied without exception. But we hope that the reform to law going to ready on September.

Finally, I say today I tried to talk to you by phone but it was not possible.
Best regards.

After receiving this email, I called and spoke with Sr. Garcia directly. He informed me that the document is currently be reviewed and that it should be finalized by next week. He confirmed that the revised policy will allow pets to fly in the cabin on both national and international flights, and that it should be in place by September 2012. He agreed to email a copy to me, which I will post at soon as I receive it.

This is really good news Folks!

June 22, 2012 Update – No more news as of today, but I just want to remind everyone to please continue to register your complaints with the Mexican Tourism Board, SCT and SECTUR (listed below) just to make sure we continue to be heard. I will keep you posted as more information comes to light.

June 25, 2012 Update (11:30am) – Revised Circular – I received an update from Lic. José Armando Garcia Nuño this morning. The new Circular, CO AV-07.8/07 R2, is dated June 21, 2012 and has been posted on the SCT website. In his email, Sr. Garcia stated that “the Aeronautical Authority has published document (Circular compulsory) that allows airlines to transport pets in the passenger cabins. Airlines must meet the mandatory circular immediately as soon as they are notified. The airlines must allow pets climb into the passenger cabins, immediately.” He also wanted to remind me that “this new document is NOT a new regulation, simply is a document that clarifies the doubts with regard to the Law on Civil Aviation.” He clarified this statement in another email by saying “The document that now lets upload pets to the airlines is a temporary measure. He is currently working on reforming article 107 of the law of Civil Aviation.”

I have been informed by a group in Cozumel who is working closely with the airlines that “this circular was sent to all airlines on Friday.” Obviously, the airlines will need a little time to re-implement this policy, update their websites, etc. I will post as I learn more.

June 26, 2012 Update – Since yesterday, I have been inundated by emails and comments from people who say that the airlines are not aware of this new revised circular. I will do my very best to compile a list of airline contacts in the next few days. In the meantime, please be patient.

In addition, I just learned earlier today that there are new document requirements for pet travel to Mexico. Ironically these changes were implemented in the past few weeks, but have absolutely nothing to do with the DGAC circular. I am in contact with the proper authorities and will post this information as soon as possible.

June 27, 2012 Update (9:20am) – Airline Contacts – Below, you will find an airline contact list for the customer relations/care departments courtesy of Andrea Sekula, Cozumel and Karen Warne, Zihuatanejo. We all ask you to please keep in mind that it is going to take some time for the airlines to translate the new document, run it by their legal departments, re-implement the new policy, inform and retrain their staff and get the information back up on their websites. This is not going to happen over night folks.

Latest Updates:

June 27, 2012 Update (12pm) – NEW Pet Travel Requirements – Please be aware that there are new requirements and documentation needed to travel with pets to Mexico (and no, this had nothing to do with the DGAC Circular). I have contacted SAGARPA and my local USDA-APHIS Veterinary Services offices for clarification, and I have compiled the information here:

Airlines that Now Allow Pets in Cabin!
The re-implementation of this policy has happened very quickly, so please keep in mind that some airline employees may not be aware of this change.

  • WestJet – never changed policy
  • US Airways – announced June 26, 2012, effective immediately
  • American – announced June 27, effective July 1, 2012
  • Frontier – announced June 28, 2012, effective immediately
  • Alaska – announced June 28, 2012, effective July 2, 2012
  • Air Canada – announced June 28, 2012, effective immediately
  • Delta – announced June 29, 2012, effective immediately (only in Economy cabin)
  • United – announced July 3, 2012, effective immediately

Fees for In-Cabin Pets (added June 29, 2012)

*These fees are for one way. Keep in mind that in most cases, your in-cabin pet carrier counts toward your carry-on baggage allowance. Please contact your airline for specific information about how to book your pet, maximum kennel dimensions, kennel weight and other restrictions.

July 3, 2012 Update – United is Now Flying Pets – United Airlines has indeed re-implemented their pets in cabin policy as of today. I called to confirm, and the cost is $125 USD each way.

Thank YOU! – I want to personally thank each and every one of you who called and emailed your complaints and concerns about the policy change. In basically one month, not only did the Mexican government revise their pet policy, but all the airlines re-implemented their policies to allow pets to fly in the cabin to/from Mexico as well. In the scheme of things, this was a really fast turnaround. Together, we made a difference!

For anyone who isn’t aware, there is a slight change in documentation (and verbiage) needed to travel with pets to Mexico. You can find all the details on our Pets Travel Tips (Requirements) page.

I have received hundreds of emails, many of which are simply thank you notes. As I said above, I did not do this alone. There were many others involved as well. For anyone who wants to do a little something to say thank you to all those who worked so hard on this effort, may I suggest that you make a donation to a local pet rescue organization, of which there are hundreds in Mexico. If you are so inclined, you may make a donation to my local group, Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue. You can also learn about my connection with this amazing organization by reading “From a Volunteer’s Perspective“, an article I wrote about my volunteer experience last year.

July 5, 2012 Update – Pet Travel Tips Answered – I have been on the phone all day with three USDA-APHIS offices and emailing back and forth with my contact at SAGARPA to find out more about the new documents needed to travel with pets and about the rabies requirement in order to answer all your questions. Here is what I found out…

VS 7001 Form: The USDA offices have all confirmed that the VS 7001 Form is no longer required to enter Mexico or to leave the US. However, they did mention that some airlines may require it, so you need to call to find out. (Note: An International Health Certificate is required for many countries, so you may want to check with your local USDA-APHIS office for details.)

Letterhead Certificate: I have attached a copy of the Letterhead Certificate I received from the USDA on our Pet Travel Tips page (link below). Based on my correspondence with the Head of the Department of Plant and Animal Health Inspection Operations at SAGARPA, I have added a few very important additions (see my notes on the form). He said that with these additions, the form met Mexico’s import requirements and more, so it should get you into and out of the US, Canada and Mexico, no matter where you are going to or coming from.

Rabies: I have heard that Mexico now accepts and offers a 3-year rabies vaccine, but I cannot get confirmation in writing from anyone I spoke with. While the USDA Letterhead Certificate states that “The animal/s has/have been vaccinated against rabies within 12 months prior to exportation,” the SENASICA website no longer requires that rabies is given in that time frame.

Please visit our Pets Travel Tips page for more information and a complete overview of the new requirements and links to these documents.

Who to Contact:

Here is a list of people, organizations and websites to contact. If you prefer to contact an airline in writing, you can find their mailing address on the links below. Simply explain that you are referring to the revised Circular CO AV-07.8/07 R2 from the Mexican Aviation Authority (DGAC) dated June 21, 2012 in which Article 4.3 now permits pets to travel in cabin to and from Mexico.

Helpful Links:

Helpful and informative links submitted by readers of this blog…

Note: I have broken the comments into several pages because we have received so many of them. Please scroll back so you don’t miss what people are saying.

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  1. :

    My dog and I just enjoyed an in-cabin flight, from Vancouver, Canada to Toronto, to Costa Rica, on Air Canada. Chip, my little papillion/russell cross was required to have a $100 ticket and all the right paperwork (another $100-ish), but otherwise, it was no problem having him with me in the cabin. So I'm thinking this is a Mexican requirement rather than an airline one.

  2. :

    Thanks so much Allyson...can always count on you for the accurate info. My pooch is still good with her 3 yr. vaccine and our Vet is the best at getting all the paperwork done and in perfect order. I always take 3 signed originals of everything for her....just in case. Thanks again for your help! For sure, if I think of other questions I'll be in touch :)

  3. :

    Hi Allison......just wanted to check and see if anything has changed regarding flying pets into MX. I've been reading on some of my forum boards that people have been having problems with MX officials at the airport not recognizing the 3 year rabies you have any official word on this, as we had no problem in Jan. 2014 and hers does not expire until Nov. of 2015. Also, just the vet certificate on letterhead still ok to use? Thanks for your help and hope all is well with you!

    1. :

      Hi Sharon. Yes, there has indeed been some confusion. Your question prompted me to add an "FAQ and Clarification" post on our Pet Travel Tips page. Please read it, and if it doesn't answer your question, post here or email me directly.

      1. :

        traveled through MEX from MIA Oct 15. the 2012 bilingual form worked perfect, including the 3 year vaccine. my dogs carrier bedding was confiscated, so if the bedding is special or matches your carrier etc, better to put it away in your purse or carry on before heading to inspevtion as it will be thrown away. all in all they were fast and efficient. always friendly.

  4. :

    My pooch has been to Mexico several times now (Cancun) for 3 month stays. I am unable to get her new dogfood there, she is on Science Diet I/D canned. Will I run into any problem by taking a 3 month supply with me (24 cans) or do I need special permission and from who and how would I obtain this. I know Royal Canin is big there and we have tried that for several months here at home, but it is not working out. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. :

      We flew Westjet in December and home in Feb. with Happi in the cabin. They are FABULOUS. To the point that we now use Westjet's credit card and are collecting their points.

    2. :

      Sharon, I have had dog food confiscated at the border, but I have friends who have had no issue bringing it in. I am fairly certain that my vet in Puerto Vallarta carries Science Diet I/D, so I guess I would recommend calling your vet to see if he/she carries it. If so, you don't have to bring it with you.

  5. :

    We recently adopted a rescue dog. We have been to the vet in La Penita and had her spayed and given rabies and distemper shots. He gave us an official book recording everything that he has done. Is this enough to take with us I noticed one of the comments above stating that they have a health certificate that they got from this site. Do we need that? Linda

    1. :

      Linda, Congratulations! I'm assuming you saw Dr. Aldo Barba. You will need to have him draft a health certificate for you in addition to the booklet.

  6. :

    Booked our dog Happi in cabin, with Westjet on Sept. 9,2013 for $50 CDN each way to Puerto Vallarta on Dec. 14, 2013. They have not notified of any changes to their policy.

    1. :

      There have been no changes this year, so safe travels and enjoy your stay in Mexico!

      1. :

        Just flew into MEX (10/13/13) with the same health certificate as I have used from this site since 2012, no problems at all. Courteous and efficient staff at the airport ... the only new & unusual thing was at the end they came out with an unmarked spray bottle & lightly sprayed down the outside of the carrier WITH my dog still in it. It happened so fast I did not have time to anticipate or question. I have been reading on the San Miguel Civil List on yahoo groups about MANY problems with pets flying into Queretero airport, but I only ever fly into MEX.

  7. :

    We will be leaving for our condo in Cancun in several weeks. With to US government presently shut down I cannot get the APHIS VS 7001 form signed by a federal vet. Must I have this to get my dog into MX, or can I use a health certificate and vaccination record filled out and signed by my local vet. I know by the time we leave that the gov. may be open, but worry about the backlogs they will face. Allison if you could answer this for me it would be greatly appreciated. When we went last year I did have the VS 700l, immunization record and health certificate from my vet and they were happy with that. Just want to plan ahead and be sure of what I can/cannot do. Please reply directly to my e-mail so I don't miss it. Thanks so much!

    1. :

      Sharon, I will email you directly, but for anyone else reading this... you no longer need the USDA/APHIS 7001 Form. You will need a copy of a Bilingual Letterhead Health Certificate from your vet (we have a link to the one provided to us by our local USDA office above as an example). I always carry a copy of my pet's Rabies Certificate as well. Happy Travels!

      1. :

        Hello Allyson, I have read all the emails on your site. Thank you for all the work you do. My daughter and I intend to relocate south of the border. The only issue is how our 4 rescued animals can come with us. (If they can't come, we won't go.) They are 2 rabbits and 2 chickens. We don't want them to go into quarantine, either. Can you recommend the process for us to go through to gain permission for them to come with us and also for them to not go into quarantine? Thank you, Carol

        1. :

          Thanks Carol. Great question. This is the only link I can find for other animal species... I might also speak with your local USDA-APHIS office. Hope this helps.

  8. :

    Very interesting article, thanks for sharing. I have worked with the Bach flower range for sometime. Which has been very helpful at easing my dogs anxiety when traveling. After some considerable research into Dr Emoto's - Memory Water Experiments, I have created a range of vibrational rescue remedy for dogs to help relieve underlying emotional issues like stress and anxiety.

  9. :

    Arrived in Cancun on 1/21 with our poodle Chloe. Just for info for anyone flying into Canun.... The inspection officer wanted the VS 1007 form, Health Cert. from our Vet, and Immunization record.....we had all three documents, most of them containing the same info in Eng. and Spanish, but she was a happy inspector so I wasn't going to question anything since she was so pleased with the documents. Never had to take Chloe out of her carrier, the inspector never touched her at all. Very pleasant woman, she made copies of all the forms and issued us the import certificate. She said this is all we need to go back to the USA, but, I'm still taking her to the vet here 5 days prior to US Airways flight to get a health certificate. Flight went well, and we never heard a peep out of her on either flight....was long day but she was so good and has settled into our condo very well...she how has the run of the place.

  10. :

    Thanks for posting all of this info into one spot! I am always nervous about traveling with my dog.

  11. :

    All dogs and cats that leave LAX and ONT and SF will go as baggage to ant Int. port in Mexico my 16 pound hot dog has been from Indonesia to China to the US and the trip as baggage was her best ever and she is only seven. The airlines take care they don't wan't anything bad to happen, water is really the only thing need. This is from my experiences take it or leave it.

  12. :

    Well folks, I successfully flew from the US to Puerto Vallarta yesterday with my pups. Anyone traveling with pets is now required to stop at the SAGARPA/SENASICA Office at your port of entry (the office in PV is located before the baggage claim area). Here, an officer will ask you to present a valid health certificate and perform a quick physical inspection of your pet. The officer seemed especially interested in making sure my pups were in good physical condition and that their rabies vaccines were current. The officer entered my name and information into his computer. Several minutes later, I was presented with an import health certificate, which I had to sign and later present to the person in customs. The entire process took close to 45-50 minutes. There were several people in line even on a Sunday afternoon, so be sure to plan a little extra time if someone is picking you up. FYI: I asked the officer several questions about the new process and documentation needed, and he confirmed that everything we have listed about the new health certificate requirements here is accurate:

  13. :

    Now I hear you can't have a pet travel in the Cargo to Los Cabos because of the new terminal.

    1. :

      Friends arrived at the new Terminal 2 from Calgary with a pet travelling in a big crate.He definitely wasn't in cabin.

  14. :

    ArrivedMEX on Oct 20 used the form recommended here & had no problems. Also brought 2 copiesof the rabies certificate, they asked if they could keep one. My pet is 14 months into a 3 year vaccine & that was NO problem, so they ARE informed about the new vaccine admissability! thanks again, Liz

  15. :

    Arrived safe and sound with Chica in Los Cabos. Absolutely no problem. My vet included everything Allyson had suggested but they seemed most interested in that her rabies shot was up to date. Viva Mexico!

  16. :

    I Hope the following question is not misplaced on this Forum. Could anyone tell me if the Mexican law prohibits the transportation of pets (in a carrier) on Mexican Buses? I live partly in Belize and have to travel the Yucatan Peninsular from Cancun Airport.Great she is still allowed to fly in cabin,but it would be so nice to being able to travel on a schedueled bus,but people keep telling me my dog has to travel with the suitcases

    1. :

      I don't know the answer to that question. I would recommend contacting the bus line you will be using.

      1. :

        I spoke to ADO buslines a couple of years ago when I was in Merida, and was told that a pet could travel with their buslines, in a kennel and in the luggage hold. Hope this helps.

      2. :

        Throw a sweater or a jacket over the carrier, put her under the seat and keep quiet about it. I imagine it would be pretty hot under the bus. Good luck.

  17. :

    All is vet will include all the information needed on their Health Certificate. . When I took my dog in for a Health Certificate in Mexico prior to leaving last summer, they took a picture of her which was included on the HC. A great idea I think.

  18. :

    Allyson, I just visited my vet`s office to discuss the Letterhead Certificate. They are reluctant to use it as the document was not generated by their office. They feel the Health Certificate that they generate and sign will be sufficient. I imagine it probably will be but would be interested in hearing from other B.C. pet owners who enter Mexico without the Letterhead Certificate and what their experience was.

    1. :

      Elaine, your vet should use his/her letterhead (with all their info), but include all the information provided on the sample letterhead. If you/your vet still have questions, please post or email me.

  19. :

    Thank you so much Allyson ..... you know it makes a huge difference , not over vaccinating. And sharing that info may savea pet from being over-innocculated. GraciaS!! Liz

  20. :

    Liz, my contact at SAGARPA says that Mexican now accepts the 3-year vaccine. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. I emailed our local USDA-APHIS office and they provided me with an updated form. I have added a copy of this new document to our Pet Travel Tips page.

  21. :

    PS .. the bilingual form provided still states pet has been vaccinated for rabies within the last TWELVE months ..... Liz

  22. :

    Any updates on the enforcement of 1 year vaccines vs the 3 year vaccines .... I dont want to have to unnecessarily innoculate my dog who doesn't need it .... I know they were talking of adopting the 3 year vaccine in MX .... thanks, Liz

    1. :

      Liz, Mexico just recently switched and now accepts the 3-year vaccine.

      1. :

        Hi Allyson, Thank you! Can I be reasonably sure that SGRPA in D.F. will know this? My dog just had 3 spinal cord surgeries & his vet said he REALLY does not want him innoculated ... and he is only 1 yeat into the 3 year vaccine...... can any readers confirm that all the authorities are clear on this change? thanks again!!!!! Liz

  23. :

    Recently just booked my flight on US Airways to Cancun for Jan. Will be gone three months. My little poodle will be going in cabin with me, but the airline won't give me a locator number for her, they told me they will only ticket her when I come to the counter the morning of my flight, it's a first come first served deal, although they do take 6 in cabin pets. Can't imagine there would be that many but still makes me anxious about this. I've checked their website for soft sided carrier sizes, then checked with reservations to make sure the planes we will be on will accommodate the larger soft sided carrier....she's only 5.8 pounds, but it's hard to find a carrier that allows her to completely stand up....which she isn't going to do anyway. The maximum height requirement is 10 inches.....all we have found is 10.5 inches. I called US Air again and the agent said that the extra half inch would not be a problem. We are going to get her the carrier we looked at, pack her fuzzy butt in it and go to our local airport and present her in carrier to the ticket agent just to make sure. Don't want any surprises in the wee hours of the morning at BWI in Jan. Has anyone out there had any problems with US Air and soft sided carriers, or the airline having room for their pets on board?

    1. :

      Hi, Maybe you would like to check out the STURDI BAG.It is airline approved and flexible in hight.My baby travels in a medium size sturdi bag without any problems.

    2. :

      Sharon, we have flown US Air with our pets many times. The only issue we've had is when we had an extra bag with us (in addition to my purse). Since a pet carrier is considered carry-on, we had to check our bag at the gate.

  24. :

    My dog is 13 pounds and she can turn around in her soft carrier but some airlines want them to be able to "stand" which is impossible. I always have my fingers crossed that they don't want a demonstration. Once under the seat she sleeps all the way with no problem. Good luck.

  25. :

    Thank you so much for this website. I am engaged to a man I met in Mexico over a year ago. He wants to meet my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel "Lucy" so bad....I want to surprise him with her visit in December. I pray all goes well. ( favorite show has always been "I Love Lucy." I am a redhead and so is my dog (hence her name Lucy). How ironic that I am marrying a latino. We are the "I Love Lucy" couple. My dog was rescued from an Amish puppy mill where she spent the first 7 years of her life trapped in a small cage delivering babies. I really hope I can get her to Mexico. She is 16 pounds but I don't know how particular the airlines are about her ability to "turn around" in the soft sided carrier. She meets the weight requirements and so does the bag but I am still worried. Any words of advice? Your info has helped thousands. THANK YOU!!!

    1. :

      Kristina, cute story! Each airline has different rules about pets, so I would call them and ask them directly. The largest of my two pups is 11 lbs. and he can barely fit into the soft-sided airline-approved kennel anymore, but the agents have never said anything to me. The most important thing is to make sure your dog will be comfortable for the length of the trip.

  26. :

    wow, thankyou for being so diligent. great to know there's other proactive dog lovers out there.

  27. :

    The USDA and the US Consular Agency in Puerto Vallarta have just revised their pet travel regulations. We have added this information to our Pets Travel Tips page...

  28. :

    Raegan: Did CBSA in Vancouver check your pet documents along with your passport when you arrived for inspection and before you were sent to Canadian Food Inspection to pay the "import" fee. It is a hit or miss me with CBSA but apparently it is Canadian Border Services job to inspect the dog's papers. I have included the link . I also contacted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for clarification of when a pet is sent for inspection. I have cut and pasted the correspondence. Hello Elaine, Thank you for using our website. A CFIA veterinarian is called in for an inspection when a cat or dog appears unhealthy or too sick at the point of entry. This is determined by CBSA at the border. CBSA is required to inspect the documents and have a visual look of the animal. Kind regards, Anima Questions Team CB Canadian Food Inspection Agency / l’Agence canadienne d’inspection des aliments Email: From what I can gather and I might be wrong, it sounds like its up to CBSA to send you over to CFIA if there is a problem with the pet. Anyway, I plan to travel with the above info and challenge CBSA if they refuse to look at my paperwork for my pet.

  29. :

    Just thought I would let anyone who is interested know that I flew out of Mexico July 17th with no problem what so ever with the Mexican authorities , US Airways, the US authorities or Canadian. All I was ever asked for were the health papers from my vet in Mexico when I went through security and I had to pay an 'inspection' fee of $35 in Vancouver when I arrived. But security in Mexico and the Sates were so friendly and didn't even bat a eye at me and my 15 lb cat! Haha. Good luck everyone with your travels!

  30. :

    My wife and I own a home in the Cabo area of Baja and to our surprise when we were returning to Flagstaff July 8 we were told our Chihuahua mix "Chile" wouldn't be allowed to return with us on US Airways. Luckily the employees at the Cao airport know us and after a few calls the ticket agent said the law had just been changed and we could take him for $125.00. What a relief as both of us had to return to work the following day. We plan on traveling back to Baja in October and want to find out if all is ok taking Chile on US Airways. Any word on the law?

    1. :

      Wendell, US Airways is allowing pets to fly in cabin as of June 26th, but I recommend that you contact them directly to find out if you need anything other than what we have listed on our Pets Travel Tips page (see link above).

  31. :

    Aside from the American side confiscating my dog food and a 5 hour wait with delays in the Vallarta airport, the trip went great. $421 total. Showed Mexican vet health cert and shot record when asked. Easy breezy. BUT when I first checked in the United counter rep said "no dogs allowed in cabin". I showed my proof of itinerary and before I started to tell him about the new changes (as my heart is pounding) he went away to check, then came back "no problem". Guess the message didn't get to him but he was cordial and helpful. Then he printed a ticket with the $125 proof of payment and said if I had any trouble I could show that. Didn't need to though. I flew from Vallarta non stop to Denver. I took my dog Joaquina out of the carrier and she walked around and met new friends. Her first time flying. Posted on her

    1. :

      Great news. Thanks for sharing. And very cute pics of Joaquin the Dog.

  32. :

    Allyson, thank you so much for your diligence in this matter. It is much appreciated. wayne hansen

  33. :

    Hooray, now we can move our doggies into Mexico in-cabin! However, I have a dilemma bringing my pup from DF to Los Cabos. My choices are AeroMexico and Volaris. Do they allow pets in-cabin? If I have to layover in DF does anyone have recommendations for hotels/motels that accept dogs? All your help will be greatly appreciated! This is a nightmare! But we will expend EVERY effort to get her down here SAFELY!! Any sensible alternatives????

    1. :

      Volaris allows pets as checked baggage. What is DF ? and I will look for hotels for you.

      1. :

        Susan DF is Mexico City

        1. :

          Thanks Helene, never would have guessed. For the person that needed to know, looks like the Hilton at the Airport in Mexico City accepts pets but always check before you go.

  34. :

    Hi Allyson and Folks, I've read through all the blogs and I'm still a little unsure what form I need to bring my dog in cabin from the US to Mexico Can you point me to a website or the form that I will need my vet to fill out? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    1. :

      Andy, you can find everything you need on our Pets Travel Tips page here… I would also suggest, based on feedback from recent travelers, that you get a separate Rabies Certificate from your vet (I need to add this to the Travel Tips page).

      1. :

        Much appreciated! Thank you!

  35. :

    Sorry the number is 1-800-446-3942

  36. :

    I had called to the mexican tourism board to ask about this and they are giving special deals because of the inconvenient that we had but it's going to be for a short time only they said so if you have any plans for traveling you might want to call them first and check their deals

    1. :

      I called the Mexican Tourisn Board, they did not offer any discounts, they referred me to Best Day and wished me luck. When this was all happening, no dogs in cabins, I purchased a ticket from Volaris from Vallarta to hermosillo, then I would take a bus or rent a car to get to Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point. I didnt want to but was the only cheaper way, so I can still visit friends in Penasco. Then a 4 hr drive to Phx then on to Denver. NOW I can fly non stop Vallart to Denver United this coming Saturday for $421 total includes my dog and she is in cabin. Yippee! But my Volaris is waste of money. Cheaper to not show up, than to try and make changes for the return trip. Waste of $240, and dogs go UNDER in cargo and a $125 fee. I hate wasting tthat Volaris ticket but just hung up with them. I paid $240 for that ticket, now I want to reverse it, coming from Hermosillo to Vallarta, they first said its a $50 change fee, ok no problem, plus a difference in the current rates. The current rate shows $200 (2140 pesos) but the office and online change section want $400 to change it...yes thats US. what a huge timewaster and money waster this whole thing has been. I have your blog posted on my resources page of my website. I sell real estate and now have GOOD news for my buyers that want to transport pets. Hope it stays this way!!

  37. :

    I have reservations to fly to PV in November, I called Alaska airlines last week to check on bringing my dog and was told I could bring her in the cabin,.

  38. :

    Allyson Thank you for everything you have done forAll of us. We are trying to download the non-official Bilingual Letterhead Cretificate you mention and keeps coming up a blank page. Can you help?

    1. :

      Kay, I've emailed you a copy. You'll need Word to open it.

  39. :

    Thank you so much for your work on this issue and for keeping us all up to date on the changes.

  40. :

    Totally agree with you Susan. Out of sight, out of mind is the way to go. Some people vehemently object to pets in the cabin and are not afraid to let the airlines know. I travel to the Baja too and Westjet and Alaska do a great job transporting rescues to the US and Canada and I'm sure the Humane Societies would hate to lose that service. Hopefully we can all get back to Mexico without any more drama lol.

    1. :

      Our little dogs first flight with us will be in January. I'm already nervous about this. How does the crew react if your dog occasionally whines or barks....I have no idea what to expect out of her and if we end up having to take a connecting flight I don't want to end up being banned from the connecting flight. She normally travels in the car well in her carrier, not sure what to expect on a plane with alot of people and different noises. Don't want to give her anything as she is only 5.8 pounds and has an occasional mild seizure, but not often enough for medication, thank goodness. Any tips on this for first time doggie flights would be appreciated. Maybe I should take something, lol.

      1. :

        Sharon, don't worry about her whining or barking... that's normal dog behavior. You certainly won't be banned for that. You might ask your vet about Bach's Rescue Remedy (link above). I always carry it with me when traveling with my pups. It really works to take the edge off for them.. and yes, I sometimes use it for myself as well.

  41. :

    Thanks for the information. We were traveling with an in cabin pet on the 17th and totally freaked reading the article - until I got to the end and respectfully, maybe I am missing the point but at the end of the article, it says that pets in cabin are allowed. So, forgive me, what you are saying is that IT WAS SUSPENDED? You know air travel with pets is stressful enough? I am sorry that you had a problem and appreciate that you wanted to share it. There's always issues with people coming into Mexico with pets who don't have the proper paperwork for their pets but the whole idea behind this article is truly stressful until you get to the end if you can get to the end without having a heart attack. Good luck.

    1. :

      Glenda, be glad you were unaware, as it was. I first learned about this reading the Baja Pony Express and was directed to this link. It was a very stressful time for us as we travel alot to our place in Baja. I even bought a crate and was dreading having to go that route. As you can see by following the posts above, Allyson and many more did a stellar job of correcting this problem and we are back to normal, Check the changes in the health requirements and you will be good to go. Also I would like to add that everyone with a pet please travel responsibly (which I know you do) and make sure your pet stays in their carrier under the seat. We don't want any incidents happening that would make the airlines regret their decision.

  42. :

    Can ANYBODY tell me what the new rules are for bringing a pet INTO Mexico from CANDA?? I've been to the two links and read up on what look to be some of the rules, but, there is nothing to refers to the rules are for americans and what the rules are for canadians! It speaks to bringing pets in from canada and the us, but, it also refers to USDA paperwork (which is definetely for americans; nothing really speaks to rules for canadians travelling with pets!) I would really appreciate any information that anyone would be willing to share with me, as I am travelling very soon and want to be fully prepared with the necessary documents!

    1. :

      Nebin, as far as the Mexican government is concerned the regulations are the same, and they offer travelers a choice: either a VS 7001 Form or a Letterhead Certificate as I've explained on our Pets Travel Tips page (link above). If your vet provides you with a Letterhead Certificate like the one we've attached to that page, with all the necessary information in both English and Spanish, that should work. I always recommend that people call both their airline and vet to double check that that is all they require. Some airlines and some states/provinces have different rules.

  43. :

    Thank you Allyson for your persistence. I traveled with American Airlines on July 1 into Cancun with our dog, Maggie. All went smoothly. AA barely glanced at our documents. However, in Mexico we had the most rigorous ag-customs process than we have ever experienced. We used a form very similar to what Allyson posted with the additions that she noted below. I included all of the details (date administered and product) for the rabies and heartworms treatment but not the other vaccinations that she has had. Although I had her health records ready to go. They did ask for a copy of my passport, the original health certificate on letterhead, and the original rabies certificate. I would definitly have these docs copied and ready to go. They also did a very brief exam of Maggie. All went smooth! So happy to have her with us in Mexico!

    1. :

      Sandy, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. So let me just clarify... you had a doc similar to the 7001 or the Letterhead Certificate? Did you also have to present a separate Rabies Certificate?

      1. :

        I showed the MX ag agent three documents - take a copy of each: 1. Passport 2. Health Certificate on Vet Letterhead 3. Rabies Certificate I had a copy of the 7001 (no USDA stamp) with me but never pulled it out and was never asked for it by either the airlines OR the Mexican ag agent. American Airlines didn't even glance at my documentation. The MX ag agent went over my documents VERY carefully also cross referencing between the Rabies certificate and the Health Certificate.

        1. :

          One Last Update: We are now back in the US. We did have a bit of an issue with the American Airlines agent in Cancun. My spanish is weak but I know that they were discussing the fact that my health certificate was older than 10 days upon return. Long story short . . . I told them that a HC was not required when returing to the states. The 10-day rule is actually a 5-day rule and it applies to the import (US to MX) of pets. When "re importing" back to the US, this does not apply. They insisted that this is not what their agent instructions were showing. I was insistant and they decided to let it pass. When we arrived customs in Dallas, we were instructed, as usual, to go to the inspection area. The agent in inspection just waived us on through. He didn't look at paperwork or the dog. I stopped and asked him to clarify what is actually required to return to the US. He said "rabies certificate and that's all I'm concerned with." He wasn't concerned enough to look at the one I was carrying.

        2. :

          Sandy, the Mexican government requires that your Health Certificate be dated within 10 days of travel, however, some airlines require it to be dated within 5 days (I have noted this on our Pets Travel Tips page)... so you should always check with your airline to make sure they don't require something else.

        3. :

          Sandy, great info, thanks. I am traveling back to US through Dallas mid-August, so good to know. I already have my rabies cert. (dated July 4, must be 30 days old, at least) and will be getting my health certificate for Emma (my cat) within 10 days of my journey. Thanks for the update! I also have an email from American saying it's okay to fly in-cabin with pets, and a copy of the circular in Spanish and English. I don't want any snafus when in Dallas as I want to get through immigration/customs/security as quickly as possible. I have 2 hrs. and 20 min. How long did you have? Do you think that will be enough time to get through everything and make my connecting flight? Did you pay $125 for your in-cabin pet fee? Thanks again!

  44. :

    In the 15 trips Chica has made into Mexico she has only been checked once when a young girl used a flea comb on her. I have her in my arms as the bag goes through the xray and she stands on a table while I fish out her documents. I also have two copies and they take the orignal. Sometimes there is a problem if they can't read English so they call someone who can andwe are on our way. I will use the document I obtained on this site with Spanish included and trust all will go smoothly.

  45. :

    A couple of days ago I got word from an Aeromexico agent in Puerto Vallarta that pets are now permitted in the cabin on Aeromexico flights.

  46. :

    When I returned to Canada in April I had a Mexican Health Certificate from the vet which included a picture of Chica and a picture of the vet on his Licence . Immigration didn't want any part of it..just my Health Certificate from my Canadian Vet dated 6 months earlier. The good thing is the Health Inspection was closed so I didn't have to have her "inspected" and saved $30. Allyson, one of your links was to the Canadian Health or whatever the name is and reads like pets with up to date rabies and shots and in good health don't need to be "inspected" so I will print it and bring it with me. Wish me luck! Thanks again.

    1. :

      Elaine, the only inspection I know about is the one when you arrive in Mexico. When I flew to Mexico last October with Taco, the agents were set up just past the red/green lights, but they told me that they were in the process of setting up an official area where animals will be inspected. They simply looked at Taco's eyes, ears and in his mouth (I explained to the agent that he might want to ask the owner if he can touch the dog first, in case he/she isn't friendly with strangers. He chuckled.) He also asked me some questions. The entire process took less than 5 minutes.

      1. :

        Allyson - are these agents in MX that inspect the cats/dogs vets or technicians or just plain guards. Little Chloe is only 5.8 pounds but even my vet has trouble getting her to open her mouth. I would hate for one of them to get bitten, not a good way to try to enter the country. Will this be a looking in her mouth absolutely necessary I wonder?

        1. :

          Sharon, he appeared to be plain guard. He asked all the right questions and he did put gloves on before he started. Taco, who is calm and friendly, didn't bat an eyelash. But if they try to do that with my little Panchito, he will growl and perhaps even try to bite them like your Chloe. I am guessing they quickly figured out that this is going to be a common issue. Hopefully, someone else can post who has traveled more recently than I did.

  47. :

    I booked my flight today online with American and immediately called to get Emma (my cat) her "reservation" on my flight. No problems from the agent on the phone. She was very nice and I told her "thank you" to American Airlines for reversing the policy. I confirmed with the agent that all I need to get Emma back INTO the U.S. (specifically using American Airlines) is a rabies certificate (which I got yesterday and needs to be at least 30 days old) and a Health Certificate from my Mexican vet, no more than 10 days before my flight. I am posting this because some of us flying back into the States with our pets are confused by all the stuff flying around about needed documents, policies, new forms, etc., but I have confirmed with Allyson a while back that these are all for bringing pets INTO Mexico from the U.S. It was confusing for me, reading all the new requirements, so I made sure. It sounds like it's easier to bring a dog/cat back into the U.S. from Mexico than to bring one out of the U.S. into Mexico. Just wanted to post a little clarification. Thanks, Allyson, and everyone else posting useful comments! :)

    1. :

      Brenda, just want to make sure you understand... For anyone flying from Mexico into the US, you simply need a Zoosanitary Health Certificate from your Mexican vet that includes a list of current vaccines, parasite meds (flea, tick, etc.) and states that the animal is in good health. It should be on your vets letterhead with his nae, contact info and license number.

      1. :

        Thanks, Allyson! Yes, I'll be getting her health cert. no more than 10 days before our departure. I also contacted my vet in the U.S. (in Milwaukee) and asked what I needed for re-entry and he said health cert. and rabies vaccination. So, I wonder what else is covered on the health cert. that I need to get done? My vet here showed me his form,and it also has his ID and # and picture on it, everything, but I didn't read any of the stuff that's included. Do I need to give her medicine for anti-fleas/ticks, too? What all is on that zoosanitario health cert.?

        1. :

          Brenda, to be safe, your vet's Health Certificate should include everything I have listed on the Letterhead Certificate and it should be English and Spanish. As far as using flea/tick medication, I always recommend it especially when you're in Mexico. There are plenty of fleas and the ticks can cause Ehrlichia, which is a terrible disease. I treat my pets for fleas/ticks year-round.

  48. :

    Okay Folks, I have been on the phone all day with three USDA-APHIS offices and emailing back and forth with my contact at SAGARPA to find out more about the new documents needed to travel with pets and about the rabies requirements in order to answer all your questions. See the July 5, 2012 Update above.

  49. :

    Okay, maybe it is just me, but I am a little confused. I did download a form Aphis form 7001, it has spanish on it, but I know my vet is not going to know spanish to write that she is in good health, vaccinated and is using frontline. Help please, Confused in Calif.

    1. :

      Susan, the VS 7001 Form is only available in English as it is a USDA document. If you are referring to the copy of the form I attached on our Pets Travel Tips page, the red text in Spanish is simply there as an example of how to make this form bilingual and shows you what you need to include.

  50. :

    Hi guys, Before they decided to re-implement the pets in the cabin policy, I shipped my little Mica back to Montreal by AeroMexpress cargo. She was 48 hours there because there was no room on her flight. Cost to ship: $199.00, cost for brokerage fees: $250.00, cost for 2 hours of "storage fees" in Montreal at Air France: $90.00. Total cost: $549.00. Would I be able to reclaim some of these fees? I could have got 5 cats for the price; but I love her and that's why I paid it.

  51. :

    Hi again, Allyson and, once again, thank you thank you thank you. I read over your pet travel tips section and have a couple of things I'd like to add based on my most recent experience hauling my pup back from SF to Cozumel. #1. A letter from a vet on letterhead and including the license number, written in both English and Spanish with the Spanish sentence following right under the English one. Is all that is needed to bring in a pet. It must include 3 sentences: A. Pet is in good health. B. Pet has been vaccinated for rabies within 12 months and at least 1 month before the date on the letter head. C. Pet has been treated with Heartgard and Frontline and is free of internal and external parasites. #2. Your mention of downloading a copy of the USDA form is incorrect. Vets are given 50 copies at a time of this USDA form with carbons attached and each has a unique FOLIO number in the upper right hand corner. If you choose to use this method of documentation, you must make your vet give you one of these. #3. Provided you have a real Folio numbered form and not something downloaded by the vet from the internet which is NOT official, you absolutely do NOT need to get an official USDA stamp. In fact, the SF office would not even give me one. The Mexicans care about that folio number. I brought my pup back with the vet letter translated into two languages on the same page plus a backup of a letter from my local vet providing the rabies vaccination. It was the easiest trip back I've ever had. Very smooth and fast as opposed to other times where there was always something a little wrong.

    1. :

      Carey, thanks for your feedback. A few comments... #1. Yes, that is basically the same information I have listed on our Pet Travel Tips page. However, I have included the official lingo that both the Mexican and US government require. Because I have published this information on the internet, I feel a huge responsibility to inform people of exactly what I have been told by the US and Mexican officials I contacted. #2. The VS 7001 Form, which used to be in triplicate, is now available online, however your vet does need to fill it out and sign it. With these new forms, you will only get an official certificate number (which you are calling folio) "if" you get the form stamped by an USDA-APHIS office. #3. The only time you NEED to get the VS 7001 Form stamped is if it your only form of documentation. Like I mentioned on the Pets Travel Tips page, I think it is going to take some time for everyone to understand that this form, which has been used for at least 20 years, is no longer required for importation of pets by the Mexican government. However, according to my local USDA-APHIS office, it is still required by the US government to leave the US.

  52. :

    Our flight for Christmas to PVR has been re-booked and a donation for the local animals has been made. May more be as lucky as Taco and I! Perrito

  53. :

    Allyson, maybe you should be running for President!!

    1. :

      Elaine, not a chance. I've had my fair share of red tape and government officials lately. Besides, politics is not my thing.

  54. :

    Dear Allyson~I agree with some of the other comments above: we could not have done this without YOU and all your hard work. Jack and I welcome you and Taco to San Miguel as our guests, should you ever desire. We are so grateful for your efforts. Yes, we all called and wrote, but it is you, who posted all the contact information, made all the calls and coached us all. An amazing woman you are! I'm grateful to hear that United is board, too! And, we WILL happily contribute to your rescue organization!

    1. :


  55. :

    Way to go...I'm very proud of you. Your neighbor in St. Paul, Minnesota. Holly & Buster

    1. :

      Thanks Holly and Buster. Glad you found our website. See you two on the walking path with Taco and Panchito!

  56. :

    When you told me about the situation about Dave being stuck in Mexico I followed your blog daily. I am very proud of you and your partners who were persistent enough to get the situation resolved. A big thank you from your neighbor in St. Paul Minnesota!! Holly & Buster

  57. :

    Allyson, Thanks for all your hard work in achieving this victory! Andy

  58. :

    Allyson, did you ever get a clearification on the documentation required to bring a Mexican dog back to her home in Mexico after a short vacation in the states? We are not really exporting her from the states, we are just bringing her back with a Mexican health certificate and rabies verification. Do we need the US form in this case?

    1. :

      Steve, I am still waiting to speak with my local USDA department head (I missed his call today). Their offices will be closed tomorrow for 4th of July, but I will try again on Thursday. I will post once I get clarification.

      1. :

        Steve, as far as I can find out, the answer is no. See my notes below.

  59. :

    If anyone wants to chip in, I am trying to get Aeromexico to adopt (not re-implement) this new policy. Aeromexico travels to MANY destinations in the US, Canada and Europe so if they were to start allowing pets on board they would be a great option to travel to and from Mexico as well. Sadly, I think they might listen to foreigners more than Mexicans so any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated and could benefit many of you as well. You can find their contact information at: Thanks!

    1. :

      Karla, remember that the DGAC is still working on changing Article 107. Once this law is changed, I'm guessing more Mexican airlines will allow pets in cabin. I will, however, email and encourage them.

  60. :

    Allyson, It's you that got this all started. You put so much hard work into it and having to deal with another language too. Yes, we helped. But all I did is email the Mexican Tourism Board. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!! My Cubby certainly thanks you! We leave on Friday. I never thought that we would be able to take him, since it started so close to our departure time. But due to your efforts, we can. (Tears of joy).

  61. :

    Good news! I have just been notified by United that it will pay $1,506.76 in damages plus court costs for refusing to honor our reservations along with our two Cavaliers and denying access to flight 986 from Puerto Vallarta to Chicago on May 5th. I think it is quite shameful that one has to take United to court to get just compensation when United's CEO refuses to provide such compensation.

  62. :

    ALLYSON: We are Canadians. We will be flying out of Toronto, Canada. We will be landing in Houston Tx, and departing from there to Mexico. WHAT health documents do canadians need to fly with? Last year we had all of our cats vaccination documents, a letter (on letterhead) from our vet stating that they were healthy and able to travel. No one even looked at our paperwork (in Miami) last year. And when we landed in Mexico (Merida, Yuc.) the agricultural inspector looked at them, photocopied them, stamped them, and we were on our way. So, IF there is anything new that as canadians that we will need (paperwork wise), I'd like to be prepared. In the requirements section, it addresses USDA documents. DO we need those coming from canada? How do I find out??

    1. :

      I have a call into my local USDA office. Since it's the 4th of July tomorrow, their office won't reopen until Thursday or Friday. I will post as soon as I speak with them.

      1. :

        Nebin, see my notes below.

    2. :

      This could not have been done without you Allyson, take a bow, and thank you.

  63. :

    Today's Update -- Well Folks, United Airlines has indeed re-implemented their pets in cabin policy as of today. Thank YOU! - I want to personally thank each and every one of you who called and emailed your complaints and concerns about the policy change. In basically one month, not only did the Mexican government revise their pet policy, but all the airlines re-implemented their policies to allow pets to fly in the cabin to/from Mexico as well. In the scheme of things, this was a really fast turnaround. Together, we made a difference! For anyone who isn't aware, there is a slight change in documentation (and verbiage) needed to travel with pets to Mexico. You can find all the details on our Pets Travel Tips (Requirements) page. I have received hundreds of emails, many of which are simply thank you notes. As I said above, I did not do this alone. There were many others involved as well. For anyone who wants to do a little something to say thank you to all those who worked so hard on this effort, may I suggest that you make a donation to a local pet rescue organization, of which there are hundreds in Mexico. If you are so inclined, you may make a donation to my local group, Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue ( You can also learn about my connection with this amazing organization by reading "From a Volunteer's Perspective" (, an article I wrote about my volunteer experience last year.

    1. :

      Allyson, a beautiful story about Taco. Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful, enormous heart. Animal-lovers are some of the coolest people on earth! :) I used to volunteer for 2 yrs. at the Milwaukee Humane Society when I lived there. When I return home next month, I want to get involved again. I'm glad to have been a part of this. What a great victory getting United to come around. (I'll let you know how much their "travel certificate" is.) It really pays to email comments/complaints and compliments, folks! Guess I'll be flying United now outta Leon on Aug. 17. :) And too, thanks for the idea of donating locally to our animal shelters. There are 2 in this town, that I know of. Amigos por Animales will be getting a donation of food and pesos from me, thanks to the great luck and blessings we have all recently encountered. Taco is one lucky dog. :) Bless you, Allyson, and all the thousands of you wonderful people that made this happen. I'm proud to be part of this turnaround. If any of you ever drop by Marinette, Green Bay or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, let me know! I'd be happy to meet you and have a coffee and a chat! The summer and fall are lovely times of year there. My email:

  64. :

    FYI Last Thursday I gave out the new regulation to all the airline counters at the Mexico City Airport (highlighting the new rule that allows pets in cabin). They said they were all aware of this and that there should be no problem from now on :)

  65. :

    Just got the word from UNITED Airlines that they ARE now allowing pets to fly in cabin!! I called to re-book our pets on our already exixting reservation (and I spoke with a reservation supervisor). Pets ARE allowed, but, at the moment, their computers still have a block on the Mexico part of the change. she asked that I call back in a few days when the change to their computer system should have been made. She also included a note on my reservation informing the next agent I speak with about this. All in all, this IS GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!

  66. :

    Well if this is true about United, I am thrilled. WE ALL DID IT. GOOD JOB EVERYONE ESPECIALLY ALLYSON.

  67. :

    I just got an email from United. They JUST lifted their ban on in-cabin pets yesterday, July 2! Yahoo!!!!!!!!! I also got an email from the Senior VP of Customer Relations apologizing for everything and saying he's sending a free ticket under separate email cover for my next flight. Wow. When it rains it pours. I will be calling them today to make sure they let pets in-cabin, but it sounds like it's a go!! Well done, everyboday!

  68. :

    Hi Brenda~if you can make a trip to San Miguel's Moonrise Health Food Store on Organos, Bach Rescue Remedy is sold there. It might be worth the drive to SMA to calm Emma during your lengthy flight...or, give Moonrise a call and ask that it be shipped to you (they accept credit cards), perhaps? But, for the record, it doesn't calm either my dog or cat, or me, for that matter...

  69. :

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and great information.

  70. :

    Jim, I bet you believe every conspiracy. If you don't like them, don't use them. Don't make claims with no facts behind it. Continental used pet-safe for many years and still allowed pets in the cabin plus United flies to 19 other contries in North/Central America and the Atlantic islands and they allow pets in the cabin to all of them. Mexico was the only country in the region that United banned. Where do you see a conspiracy?

  71. :

    I just got an email from the United Manager in Cabo saying he just got the OK from headquarters for in-cabin pets. Hopefully all the United stations were notified today and the employees get informed soon.

    1. :

      Would you willing to email me ( the cabo manager's name? I will be calling United today to try to re-book my 2 pets onto our already existing reservation for the end of October. (United called us on May 2 and took them off of our reservation due to this policy against pets in cabin!) Great news though!!

  72. :

    I wonder if United, after the merger with Continental, and with the birth of the "Pet Safe" program either pursuaded (or paid off) an official of the Mexican Aeronautical Authority to begin to enforce the totally ambigous requirements of this regulation? I sure would not put it past this managment at United. Heck, they were the first to deny access to their flights with pets and they still are denying such access. There is clearly something very fishy here.

  73. :

    I flew yesterday from Mexico City to Baltimore (via Dallas) on American Airlines with my cat in cabin. I did have a little snafu at security because American forgot to put a code of some sort on my ticket, but the little tag on his carrier got me through. No one at American made any comment on the cat at all at any point. On an unrelated note, I read this week that you aren't supposed to feed animals too close to the flight because it can upset their stomach. I've flown my cat 10 times and have never had a problem, but this time I took quite a while to get settled on the layover and feed him. Sure enough, an hour later on takeover, he threw up all over the inside of the carrier. Not a big deal, I cleaned it up in the bathroom, but I did feel terrible since I had been warned on a pet travel site just days ago. Something to keep in mind!

    1. :

      *And did you have to take your cat out of his carrier when you went through security?? I am very anxious about this. Emma gets so scared and nervous, she will NOT want to come out of her carrier and I am afraid she will try running or hiding somewhere. When we flew to Mexico, security made me take her out of her carrier, and she scratched me up pretty good and was terrified. This part makes me very nervous. Thanks.

      1. :

        Hannah & Brenda, you are required to take your pet out and run the carrier through the x-ray/security check along with your other carry-ons. You'll be able to put him/her back in as soon as it goes through. If your pet is truly that nervous, try using Bach's Rescue Remedy (link above). I really helps calm pets. I might also inform the security agent; maybe they will run the carrier through more quickly for you.

        1. :

          Thanks Allyson, but it's not possible to get Bach Flower Remedy in Guanajuato, it's too small. I will probably have 2 layovers and 3 planes, so will have to have a blanket handy to cover Emma in so she feels protected, or perhaps a little room I can go in?? with her, while whoever runs her carrier through makes me take her out. I only had to do it in Milwaukee, not Atlanta or Mexico when I flew here. Hopefully I won't have to do it in all 4 airports, for Pete's sake! :) (Leon, Houston or Dallas, Chicago, Green Bay)

        2. :

          You should only need to go through security once (when leaving Mexico). You won't need to go back through security after you arrive in the US... unless you leave the secured area. Check with one of your large nature food or massage product stores in Guanajuato, you might be able to find it there. I know my masseuse can buy some Bach products in Tepic.

        3. :

          Thanks, Allyson! There is a natural store here, I will check them out. :) United lifted their ban!! (I will forward you both emails I got.) Thanks for all your efforts, emails, calls! You're our heroine! :) Bless you.

        4. :

          Happy to say I just confirmed my dog Panga as a" in cabin " pet on Alaska Airlines They were fully informed of the change and said they were glad the ruling was reversed. Said they had been swamped with complaints concerning that matter. The number I called, for any of you flying with Alaska is the international # 1-800-308-0101 , I also thanked them for the change.

    2. :

      Hannah, I am so happy to hear it! But not about the vomit. I will take heed, thank you. **How was the Dallas airport with immigration, customs, rechecking luggage and security, etc.? I will be flying into Dallas on American, most likely, in a few weeks and I'd like to know how much time I need (with my cat) for all of this. I was told Dallas (and Houston) airport(s) are enormous, so allow at least 2 hrs. for getting through all that. Is there a separate line at immigration for U.S. citizens? Or are we all mixed together? Glad you made it safe, and thanks for sharing all the info!

    3. :

      Take-off, not takeover.

      1. :

        Already have my assigned seats on Alaska, now later today I am going to call to confirm I am bring my pet in cabin so she counts as one of five allowed on their flight. Wish me luck and I will tell you how it goes.

  74. :

    United responded to this now temporary restriction in Mexico with their "Pet Safe" program, which not only charges more than twice the "in cabin" cost, but is a total joke for pets. I think that they believe that this is a money maker. Well, I don't know anyone with an "in cabin" size pet that would ever ship in this "Pet Safe" program. So not only are they losing revenue for pet transport, they are losing many fare paying passengers. Boy, this is a really bright group of managers. Sell the stock short!

    1. :

      I actually wonder if this whole thing wasn't started because of United's "Pet Safe" program, which it adopted after the merger with Continental. As far as I know, this program means United is the only airline that will fly to destinations above 85 degrees because United has AC transport for live cargo. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I wonder if the government really did ask for the law to be enforced or if United stirred the pot, as it would have been pretty much the only game in town during the summer for flying animals to/from Mexico. Just seems curious that most other airlines have temperature restrictions and United was really at the forefront of this.

  75. :

    Much thanks to all who have worked so hard to get resolution. We were about to make arrangements with a customs broker ( we were told we had to use one) and their quote was $850 USD for a on way flight from Mexico city. I sent united an e mail today, i will advise how we make out. We have a French bulldog who has traveled with us in cabin for years without issue!!!! Thanks again for your efforts... Brian and Gwen

  76. :

    American's website is updated as of today, July 1st! Jack and I are flying with them on July 10th. Thanks, Allyson!

  77. :

    For those of you who are able to fly Virgin America to Mexico (I know their routes are fairly limited), their policy has always been to allow pets in the cabin, so it's another option.... (Plus it's a pretty cool airline!)

    1. :

      Yes, I agree that Virgin is great! I flew them on June 2 from SFO to Cancun, when I had to rebook my flight after American Airlines kicked us off for having an in-cabin pet. To give American Airlines some credit, they fully refunded us our tickets, and we used those funds to purchase the Virgin tickets, so it was a zero sum gain. But I really love flying Virgin. They were great about the dog, and their customer service is way better than the other US airlines! I plan to fly them again with a pet in August.

  78. :

    Yesterday, I had a great flight on US airways from Mazatlan to Seattle with my cat. The US airways workers were wonderful and updated on the latest policy changes!

    1. :

      Great news!

  79. :

    Just checked United and tried to book our 2 pets in cabins. The site said that pets are not allowed in cabins. Any suggestions? This was the first airline to ban pets in cabins and I guess maybe they won't change their policy. Can we still work on them?

    1. :

      I just wrote United another email urging them to change their in-cabin pet ban. I told them their competition is getting all the flight business! And it's true! I'm about to book with American! They are the only airline I can use that flies out of Leon, besides Delta, but they have terrible flights to Wisconsin. I hope United changes their tune, but too little, too late in my opinion. I would book with American if I were you, but I guess it depends on where you're going back to. Good luck!

    2. :

      Helene -- Please see my post from yesterday regarding United. I have rescheduled my flight to Cabo from United to Virgin America (which never changed its policy regarding pets in the cabin), but plan to keep after United to get them in line with the other airlines!

    3. :

      Helene, there are people who are working with United. You are certainly welcome to call or email them. Their contact info is listed above.

  80. :

    I just made a donation to the Animal Rescue in Jaltemba Bay in Allyson Williams name in appreciation for all she has done for us. I can´t imagine how many hours she spent on this when she could have been lolling by the pool! Allyson, you rock!!!

    1. :

      Elaine, I am touched beyond words. Thank you!

  81. :

    Thank you so, so much, Allyson, for all your hard work! It just goes to show the power of one woman who wants to make a difference!! I have just spent almost an hour on the phone with a United agent located in Texas, who was very sympathetic and extremely helpful (vs. the off-shore United agents I spoke with over the past few days). This agent passed along the circular information to his supervisor, who was sending it on to corporate in an e-mail while I was on the phone. Hopefully, United will change its policy in the near future! (If I'm lucky, before I fly to Cabo on July 3....) I will keep you all updated and thanks again, Allyson -- I can't tell you how much your hard work means to me!!

  82. :

    Just checked the websites for US Airways and American and they still have not updated their websites. Glad for those of you who have made reservations with your pets "in cabin" - just would feel better to see it changed on the website. I need to make a reservation one way for little Chloe and I in January...but would like to see what the MX law will be when it's revised before I do that. Thanks to Allyson and her crew and everyone else who helped with the e-mails phone calls and sleepless nights in order to get all this resolved!!!! rock!!!!!

    1. :

      I agree, Sharon. I have scheduled a flight from San Francisco to Leon on July 10th and while I was assured that all is in order, I'd like to see the website reflect this. Maybe in will tomorrow, July 1st, the reimplementation date!

      1. :

        Cass - just checked American and they have changed their website...guess others are just a little slow to follow. Have a good flight on July 10th!

      2. :

        Cass, could you please let me know how it goes at the airport in Leon when you fly back? I am flying OUT of Leon in August and want to know how the process goes. My email is: You're flying American, right? Thanks!

        1. :

          Dear Brenda, Would you mind emailing me on July and would gladly give you a written update! I have been stateside for many months and likely will be busy resettling into our home and may forget to write you. But, if you email me, I will absolutely respond immediately. I know the anxiety all of this has created for me and would be more than happy to ease yours if I can. And, yes, I am flying American. Did you note that their website was updated today! Yeah!

  83. :

    Just let Air Canada,Alaska and Westjet know I appreciate having our perros y gatos back on board with us.

  84. :

    Quick Note: Please be patient with the airline agents if you are trying to book your pet in the next week or so. It is going to take a little time for everyone to be informed of this policy change. And for those of you who have a great experience, please take a minute to call/email the airline's customer service department to let them know. After all the complaints they have received in the past few weeks, I'm sure a compliment will mean a lot! It can't hurt if we pet-lovers show our appreciation of their quick re-implementation of this policy!

    1. :

      I totally agree Allyson, and I did just that. I had all my friends who had previously emailed and phoned on my behalf, do one more email thanking the airlines for reversing their ruling and listening to their customers. They did not have to and since they did I think a big "Thank You "is in order.

  85. :

    Hey Allyson, Thank you again and again for all that you have done. I live full time in Mexico and i plan to go up to the states in the beginning of august with my little yorkie. I want to know how i can get these forms or which forms i need? its all quite confusing..Considering i am a Mexican resident. Thank you

    1. :

      Danielle, all the required forms to travel from the US/Canada to Mexico are are accessible on the "Pet Travel Tips" page on our site (see link above). If you are traveling from Mexico to the US, a simple Zoosanitary Health Certificate from your Mexican vet will do.

  86. :

    Thank you again Allyson for all of your work and hours spent on this...Thanks to all who spent countless hours trying to get this ruling and the airlines to follow through. I'm calling Alaska now and making my reservations! Joan

  87. :

    Thanks to Allyson and everyone whom have spent countless hours on this! So very much appreciated. We MUST put pressure on United Airlines to change their policy.Currently they are the ONLY Airline that apparently didn't get the memo. We travel (and so do many others) out of Houston to Mexico. United Express Jet is most widely used aircraft for travel to Mexico out of Houston. It does NOT have a pressurized or heated cargo hold, so we don't even have that option. I'm asking folks to help us to travel with our dog Hollie to Mexico. I just spoke to someone at the United Help(less) Desk and they were adamant that they DO NOT offer this option anymore and aren't changing it. We have never had an issue bringing Hollie in the cabin before all this in cabin policy stuff came up. Thanks Laurie, Andy & Hollie

    1. :

      This is horrible. United is the only way we fly as we come from Detroit into Houston and then Houston Zihuatanejo. We have always been able to fly with our dogs in the cabin and they have never been a problem. I will have to look into another way to get down there but I deliberately chose this because it was took the shortest time. And they were the first airline to implement this policy. Shame on United.

  88. :

    Has anyone heard if United is accepting pets yet ?

  89. :

    Hi Allyson, I just wanted to thank you for all your great work in supplying information on traveling with pets to Mexico. Your research has been most helpful in keeping my site,, updated and I've added a link to your site on our Pet Friendly Travel Facebook page. Thanks again!

  90. :

    I want to thank you, Allyson, and everyone else who contacted the authorities and airlines to get this resolved. I am so relieved that I will be able to repatriate my cat without having to drop him at a freight forwarders overnight then have someone else load him under a plane. Instead, he'll be safely at my feet and able to make a mid-flight litter box break in the bathroom. I think both of us will be very relieved :) I really can't thank all of you enough!

    1. :

      I wrote Brenda back via email (with probably too much detail), but for everyone else, I do indeed take my cat to the bathroom in the plane. I use a computer component box that opens on 3 sides (folds like a cake box) with litter. I take the litter box from my carry-on into the bathroom and let the cat out of his carrier to use it. If the flights are short and I have a layover, I use a pop-up tent at the airport so the cat can eat, use his box and also have more space to walk around while we wait. My cat is too overwhelmed to try to run, but always be cautious not to give your animal the chance. I can't think of anything worse than trying to catch a scared animal in an airport (or plane!).

      1. :

        I just had another thought. I bet a shallow, wide tupperware would work - like the kind for cupcakes. Cats don't need a ton of space when they really have to "go". A tupperware would have a good seal with the lid.

    2. :

      I wanna know how you do a litter box break in the bathroom. You carry a portable litter box and litter with you in your carryon? And then go into a stall with a changing station???? I am intrigued...please share because my flight will have 2 connections and my cat is 14 and pees every 6 hrs. or so....pee pads in her carrier, but this might be a better way!

      1. :

        Brenda, I think what Hannah meant was because she could fly with her pet, she would now have time during her layover to take her pet outside to do "his/her duty."

        1. :

          Well, Hannah has a cat, so I don't think she meant to take her cat outside. She wrote "bathroom" so maybe I will just email her directly and find out what she means. Thanks, Allyson! :)

  91. :

    Just booked myself and pet in cabin on Delta from Vallarta to Providence and back . What an incredible job you all have done. The booking agent was fabulous and the order to rescind the embargo came up for her as we were speaking. Buena suerte, si? Thanks for your incredible dedication to fixing this glitch.

  92. :

    Delta is back on board as well, so the only airline that has not yet announced a decision is United. For anyone traveling in the next few weeks, I highly recommend that you bring a copy of the revised Circular with you to the airport, as it will take some time for everyone to be informed on this. Also, please double check the new documents needed to leave the US. I may have one more change to the Letterhead Certificate later today. I already have approval from the USDA and SAGARPA office, but just running it by my vet in PV as well.

    1. :

      Allyson...did you post a copy of the Circular already? Already, where would I find it to print out a copy. Thanks for supplying all the information on the health certificate, particularly from US to Mexico. I return on July 11th to Mexico and want to ensure that I have all in order long before my departure. Many thanks!

      1. :

        Cass, you'll find it under the June 25, 2012 Update (CO AV-07.8/07 R2). Also, I am still waiting to hear from my Mexican vet about the Letterhead Certificate... just want to see if he recommends any changes. I will email you as soon as I hear back from him.

  93. :

    Hallelujah! There is a lot of confusion out there. If you are flying in the next while, you should probably bring a copy of the newest Circular (the one dated June 22, not the one from May!) and the translation with them to the airport, in case the ticket agents or the gate agents are not up to speed. (And a big shout out to WestJet, definitely one of the most customer-service oriented airlines out there).

  94. :

    correction.. I am connecting in Toronto to go to Mexico.

  95. :

    Hi, thanks for all your efforts with this issue! I see a lot of information about pets travelling from USA and Canada. For those of us that live in Europe, pets have an EU passport which also serves as a medical certificate. I was due to travel via Toronto to Mexico next Tuesday and as everyone, had been advised two weeks ago I could no longer carry my pet in cabin. If now it has been relaxed, and I am just connecting in Mexico, how can I find out if the Canadian authorities will accept the Pet EU passport which also includes the chip nbr, accompanied by a letter from the vet..

    1. :

      Ana Maria, You will find all the updated info here... If you have questions, I would call your vet and your airline to see what their specific requirements are.

  96. :

    Dear Allyson...thanks for all your research, tenacity, and sharing of information. American Airlines is in receipt of the Circular, evidently!

  97. :

    Kudos to Westjet for not following the crowd. Their legal team must have have actually read the Circular.

    1. :

      Delta is back on board as well, so the only airline that has not yet announced a decision is United. For anyone traveling in the next few weeks, I highly recommend that you bring a copy of the revised Circular with you to the airport, and please double check the new documents needed to leave the US. I may have one more change to the Letterhead Certificate later today. I already have approval from the USDA and SAGARPA office, but just running it by my vet in PV as well.

  98. :

    Well, United hasn't changed yet, but I'll tell you one thing. All 3 agents I talked to today knew exactly what I was talking about, so they are getting a ton of calls. No one knew about this policy even when I called yesterday (about a dozen times). Progress, although too late for me. I booked on AA for Sunday, 1 July without problem.

    1. :

      So Hannah, you are bringing your pet BACK to the U.S. on American Airlines on Sunday? You called and they said 'no problem,' right? I am still a little freaked out about all this travel ban stuff. Please confirm that's it's OKAY to bring my cat in her soft carrier in-cabin with me in Aug. or Sept. back to the U.S. on the plane with me. It's like $125 one way, right? I am getting ready to make my online reservation, but I know I have to call and reserve space for her. Just don't want any surprises after I have made the reservation. I'm working with a lot of money here. By the way, where are you flying back to? Thanks!!!

      1. :

        Yes, BACK to the US this Sunday, July 1st, in-cabin in a soft carrier. I asked for a confirmation number for my cat (they didn't offer it right away) and I will be printing all of the info in case I need to get hysterical. I also have an actual email from American Airlines customer support saying that pets are allowed effective July 1. Yes, it is $125, they told me to pay at the airport. If anyone wants the email from AA customer service as further evidence, email me at cazadas at gmail and I'll send it back to you.

        1. :

          Hannah, I would like to see that AA email that states it is okay to bring your pet on the plane. Can't be too careful! My email address is Thank you, and happy travels! Please let us know how your experience goes!! Good luck to kitty! Where are you flying back to?

      2. :

        Brenda, American Airlines has confirmed that are allowing pets in the cabin as of July 1, 2012.

  99. :

    Any word on United? I literally have only ONE airline that leaves from Leon that has re-accepted pets in-cabin, and that's American. They have ok flights, but United is better. United was the first to kick pets out of cabins, I'm not surprised they are being so stubborn. Haven't heard from Delta either, but their flights are HORRIBLE from Leon to Wisconsin anyway. So my only choices are AA or United. Hey! At least ONE of them reversed the ban! A LOT of pressure is off. I might even leave as soon as 3rd week of August! My family is really excited to see me (I think, haha). It's been a year and a half. I am anxious to get home with Emma, SAFE AND SOUND.

  100. :

    Just got a call from Air Canada, they are now accepting pets in cabin effective today I believe. Many many thanks to all for getting this policy reversed. Peter

    1. :

      Thanks Peter. I called Air Canada to confirm, and they're a go!

  101. :

    Does anyone have an idea of how the new paperwork requirements affect a pet residing in Mexico who will make just a short (1 week) visit to the US? I'm hoping that the vet certificate issued by my Mexican vet for departing Mexico will be accepted by the authorities when bringing the dog back. I'd hate to be stuck in LAX with inadequate paperwork!

    1. :

      Christine, great question. If you get your Mexican vet to use the Letterhead Certificate and date it accordingly, you'll be able to use it to get out and back in. However, you still need to present the VS 7001 Form to your airline to get out of the US. I would call your airline to just double check that.

  102. :

    I just received a call from a supervisor at Alaska aAirlines and as asJuly2 pets will be allowed in the cabin. Thank you for all your work

    1. :

      Oh HAPPY DAY! Wish you could all see the happy dance I am doing now. Didn't realize I was holding my breath all day. Once again, Allyson, you are amazing for all your hard work and anyone else that logged in all those long hours. Kudos to All.

  103. :

    I live full time in Baja Sur, and i will be going up to the states in august for about 2 weeks. Do i have to have that new form? and how do i do it if my vet is only in mexico? Thank you.

    1. :

      Olivia, a simple Zoosanitary health certificate from your Mexican vet will get you into the US. You'll need the new paperwork from a US vet when you head back to Mexico, however.

  104. :

    Come on United. Get with the program.

    1. :

      I'll route for United if you route for Alaska. I am checking this site hourly. I too have phoned and sent emails.Hope the airlines are checking their inboxes and such.

  105. :

    Yep, it's true... now US Airways, American and Frontier are allowing pets to fly in cabin. For anyone traveling to Mexico soon, please be aware that there are new regs for traveling with pets to Mexico. Because they are quite confusing, I have attempted to simplify them today. See the "Pet Travel Tip" link above under Latest Update and/or Helpful Links.

    1. :

      And Alaska Airlines too!

  106. :

    FRONTIER AIRLINES ARE ALLOWING PETS IN CABIN.. THEIR WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED. I called Frontier and the agent still say NO!!! she said she couldnt check the website to verify what I was saying. Pets Traveling Internationally Pets are accepted as checked baggage on all domestic and international Frontier flights, including flights to and from Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Visit our Traveling with Pets page for additional information. Please contact our Reservations Department at 800-432-1FLY (1359) to make a reservation for your pet to fly. Your small pet is welcome to be carried onboard the aircraft. If you would like to take your pet on your next trip, there are few things you need to know. A one-way, directional fee of $75 will be assessed at check-in. Only certain animals are allowed in the cabin: Domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or small household birds on flights within the United States. Domesticated dogs and cats only may be carried to or from international destinations.

    1. :

      I was just on the phone with a FRONTIER agent when she got the email stating that the mandate has been lifted and PETS IN CABIN ARE NOW PERMISSIBLE!!

  107. :

    Joan, you have always needed to have a health certificate to travel to/from Mexico... always. The USDA has always required people to use the VS 7001 Form, but the Mexican government wants a bilingual form so they can read it too... which makes perfect sense. I am going to rewrite the regs later today to help clarify what exactly it is that you need when you drive vs. fly. I know this is really confusing.

  108. :

    What I don't understand is that when entering the U.S. not one person has ever looked at my paperwork or my dog, they don't care, I've asked and they have said NO! When entering Mexico nobody even wants to see my dog, they take the paperwork, sign it and return it to me. I always ask, want to look at my dog? answer is always NO! When leaving Mexico Alaska Airlines barely looks at my paperwork, never glanced at my dog, nobody cares. Now all of a sudden I have to have the docs signed by the USDA, transferred to Spanish so they can not look at them or my dog??? Sorry, just venting, lots going on right now and this pet fiasco is pushing me over the edge :-)

    1. :

      Joan, you have always needed to have a health certificate to travel to/from Mexico… always. The USDA has always required people to use the VS 7001 Form, but the Mexican government wants a bilingual form so they can read it too… which makes perfect sense. I am going to rewrite the regs later today to help clarify what exactly it is that you need when you drive vs. fly. I know this is really confusing.

  109. :

    United is terrible airline. I have taken them to court over a flight from Puerto Vallarta to Chicago on which they refused to admit my two Cavaliers. Find another airline even if it takes you out of your way!

  110. :

    Hey folks, All I am finding online is info about bringing pets INTO Mexico. What about flying OUT of Mexico into the US? I will be transferring through Houston or Dallas and then into Wisconsin. What forms do I need? I thought all I needed was a rabies vaccine and a health certificate from my vet stating she is okay. I am really confused now......please, some clear info, folks, thanks!!!

    1. :

      Brenda, a simple Health Certificate from a Mexican vet should do the trick, but it wouldn't hurt to copy the information from the Letterhead Certificate (in both English and Spanish) just to be safe.

  111. :

    just called UNITED about this (already had a reservation to fly back to Merida from Canada WITH my pets which was booked back in September 2011!!!). United still hasn't heard anything about this new policy yet (or so I'm told by a VERY rude female customer service supervisor, who advised me that they MAY NOT go back to allowing pets in cabin as they WILL NOT allow themselves to be mandated to by ANY country!) I wish that there was another airline that flew into Merida from from the USA! I AM SO FRUSTRATED right now!!! Grrrrr!

  112. :

    Terrific work Allyson. Delighted that AA is on board and that we can get to Puerto Vallarta next Nov with our Cavaliers - Max and Lizzy. What a waste of three weeks by the Mexican regulators.

  113. :

    DITTO to ALL who have acted on our behalf!!!!

  114. :

    Hi, I have been following your efforts thru-out and I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. I am still awaiting Alaska Airlines to get on board as I just booked my tickets for San Jose del Cabo in September. I can confirm a pet on board as soon as I hear from this site that it is so. You ARE the site for information.As soon as Alaska follows suit I will be doing a little happy dance. Thank you SO much and of course everyone that has called, written, phoned and faxed to get this done. Great job everyone but it is not over till it is to figure out this form thing and hopefully store away the brand new expensive crate I just bought.

  115. :

    Allyson I feel like a dummy. I do not understand a couple of things. If I need a stamped form, the nearest office for me is in East Lansing and that is an hour and a half away. Then there is the matter of no bedding. So does this mean that my dogs have to lie on the bottom of their soft cages with no additional padding? What about if they had an accident which they don't BTW but wouldn't that make sense to have something absorbent. Answers, we need answers. Glad to hear that a few airlines are now allowing pets in cabins once more. Waiting for United, since this is the way we fly down. Anyone know if the prices have been raised?

    1. :

      Helene, let me try to clarify, as this new paperwork is very confusing... 1) You are only required to have a VS 7001 Form if you are flying out of the US (to board the plane), in which case you do not need the seal; you do not need it to enter Mexico. However, someone was just detained for 2 hours in Mexico because they didn't have an official seal on his 7001 Form (this is what prompted me to investigate). So clearly, not everyone is aware of this new change in documentation. 2) As far as I know, they are not referring to the padding in soft-sided kennels; I believe this rule is basically for those who are driving.

  116. :

    GREAT NEWS! Just got word from American Airlines effective July 1,2012 they WILL allow pets in cabin from and to US and Mexico. Again thanks to everyone.

  117. :

    Okay Folks, American Airlines is on board as well. They'll be allowing pets in cabin as of July 1, 2012.

  118. :

    Hi Allyson, Encouraging news about US Airways flying in cabin pets now! So far I have no luck with Delta, but I have talked with about three people there, but not in corporate. They told me to register my complaint on their website, which I did. Currently their website shows no in-cabin pets to Mexico. For anyone wanting to contact Delta, their "corporate" number is 404-773-0305. The people I talked to were not aware that the Mexican government changed their policy. I think if people continue to call and complain, Delta will also change their policy regarding this. By the way, the Mexican Department of Tourism also sent my husband the same pdf link from the Mexican government.

    1. :

      I have a reservation July 1 on American with Maggie! Just in time - in fact,, Maggie is at the airport right now ready to fly to Colorado since she couldn't go with us. However, she didn't make the stand by flight with my father so was waiting for the next flight. Instead, I am now heading back to the airport to bring her home! I guess it was meant to be and just in time. Now, I have a question about the paperwork. Is it correct that we have the choice between the USDA form and a licensed vet health certificate on their letterhead. The second choice looks very much like what I have done in the past except it will be both in Engliish and Spanish. Am I missing something? Please help - we are leaving Friday to drop our girls at camp and then heading to the airport Sunday. I only have tomorrow and Friday to get it in order.

  119. :

    Am visiting Guadalajara and went to the Church of St Francis Asissi , the Patron Saint of animals to ask him to put a good word in for us. Can't stop worrying even on vacation .

    1. :


  120. :

    Hi , it appears that the new regulations require that there be a Spanish copy of the health certificate. Does anyone know where we can get this. Also , at the PVR airport , they had been requiring a numbered form , gov issued health certificate , the one in triplicate, not the one you can download . Since this can no longer be hand written which was the only way to fill out the triplicate form, I am assuming that it is no longer be necessary. Can any one clarify and help locating a Spanish version.

    1. :

      Maggie, I have included a copy of the English/Spanish letterhead certificate that your vet can copy on his letterhead. The triplicate form you are referring to is the VS 7001 form, which is no longer being printed in triplicate; it is now electronic (please read through the entire Pet Travel Tips page, as I have outlined all this in great detail there. If it doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll be happy to clarify).

      1. :

        Allyson, this is just for entry of pets INTO Mexico, right? I don't need this to leave Mexico, do I? I would be leaving from the Leon airport. Thanks.

        1. :

          Brenda, that is correct.

        2. :

          Thanks, Allyson! You are AWESOME!! (Ignore my question below about vet documents into the US.) P.S. I did a sort of happy dance today, too. :) But I think I lost 5 lbs. from all the stress involved in this!! hehe

  121. :

    WestJet is also aware of the new regulation and will continue to allow pets in its cabins on flights to Mexico.

    1. :

      Ursula, if you email me a written notification from WestJet, I will publish this above.

  122. :

    Great news! US Airways is flying pets. Also, I have posted the newly revised regulations and documentation needed to travel with pets to Mexico above.

    1. :

      Hi Allyson! You say that US Airways is flying pets and I imagine you know of someone who did this recently or have talked to the airline but is that both flying into and out of Mexico? Did you see that in US Airways website?

      1. :

        Raegan, as of this morning it was not yet on their website, but I got this information from someone who works at/with US Airways and they sent me a written notification.

  123. :

    I have added a list of airline contact information above for anyone who's interested.

    1. :

      Thank you! I just sent web comments to every one. United has the only direct flight for me, but the first airline to make this change gets my business, that's for sure! It takes some time to fill out the forms, but it's worth it to let them know we are waiting. I will also pick back up on my phone campaign. You spend 90% of the time on hold, so I just do chores or work while I wait to complain :) Here's the letter I used for the web forms, in case anyone needs a start: Since the Mexican Aviation Administration quickly responded to passenger concerns by revising Article 2.1.2 to allow pets in cabin on flights from Mexico as of 21 June 2012, I would respectfully ask that you update your policies as soon as possible to reflect this change. Many people travel frequently between Mexico and the US with their pets. Some of them, like myself, are currently stranded in Mexico with no reasonable way to return. Please reverse this policy of excluding pets from the cabin as soon as possible and make notice public. Many, many thanks for your help with this matter. See revised regulations -

      1. :

        Hannah, great letter, thanks for posting. I will be sending it to many airlines, even though I already have done so. But we can't be too persistent. I, too, am "stranded" in Mexico with my cat, slowly running out of money and getting a little nervous. It was really comforting to know that you feel the same as I. I would like to get home by Sept. as the fall is lovely in Wisconsin, and after that, it gets pretty cold. *Where are you from?

        1. :

          I actually live in Mexico, but we are moving to Singapore and I need to drop my cat off in the US for 6 months to meet import regs in Singapore. This delay has been a disaster for me. I now don't have enough time to get him back before Christmas when I was planning to fly back from Singapore for him AND my grandmother died yesterday (89, not unexpected). Her service is on Saturday and it would be mildly ridiculous to fly there then back to get the cat, then back again. So, I REALLY need them to change the regulations. I'm giving United 1 more day, if not, I will buy a US Airways ticket and deal with the layover (not my preference when toting a furry passenger). I'm sure the other airlines will change back in the next few days/weeks if US Airways already did. You should be fine by September.

      2. :

        @ Hannah...I would recommend that you refer to Article 4.3 of the Circular CO AV-07.8/07 R2 revised 21 June 2012. This is the article that was actually changed, as 2.1.2 is ONLY in reference to Security and allowing Service Animals and was NOT changed in anyway. Article 4.3 is where it now has the word MASCOTAS added at the end. Thanks! And thanks a million for taking the time to send letters and make phone calls!

        1. :

          Thanks, Krista! I just took the number out of a posting without really looking.

  124. :

    Everyone is looking for this change hour by hour , day by day. Don't forget , the first hint of the reversal posted here said " by September". Just because the Mexican authorities have re-written the circular to include pets in the cabin...does not mean change with the airlines is imminent. They still need to re-train both airline phone agents, gate agents, not to mention Mexican customs agents. This road is still a bit turbulent.

  125. :

    The only way I can get out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my small dog dog is to fly Aeromexico with her as checked baggage( at least they will do this) to Atlanta where I will pick her up and go through US Customs. We will then fly to Providence RI in cabin on Delta. My son IS the USDA Chief Vet for RI, so believe me, I always have more than enough proper paperwork coming back. I flew Aeromexico last year to NY with the dog as baggage and had a very nice, uneventful experience. The pilot brought her out to me at the baggage carousel. I speak Spanish. If you don't, this could be more stressful for you. It's the only option I have right now.

  126. :

    Hi folks, this is literally driving me crazy, the waiting game to see daily if any airlines have a heart and reverse their decision. I don't know how much longer I can stay in Mexico, but the thought of my sweet, furry companion in cargo is not an option. So, what choice do we have but to wait. And now we are literally trapped from leaving and entering Mexico, what with the summer heat embargo in place. What are the airlines thinking???? I sure hope that great group in Cozumel is getting through to the airlines. Below I have attached a link for another petition you can sign to reverse the ban. It can't hurt to sign it. The stronger our voice, perhaps the quicker the result. I signed it on June 15, the day I heard about all this nonsense that is making our lives a nightmare. Let's continue to get through this together.

  127. :

    Okay folks, here's a copy of today's update so no one misses it... Since yesterday, I have been inundated by emails and comments from people who say that the airlines are not aware of this new revised circular. I will do my very best to compile a list of airline contacts in the next few days. In the meantime, please be patient. In addition, I just learned earlier today that there are new document requirements for pet travel to Mexico. Ironically these changes were implemented in the past few weeks, but have absolutely nothing to do with the DGAC circular. I am in contact with the proper authorities and will post this information as soon as possible.

    1. :

      Perhaps my advice is " outdated" by I have always believed that the person(s) most up to date on the required documentation for taking a pet into Mexico was the USDA Vet office in your State capital. Granted we have not brought our dog down with us in a few years, but every time we have crossed ( by air) into Mexico we have called our office here in Washington State a few weeks before departure and followed their recommendations. We have never been delayed in customs once doing so.

  128. :

    I have a feeling it's going to take the airlines here alot longer to change their minds than it did for MX to make the "no pet in cabin" revision. I've already sent out the e-mails to the airlines, now just waiting the 3-5 days for a reply. Going to start making phone calls tomorrow after work and see where things are with the major airlines. I hate the "waiting games" and want a definitive positive answer. Don't have many months left to finalize my retirement so I hope decisions are made soon and that MX comes up with a hard fast rule that is positive for all our pets.

  129. :

    A friend told us she called American,US Airways,United etc today and they said the Mexican Government issued a directive to ALL airlines that no animals would be allowed through customs coming or going unless they flew "pet safe".No one had any idea if or when this directive would ever be lifted. They had their dog in cabin and paid and United is sending them a refund for his fare. Do not know what they mean by "pet safe". Maybe cargo?

    1. :

      JoAnn and Kay, the "PetSafe" program was implemented by United and Continental Airlines as an effort to merge policies and procedures. You can read more about it here...

  130. :

    Talked to many airlines today, conclusion: none will accept in cabin pets due to a directive from the Mx government to ALL airlines refusing to allow in cabin pets thru customs. They must go "pet safe" in cargo. No one knew why or if this directive would ever change

  131. :

    Can someone explain to me the rule that we can't bring any bedding into Mexico? Does that mean our pets have to remove the soft floors from their carriers?

    1. :

      Kollleen, I believe this regulation is intended for people who drive across the border.

  132. :

    It's a fact, the wheels of progress move slowly. All we can do is continue to apply pressure for change.

  133. :

    I was on the phone for 30 minutes yesterday with United. They said there is still an Embargo on "pets in cabin". Therefore they still will not allow pets in cabin. I sent them a letter with a copy of the June 25 th revision. I requested a response. I sent a similar letter to American Airlines. In addition I emailed the person in Mexican Tourism in Washington DC informing him of what the airlines are still telling us. If anyone knows of anybody else to contact please let me know and I will contact them. Please continue to keep checking on this issue so it doesn't get shoved aside.

  134. :

    Susan Smith assures me there has been NO change in Mexican law and that it is an airline policy change which does not apply??? She suggests Taxa will fly pets into Mexico from LAX and Miami. I need to leave Vallarta for the US! Que pasa??

    1. :

      Kate, I, too, need to leave soon. And am feeling very nervous about all this. Do you have a dog or cat that you want to fly in-cabin with you? Where do you fly back to in the States? I am from Wisconsin.

    2. :

      Kate, it is not surprising that some people are not up to date on the policy change as it's happened quite quickly.

  135. :

    I spent some time on the phone with US Airways to try to find out if the new directive on pet travel was known to them yet. They were not aware of it, but they gave me a fax number for customer relations. I wrote a letter and faxed them the whole document at 480-693-2300. If there is anyone else out there who wants to make sure US Airways is paying attention, then feel free to also send them a fax!

  136. :

    I spent 4 hours on the phone with United today trying to make a fuss about it. I was told the best course of action is for everyone to email (two Rs in the middle) or on the feedback page ( and complain that we want the policy changed to be consistent with the Mexican regulations. My flight is on Sunday and I will have to bump it (again!) if they don't make a swift decision. So annoying to find out that it had actually been changed BEFORE I tried to fly with my pet!

  137. :

    We have been bringing our small rescued dog (from Mexico) for 5 years. Last year we had to spend $300 to the vet for all the Mexican requirements and $125 each way to the airline to bring her to Mexico. With the new requirements we will not be going to Mexico but staying in the US. I think many of us will not be coming back with a loss of revenue to Mexico.

    1. :

      Judy, some of the paperwork you need to fly to Mexico is actually required by the USDA for health reasons, not by Mexico (I will post more about that tomorrow), and the airline fee has nothing to do with Mexico either. Plus, we cannot forget that the Mexican government just revised their in-cabin pet policy in 3 weeks so we could once again fly with our pets... I think they're doing a pretty good job here.

  138. : has a petition with a whole lot of names on it. We in Puerto Vallarta and our readers who are NOTB have been calling the 1-800 number we were given where we could express our concerns. They have been keeping track of the folks who have called. We have also sent a zillion emails to Sr. Alfonso Sumano who is in charge of the Mexican Tourism Office in Washington, D.C. His email is All of this has taken place over the last week or so. Now it's up to us to inform the international airlines of the change in policy, i.e.: print out that latest "official circular" you mention and confront the airline reps with it! Thank you.

  139. :

    Two hours on the phone with American Airlines in Mexico City and they say NO PETS IN THE CABIN. :( They won't refund my tix and say it's MX's problem. Blame game, I know! I'd never put my fur baby in cargo but for anyone traveling NOW ... it's not really an option even as cargo due to the heat/temps. American's policy is you can go, but pet must stay. Like we would just leave our babies ... NOT.

    1. :

      Update. I just called American Air and the new Mexico pet policy goes into effect July 1. I was told the required documentation from the vet must be dated within 10 days of the flight.

    2. :

      I called American Airlines in the States last night and they booked my pet in cabin for my flight in July to Puerto Vallarta. Based on what I am now reading I will now doublecheck.

  140. :

    This morning, we published a great rescue story in our newsletter and on this blog (yes, I do actually have a job other working on this pet policy), and I thought being that most of you are animal-lovers, I'd share it with you. It's called "Sarah's Survivors: Muffin the Miracle". Here is a link for anyone who's interested...

  141. :

    Delta Corporate claims they have NOT been notified by Mexico.

  142. :

    When you read the circular, it still says service animals only. I don't see how this helps.

    1. :

      Karen, Article 4.3. states that guide dogs, service animals and pets may be transported in the passenger cabin.

  143. :

    Has anyone been able to make a reservation with pet in cabin yet? Airlines are not answering questions. Will Aeromexico now accept in cabin dogs??

  144. :

    I tried American this morning. Not yet. I have until tomorrow when I fly our dog to Colorado for vacation with the grandparents instead of Mexico with us. Will try again later today.

  145. :

    I have to agree with Diana Mark about being discrete with your pet in Cabin. Once Chica is under the seat that's it til we arrive in SJD . I cringe when pet owners try and take them out their carrying inflight. It is not helping our cause.

  146. :

    SO HAPPY to hear that a 'united' voice was heard! (NO pun intended!!) It's only by acting as one strong voice, ALL together, that anything was done! I'm wondering just how quickly we will be able to call to the airlines and add our pets to already existing reservations though??? I've had reservations to return to Mexico since January, and had to remove my 2 cats on May 2, when UNITED called and removed them from the reservation because of this new rule of the Mexican government! I may call later today and try just to see IF they've gotten the word yet! Since they were to first to drop pets, I wonder if they would be industry leaders and be the first to re-add them?? Sure would be nice!!

  147. :

    Thank you, Allyson! I can now dream about going home, with Emma safely in her carrier on board with me! I haven't been home or seen my family in a year and a half, so I am really excited. I have yet to make my reservation for Sept. as I'm waiting for solid proof from the doofus airlines to change back (they should be ashamed of themselves; it will be a long time before I fly again), but I will be hopefully making it soon. You are super awesome and so tireless. I know you had a LOT of help (thank you, Cozumel ladies!), but you are our "go to gal" in this, and all our thanks and appreciation are directed your way. Please feel free to distribute kudos to those who helped you, as well. :) haha I can't wait to see Wisconsin in the fall! It's so lovely. God bless you and your doggies!

  148. :

    Thank you to all who wrote or called the Mexican Tourism Board & those who spearheaded the cause! I feel like today is Christmas after a very depressing & confusing month. As home owners in the states and Mexico, we would have been forced to stay in the states and not take our 5/6 trips a year. On April 29th I was refused boarding on United with no advance notice of the change, in spite of a pre paid reservation for our in cabin dog. We did make it down on American a day later. American had not yet adopted the change. Normally, by now, I would have booked my next couple trips...did not do so. Looking forward to the day I can, hopefully soon. Thank you, thank you. It was interesting to read the anti in cabin posts on the blogs, some people think we are on "vacation" and should leave our animals at home, they don't understand, we LIVE in 2 places and go through a lot of preparation & money to be responsible pet owners. I would not have a dog if I had to board it a third of its life. Not having a dog is not an option for me, so I would NOT have picked Mexico as a destination for a 2nd home without the ability to travel with her. Not trusting Cargo was the deciding factor in having a small breed dog. So much planning goes into our trips. So many rules. Please owners, obey the in cabin rules, do not take your pets out of their crates, and try to have them as dander free as possible! Our dog crate looks like a carry on, no one ever knows we have a dog...till I get to Sargarpa. She is a happy traveler. Phew! Looks like its over...Congrats all on making your voices heard!!! I was not looking forward to taking a beating on yet another piece of real estate.

  149. :

    Thank you Allyson for your time and resources to work this thru to a good outcome... I do think though we need to continue to follow this issue as the airlines have yet to change their WEB sites, and with a document that conflicts with itself, surely confusion will follow... But, certainly, this is a step in the right direction!

    1. :

      Don't fret. I will continue to post updates as airlines implement this new policy... and I won't quit until I can fly back to Mexico with Taco and Panchito my beloved Mexican rescue pups!

  150. :

    Thank you Allyson and everyone else who has been working on this! Now let's hope the airlines change their policy quickly!

  151. :

    OMG!! thank you sooo much... tried to book my reservation for Feb 2013 for 13 weeks have been doing this for 3 years with this being the delta told me no way!!! glad i found your website!! also just called mex tourism board and they took my info and we do whatever it takes to keep allowing my two family members purrsy and tortie.. its what I work my tail off for 10 months 84 hours a love love mexico ...but love my kitties more!!! thanks again and i will visit your site often I hope this isnt the start of maybe we will keep changing it and make it confusing for all or maybe the airlines will just decide to be careful. oh well for now i am happy!! mary

  152. :

    While this is good news I believe that the airlines may take a little longer to reverse their decision. The most important post someone can make at this time is: " I made a new reservation for me and my pet in cabin ......."

  153. :

    In looking at the latest update of the DGAC, I've been attempting to translate from Spanish to English and have gotten completely lost. My concern is mainly about 2.1.2. Isn't the latest revision of 24 junio 2012 *exactly* the same as in the revision of 10 de mayo de 2012? Shouldn't that also have been changed? Can someone PLEASE translate the revisions for me?

    1. :

      Vicki, there is not an official English version available yet, but Google does a good enough job for this. You are correct 2.1.2. did not change, but 4.3 did. It states that "guide dogs, service animals and pets may be transported in the passenger cabin." You can refer to today's update for further explanation of the new document and why everything was not changed.

      1. :

        Thanks Allyson for the quick response. Also a BIG THANK YOU for all you do here for our 'babies". You are GREATLY APPRECIATED! I was just concerned since 2.1.2 hadn't also been changed to include pets and 2.1.2 does say "live animals in the passenger cabin must NOT be permitted except in the case of guide dogs or other "service animals...", some airlines and/or their employees and attornies might not realize that the changes made to 4.3 intends to allow pets in the cabin again and not just Service Animals. I certainly don't have the understanding you have about this matter though, and if you're confident the changes to 4.3 will allows pets to be allowed on flights to and from Mexico again, I'm happy, and again, very thankful to you and everyone else that is working so hard on this!

  154. :

    My dog is a service dog and always flies in the cabin without any trouble., even with the new rules. However upon arriving in Gueretero airport a few weeks ago, we were detained for more than 2 hours because the customs man refused to accept our vet international travel document (pink) that was correctly filled out. He insisted he wanted another document that had a round stamp on It. When he showed me someone else's it was from the US Agricultural Vet. When I went to the Mexican Embassy in San Francisco prior to leaving the US, I was told our vets pink paper OR the US Agricultural vet's paper was required. I told her I had our vet 's paper and was told that was all I needed plus all the records of vaccinations etc. I even printed this information up from the mexican embassy website, but this man refused to budge for two hours! My question is, in order to not have this happen again, what can I do ? It is very inconvenient to make an appt with the us agricultural vet who does not even look at the dog and costs $100 for his stamp. any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. :

      Daryl, Interesting. I used to have to take my pet's health certificate to our local USDA office to be stamped, but that was years ago. The USDA rules recently changed in June 2010 and are clearly outlined on our site here... However, I will call my local USDA contact tomorrow to make sure their rules have not changed recently. A few suggestions and questions: 1) I would call your airline to find out their rules and if they know anything about this. Maybe it's a Gueretero policy. 2) Did you just have the pink copy or did you also have a copy of that page to give the agent? 3) Did you get the feeling it was a Mexican rule or US rule that required this?

      1. :

        Yes, everything in your pet travel site we did and carried with us. It was clearly the agent just not wanting a square stamp but a round stamp from the USDA vet. I gave him the print out from the mexican consulate website that stated USDA or your own vet paper work and he rejected that. Then a united airlines worker came over to help and showed him the word "or" but he still rejected it. It had nothing to do with the airlines or the US. It was clearly this agent. I couldn't tell him he wanted some money and since there were always other people around I decided not to try to give him money. Finally after over 2 hrs he let me go thru with the promise that next time I would have the USDA paper work.

        1. :

          Just so you know, I emailed my contact after I responded to you. She clearly is no longer there because my email bounced back... but I'll call their office first thing tomorrow and will post what I find.

        2. :

          Daryl, the regulations did change a bit a few weeks ago. I have posted all updated information on my Pet Travel Tips (Requirements) link above.

        3. :

          Daryl, I just did a little more investigating, and interestingly enough I did find something on the SENASICA website that says: "If you choose to use the USDA Health Certificate official format, make sure it is signed and sealed by official USDA personnel to make it valid." This was posted April 13, 2012. The USDA site does not say that a seal is required, but I've added a link for APHIS offices so people can check into it. I have emailed my source at SAGARPA as well. Will post when I hear more.

        4. :

          Daryl, there has been a change in requirements. I have a call into an APHIS supervisor who is out of the office today. I will post as soon as I receive clarification on this.

        5. :

          Hi Allyson Did you ever hear any more about the USDA paperwork needed? Just following up as I am coming back to San Miguel soon and want to make sure I have all the appropriate paperwork. Daryl

        6. :

          Hi Daryl. Everything I could find out is outlined on our Pets Travel Tips page... If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

        7. :

          Allyson Thank you for all your efforts .

  155. :

    Thank you again for your hard work! All the updates were so considerate. I hope US Airways will be accommodating, and I will let you know my experience when I fly in a few days. My mexican kitten is thankful for your work too! Milo says "meow".

  156. :

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! If unable to fly my beloved Rosie with us in the air line's cabin, I was planning on staying here in Chicago with her for the winter. (That's how much I love her.) My husband was going without me (my choice). I would not risk putting my precious Mexican shelter dog in cargo or baggage. Let's hope there's no going back by the Mexican gov't.

  157. :

    This is fantastic news!!! Thank you for your unwavering diligence!! YOU'VE GOT YOUR ANGEL FOR EVER WINGS!!! woof

  158. :

    i want to thank the owner of this site for all of her hard work in reversing the 'no pets in cabin' policy. in october, my cat nuala, will also be thankful when she travels with me in the cabin, and not in the hold, on our flight from washington, d.c. to mexico.

  159. :

    Allyson, the biggest THANK YOU in the world for all the time you have spent on this. All the little doggies in doggie heaven are looking down saying 'you go girl' Thank you :)

  160. :

    ARGH! After reading your latest post, I called Alaska to thank them for following up on my email, and the info they send me. I actually was wanting to confirm with them that this was 'old news' Their response was that nothing had changed as far as they were concerned and that they still had the 'no pets' policy in effect....I expained to them that maybe it would take awhile to reach customer service dept and the reply was that it had been discussed and they were sticking with the 'no pets in cabin' policy for now....what the heck?

    1. :

      I just responded to your earlier comment today (see last page). As I stated, the airlines just received notice of this policy change on Friday. They will obviously need a little time to run it by their legal departments before they can re-implement it.

  161. :

    Thanks Allyson for all your reporting. this certainly eases my concern over our return in October

  162. :

    I received a letter from Alaska Airlines today in regard to my complaint over this crazy policy. Their letter stated explicity that they would not allow pets in the cabin and they gave me a link explaining why. The link is this: '' and it is Alaska's translation of a document they recieved from the Governement of Mexico on May 12, 2012....???

    1. :

      Rhonda, in my opinion the team at Alaska Airlines has gone above and beyond the call of duty dealing with this policy change. The link you attached above is a copy of the revised Mexican regulation implemented on May 10, 2012 which states that pets are no longer allowed to fly in the cabin to/from Mexico, and all airlines were required to abide by this law. After a lot of work by a lot of people, the government posted a second revised circular this past Friday stating that pets are now allowed to fly in the cabin again, and while it is effective immediately, the airlines need a little time to re-implement it.

  163. :

    OK, but 4.3.4 seems to say that we have to sit in a bulkhead seat with our pet. This is inconsistent with airline requirements that requires pet containers under the seats. Is this the way you read this?

    1. :

      Jim that applies to a person with a disability traveling with a service animal (as they are not required to be in a carrier). They actually changed this version of the Circular to include that is "preferred" that they sit at the bulk head (rather just stating that they should). I would imagine it is "preferred" as service animals are often times larger animals who sit by their owner and there is much more room for them in front of the disabled person by the bulkhead.

    2. :

      Jim, I interpret it to mean that owners who fly with service dogs may need to sit in the front row because if they need the extra space (service dogs do not need to be in a kennel and are often times large in size).

  164. :

    Great news Allyson! Is there anything we can do to help the airlines become aware of this?

    1. :

      Karla, there is a great group of gals in Cozumel who is working directly with the airlines. As I stated above, they informed me over the weekend that all airlines received a copy of this document on Friday. So, we just need to give the airlines a little time to re-implement it. That said, I see no harm in people contacting their favorite airline to let them know.

  165. :

    This is NOT a change to the regulation. It only allows "service animals"

    1. :

      Jim, Article 4.3 clearly states that "guide dogs, service animals and pets may be transported in the passenger cabin."

  166. :

    Allyson, We live in Mexico most of the year. We travel back and forth to the US with our dog. We have always traveled with her in the cabin of the aircraft. We would never place our dog in cargo. Also, we have visitors who come to stay with us that bring their family pet. Most people now feel that airline travel is the safest way to arrive in Mexico. Many will not drive. If Mexico and the Airlines do not reverse this new mandate, it will seriously impact tourism to Mexico, and, many of us who live here will consider selling our homes. With an already struggling Tourist Economy, Mexico will need to "strongly encourage" the airlines to honor the reversal of this law. Pet owners must be allowed to travel with their beloved family pets inside the cabin. Thank you for your efforts to get this mandate reversed!

  167. :

    Just heard from the website and they claim that the ruling has not changed and they will start petitioning the new Preisent of mexico after the elections. Oh my! Say it tisn't so. Lets all start again.

    1. :

      Perhaps United Airlines hasn't changed. But the Mexican aviation authority definitely has changed its directive. It went from banning pets in the cabin to permitting pets in the cabin. It is now up to each individual airline to decide whether or not it wants to allow passengers to bring their pets but the way is paved for them to do so. Petitioning the President of Mexico is not the way to go. The way to go is to pressure each individual airline to reconsider its own policies in light of the new green light from Mexico.

      1. :

        Helene and Ursula, as I mentioned in today's update, pets are allowed to fly in the cabin again affective immediately. I'm told that all airlines have been notified of this change, but obviously they will need some time to re-implement this policy.

  168. :

    By the way, should this regulation not be changed and the readers of this blog consider sending their pets to Mexico on United Airlines "pet safe" cargo program, they should be aware of this. United's "pet safe" programs states: United will provide "Personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles for connections over United's hubs when the animal will be exposed to temperatures above 85°F (29.5°C) degrees for more than 45 minutes." So that means that your loving cat or dog can sit it 110 or 120 degree temperature on the tarmack or in a plane for 44 minutes before United does something about it. Note, it does NOT say that your pet will never be exposed to a temperature above 85 degrees. Are you kidding?

  169. :

    Allyson, I look forward to the work of this group. My wife and I are particularly angry at United Airlines. We had purchased non-refundable economy plus tickets in June of 2011 for the May 5, 2012 United flight 986 from Puerto Vallarta to Chicago with our two Cavalier dogs. I confirmed this reservation with our dogs with United on its 800 number on the morning of May 5th. However, we arrived at the airport and were summarily denied access to the flight. We were never notified by United Airlines of this in cabin pet restriction nor did United make any alternative arrangements for our transportation to Chicago despite our visas had expired. We had to spend two more days in PV at some additional cost before we could get out with our dogs on American at a cost of $1,500 exclusive of the charge for our two Cavaliers. I have written the CEO of United and have never received the courtsey of a response. Thus I have filed a suit in Michigan small claims court against United to recover the cost of our American tickets. We will never fly United again.

  170. :

    This potential revision is fantastic. However, it is also critical that the US airlines are informed of this potential change in Mexican regulations so they are prepared to implement this revised policy quickly. Many of us plan late fall trips to Mexico and do not want to hang around waiting for US carriers to implement a new regulation if it becomes real

    1. :

      I am sending a letter to the CEO of American Airlines. Other airline CEOs need to be contacted in a similar way!

      1. :

        Jim, there is a group who is working directly with the airlines on this issue. I have asked them to send me an update, which I will post as soon as I receive it. FYI.

  171. :

    I hope your contact is trust worthy. I have lived in Mexico long enough to have seen the "promise" used many times to get you off their back for awhile. We will see in September. I hope you don't get phase 2 " Senior, it is taking a little longer than we thought,. Maybe in a couple more months."

  172. :

    Allyson, thank you so much for all this info and the hard work you have put forth on it. Today, my wife and I found a good deal with American Airlines that we just couldn't pass up. --DFW to Mexico City to visit family. We put our tickets on hold, called the airlines and was given a Record Locator so our pet could ride as Pet in Cabin, (her 5th flight to MX during the past 2 yrs), for our flight in September. BUT, after calling them I thought I would just check the rules on Pet Travel because they sometimes change and because our pet just returned from MX one month ago. I read there that pets ARE NOT ALLOWED to travel as Pets in Cabin to MX. I called the airlines back and the representative told me "I guess the the other rep didn't know policy had changed. WHAT!!! Some of the employees at reservations don't even know about the policy change. My wife is devastated and our family in MX was sure looking forward to our Saya going there to visit for Independence Day in MX. All will be crushed!!! :-(( We can't even check her in because of breed restrictions. It doesn't make any sense to say people and pets can't ride in the cabin together "for safety and security issues" to MX when they can to other destinations. The law may not change for our flight to MX on Sept 14, but we hope it does before Christmas! *** OUR PETS ARE FAMILY, TOO! ***

  173. :

    Thank you so much Allyson for doing all this work to follow up on this which means so much to my husband and myself and for so many others that travel to Mexico regularly with their small dogs. I have just written to all the places that you suggested. Hopefully this will all get reversed okay and we don't have to pressure the airlines too much to follow suit.

  174. :

    Thanks to everyone for continuing to work on this issue. We have been in PV since June 5th and haven't been able to enjoy our time here as we are consumed with this problem. We are worried about getting back to the states and worried about returning to PV this fall.loking forward to Allyson's update tomorrow. We are glued to our IPads for any updates.

    1. :

      Jerry, do you have pets with you? I, too, am consumed by this issue. It's like torture. I check the 2 or 3 sites for new info several times a day. Let's all hang in there together!

      1. :

        Yes. I have a three pound yorkie.

  175. :

    I hope the DGAC realizes that we must have our pets with us, under the seat in front of us.....NOT in a separate area of the cabin separated by a partition, as section 4.2 implies.

  176. :

    We love Mexico and we have been owner for 7 years. We will sale everything and go where our Mexican Chihuahua is welcome.

  177. :

    Re comment above....this is my correct email....

  178. :

    Thank you so much for all this info.....I have my dog cabin booked on American in Aug to Leon for our annual 2 month stay in SMA.......I have not been notified by the airline as of yet....I will be extremely diligent on following up!!!!! Thanks again.

  179. :

    Allyson - Fantastic work and THANK you from the bottom of my heart!!! This new law/rule has a major impact on myself, and hubby. We live in Cancun, Mexico and travel back and forth to Canada regularly.... Hubby is Mexican, and he is VERY upset that this has happened out of nowhere, with no warning at all...Aren't there better things to focus energy on? I have emailed, called, and spread the word to many of my friends in Canada to do the same. They assure me they have. Of course I have not rec'd any response from it, but hope that by September this ridiculous rule will be overturned. The problem? How quickly will the airlines be informed? It just seems that everything is SO complicated w/ Mexico. This is one thing that I'm unable to defend.... I just wanted to thank you so much for putting so much work into this. If there is anything I can do to assist, please let me know!!!

    1. :

      We also live in Cancun part time. Planning on about six month stay in Jan. after I retire. I keep calling the MX tourism office daily and they said they are working on this, and they also want the situation revered, so we all need to stay on top of this...yes things in MX are always complicated and the regular quote is "no problemo" so we all need to be diligent with our calls and e-mails. Worries me too as to how fast the US and Canadian airlines will reverse the policy after MX has reversed it. Maybe we will have an update from Allyson tomorrow.

      1. :

        You will indeed get an update tomorrow as soon as I can speak with my contacts.

        1. :

          @ Sharon, my sentiments exactly...How soon after the law is reversed in Mexico, will the airlines in Canada/USA reverse their in-cabin rules to Mexico? How quickly will the message be sent? What a ridiculous law/rule. I mean, why wasn't it being adhered to for the past few years if it were an issue? Out of nowhere... FRUSTRATING! Allyson - Again, thank you so much for all of the work you are doing. You really are making a HUGE difference to so many people. I would never allow my little dogs to fly in the cargo as it's too risky. Both have heart conditions/blood pressure issues... Wouldn't work. Also, I will not leave them for a month at a time... Just too long. With regards to the message you received yesterday.... Can you clarify? Are they reversing the rule/law possibly prior to September? Have the airlines been informed this is going to happen?? Thanks again - BIG hugs :)

        2. :

          Yes. Maybe you didn't read today's update. Pets are now allowed to fly in the cabin effective immediately. The airlines have all been notified, however, they will need a little time to re-implement this policy. I have no idea how long that will take, but I will keep you posted as I learn more.

        3. :

          AHHH!! That is FANTASTIC news!!! I just read the update. Sorry, I must have missed it.... Yes, if you hear anything from the airlines, please let us know :)) You're the BEST!

  180. :

    To show you how it is still a bit confusing, we talked to the supervisor at the BJX ( Leon) airport posing the question does the ban on in cabin pets pertain to private jets. He responded no, because he believes this decision to ban animals from the cabin was NOT a decision made by Mexico but by the individual airlines ( ie United, Delta, etc). So even this airport official who I have known for years faults the airlines in this much maligned decision.

  181. :

    Thank you Allyson!!! I have been calling and writing friends and reading everything I can and contacting the tourism department but YOU my dear have been working miles compared to my inches of progress!!! Many folks in the U.S. are calling me saying they can't get through on that 1-800 number but the comments section in the Tourism Mexico takes the information. Keep it up. We in P.V. are trying to make a difference but we need people like you to show us what, where and who to write, call and speak to. The little dogs so appreciate your work.

  182. :

    Please remember this is the land of SI, si, si PERO NO. We must keep calling and complaining or it will get lost in the election shuffle etc.. We can't believe it until we have the order. Thank you for your incredible work on this issue, all of you, and best regards,

  183. :

    Allyson, Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Without you and your resources this never would have been accomplished, you’re wonderful. I will never forget all your help in organizing and keeping us all so well informed. I’ll keep reminding the government of their promise and will keep after the airlines, just to make sure! Thank you again! Joan, Marcello & Stella

  184. :

    Dear Allyson, I received your blog from a friend of a friend and want to send you our gratitude in all the hard work and time you put into finding the facts instead of the clues!!! Gracias. I have posted your website on my facebook page and trying to get as much support as I can to call consulates in various states to make officials realize with all the problems Mexico is facing an embargo of our "family members" will impact many cities economy such as San Miguel de Allende and many other towns where we live in harmony with each other and our pups! With great regards, Shari Alexander, John Bills and Bella

  185. :

    Way to go Allyson! You have made a gigantic difference in the lives of many pups and their families... and have earned your angel wings!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  186. :

    OMG that is better news that we could have hoped for, now on domestic flights as well. This is great news for all of the animal rescue organizations that work in Mexico. Thank you Allyson and everyone else who was involved. Allyson is right, we must continue monitor this closely to make sure this does not fall off of the radar or get pushed down someone's priority list. Please everyone, keep the pressure on!

  187. :

    Thanks Folks, but I did not do this alone. There are many other individuals and groups who are working on this effort as well; I just happen to be posting my findings online for everyone to read. A big thank you to everyone who called and emailed... together, we made the difference. Please continue to register your complaints with the Mexican Tourism Board, SCT and SECTUR (contact info is listed above) just to make sure we continue to be heard. I will keep you posted as more information comes to light.

    1. :

      Just want to add our thanks for this wonderful work and info!

  188. :

    Allyson, I posted your blog on my forums a couple of weeks ago as you had, by far the best information and were obviously organized and going to go the distance on this issue. Massive kudos. You've helped a lot of people with your intelligence, energy and vigilance. Myself included. Thanks so much for your work on this. If you ever come to Cozumel, will throw you a party. I'm not kidding. Let me know. Carey

  189. :

    Thank you thank you for all hard work. The power of the Internet is truly amazing. You've helped make us all sleep a lot better tonight. And a big woof from Chica!

  190. :

    Thank you Allyson. I have written to, and called the Tourism board and will continue to call until there is a change. We have owned a home in Vallarta for 13 years and will sell it if this ruling is not reversed. We will be very sad to leave our friends, but our dog is our family. She goes where we go. Keep up the good work. Carol

  191. :

    FYI everyone, the person in the Ministry of Communications and Transportation who will be in charge of this matter as of tomorrow is: Agustin Cano Galvan So if you want to follow up on the reverse of the policy that is under review, he's your guy.

  192. :

    I also want to compliment Alaska Airlines for their help in all of this. Today I received a call from an Alaska employee(Margie) just so she could update me on what she knew on this issue. Alaska also offered a full refund for our planned trip to PV, if this is not reversed. This is only fair, but we know of at least one airline that is not giving refunds.

    1. :

      Kolleen, We are amongst those who brought our pets with us in the cabin and now have had to change our return flight plans to Canada as we now cannot return with animals in the cabin. Alaska Airlines would not give us any breaks at all on rescheduling our flights. We decided to fly from PV to San Diego as this was the shortest route back with our pets having to travel as baggage. In order to find the correct type of kennels we had to visit 5 veterinarios before finding them. A week ago we spent an hour or more at the check in counters for Alaska and United at PV airport. The agent were in the unenviable position of telling mothers with their young children that their pets would not be allowed to travel in the cabin but that they have an hour or so before the flight to try and find a suitable hard sided kennel with nut and bolt fasteners! Tears were flowing, tempers were very short, shouting etc. Alaska did have one or two kennels, United- zero. All in all a very unpleasant experience. Mexico did a great deal of harm to it's reputation as a tourist destination and the airlines did not help by not having anywhere close to sufficient carriers for their passengers to purchace. If this policy is not changed then we will be selling our casa and not returning here. Mexberry.

  193. :

    Allyson, Thank you for your diligence!!!!!

  194. :

    Thanks Allyson for all your hard work. This is such good news for those of us returning with our pets

  195. :

    Thanks for following up on this.when I first learned of this on another board I knew to post on your board and you would be all over it!

  196. :

    We still need to be vigilant with the airlines! Their greed may still get in the way! Thanks to everyone who wrote, called, begged!

  197. :

    This is really great news!!!! Maybe I will be able to sleep tonight now without worrying. But, once this is final, we still have to count on the airlines in the US to re-open their cabins to our pets....right???

  198. :

    That is good news as I have been tavelling with my pets for 21 years here and did not want to have to drive back and forth. Way to go.

  199. :

    Great, great news. Thank you/ gracias for all your hard work. Gwen Stevens Stowe, VT / Puerto Vallarta, MX