NEW Monthly and Long Term Rental Options on Jaltemba Bay Life

During the past 6 months, we have received a number of requests from our clients asking us for a way to advertise monthly and long term rentals… and when you ask, we listen.

We have not only added a NEW Long Term Rental category to our Hotel & Rental Directory, but we’ve also added monthly rates, a room description field and a new sort feature to all rental category pages (see details below) to make it easier and faster for potential renters to find what they are looking for. These changes went into effect on April 22.

Advertisers: Please note that these updates WILL affect your webpage!

1) Add YOUR Listing to the Long Term Rental Category

You can view the NEW Long Term Rental category here:

If you are a current advertiser and would like to be added to the Long Term Rental category, please contact us (there is no charge). You must list your monthly rates on your webpage to participate.

If you are new to and want to learn how to list your long term rental with us, please complete this signup form.

2) Monthly Rates and Room Description

As we mentioned above, we just added monthly rates (which are optional) and a room description field to all webpages. We will be manually updating all advertiser’s webpages in the next few days. Please view your rental category (i.e. Hotels & Bungalows, Rental Homes, etc.) to make sure we have included the correct information for your listing.

If we have not updated your webpage by Friday, May 2, please contact us.

If you offer monthly rates, but do not have them listed on your webpage, you will need to contact us so we can add them.

JBL Rental Changes 2 with notes

3) Sort by Monthly Rates

To make it easier for potential renters to search for hotels and vacation rentals who offer long term rentals, we have added a monthly rate sort feature (high to low and low to high). This feature will go into effect by the end of the week.

Long Term Sorting Feature 2
Watch for more improvements to come next week!

Advertisers: Please feel free to contact us with any questions… we are always here to help!

phone: (327) 274-1150

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