New Malecon in La Peñita is Coming to Fruition

Last Wednesday, Romy Mora, Regidora of the Jaltemba Bay area, stopped by the weekly Rotary Club meeting to announce that the contracts and paperwork for the new malecon in La Peñita were signed and that work is set to begin between September and November of this year. We will update you as we receive additional information.

Here are the renderings of the proposed malecon in La Peñita drawn by Animaciones 3D & Arquitectura in Compostela. The view of the main entrance is shown above.

Sketch of overall project

Aerial view of the project

View of the boardwalk

Based on the renderings, it appears that the malecon will begin south of Esteban Baca Calderon and run north past the Avenida in front of La Palapa Guty. See circled area above.

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5 Reviews on “New Malecon in La Peñita is Coming to Fruition”

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    This will be wonderful, down there at that end of town, concern is storms wiping it out, like it does around there, and of course Tiki's Los Brisas! This may enhance his business tho. Will be interesting to see, how far it's come along by end of January!

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    This is the BEST and only CONCRETE NEWS I have heard over the past 26 years as to the MALECON PROJECT! If this does happen it will be the beginning of fixing up the entire waterfront--once the project gets off the ground. Other beach neighborhoods will want to follow and be included clear to the breakwater. As far as Tiki's place goes, he will be in a prime spot to have outdoor seating for his property just like they do in La Cruz and their Sunday Market on the beach. Please keep us all posted as to any hews pertaining to the Malecon! Thanks.

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    Where are the public toilets being located? Perhaps by the pier?

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    It looks like this will wipe out Tiki's outdoor seating at Las Brisas. This makes me sad.

    1. :

      I share Trish' feelings. Tiki worked so hard to establish the only beach restaurant in La Penita. I love going there and hope that a solution can be found to accommodate his needs.

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