New Hospital Opening in La Penita

The Real Nayar Hospital is set to open in La Peñita on June 17th. I was given a tour of the new facility yesterday by owner/director Dr. Roberto Roblez Gomez.

The hospital will offer the following services: gynecology, internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, general and laparoscopic surgery, anesthesiology, endocrinology, cardiology, urology, proctology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, traumatology and more.

They will have 10 doctors on staff and are equipped with two ambulances. There are two complete emergency rooms, one delivery room and a nursery with baby incubators. They also have the equipment to do x-rays, ultrasound, CAT scan, mammography and axial computer tomography. There are 15 patient rooms and a huge back-up power generator. There is also a complete clinical laboratory that is already open and is available 24 hours a day.

Real Nayar Hospital
Alfredo V. Bonfil #18 (corner of Bahia de Banderas)
La Peñita de Jaltemba
(327) 274-3794

Reception Area

Waiting Room

Surgery Room

Pediatric Incubation Area

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14 Reviews on “New Hospital Opening in La Penita”

  1. :

    It is so inspiring to see these stories and glad I went back in the archives to find this one. So many of our friends laugh at us and say why would you want to move to Guayabitos. They assume that there is sub-standard everything and to see these pictures and such great uplifting articles its a comfort for some. Thank you!

  2. :

    I was admitted to Real Nayar Hospital on Jan. 15th 2013. I had a bladder infection and they put me on intervenous antibiotics and kept me overnight. I was one of 2 patients in the hospital on the top floor on the top floor and had to walk with my intervenous when it was finished and yell to personnel on the main floor for assistance. There was nobody around to assist me on my floor. Also, the bathroom in my room was not clean as well as the main bathroom was dirty. The bed I was in couldn't be raised as it was broken. THIS IS NOT A STATE OF THE ART HOSPITAL. As well, my insurance company was totally ripped off. They were changed $4,400 U.S. for my stay and treatment. I had to pay my $250.00 deductible and feel that the bill was excessive when I read about what other hospitals in Mexico charge. Would definitely not recommend this hospital. Also, the front desk clerk tried to cheat me out of $200 pesos. The food was horrible also.

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    Just came back from a Month's vacation in Rincon de Guayabitos. While there we needed and received medical care at the new hospital in LaPenita. I was hospitalized for 2 days and received the best care possible. The doctors on call, the 2 specialists , one of which came from PV were all WONDERFUL. After my 2 day stay and follow up visits I was able to continue with the rest of my vacation and travel home comfortably. I have the utmost admiration, praise, respect and love for Drs. Robalos, Sr and Jr and their wonderful staff.

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    We were visting the area this past week and my three year old became very sick and dehydrated. The doctors, nurses and all the staff were so kind and provided unbelievable service to my little guy. It was a very stressful time for us but all the wonderful staff made our stay as comfortable as they could while providing the care that my child needed. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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    Since I live here all the time it has interesting to watch the old Trancido traffic police building "transform". Not sure what the building was before that. Dr. Lidia Anna I believe is maintaining her own private practice. She is doing well. I just saw her to chat! I have my own Mexican Health insurance....not IMSS and I will be exploring if I will be covered by this hospital. It would be wonderful if so.

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    This is fantastic news. We will be in La Penita mid november for a period of four months and will definitely visit this new hospital. For us the snow birds from Canada it is very reassuring to have all this expertise so close. As we get older we never know when medical attention will be needed. Keep us informed.

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    Marion... I do not know if any of the local doctors will be on staff. When I posed the question, "Where are the doctors coming from?", I was told Guadalajara. Only time will reveal the answer for sure.

  8. :

    This is great news for all us winter Mexicans! Will Dr. Lidia Flores be on of the doctors on staff?

    1. :

      Marion... I do not know if any of the local doctors will be on staff. When I posed the question, "Where are the doctors coming from?", I was told Guadalajara. Only time will reveal the answer for sure.

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    I'm so happy to hear of the new hospital in La Pinata. It will be easier for all that need treatment.

  10. :

    will there be an ophthomologist in the area/

    1. :

      Noelle... I was told that, yes indeed, there would be an ophthalmologist on staff. With that being said, I would think that at least at the start, it would be only on a as needed basis. Meaning that this doctor would not be there all the time but by appointment only.

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    This is wonderful news for everyone, I am so happy for the People of the area and also for the visitors.

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    Please put us on the mailing lest for your newsletter. We spend the winter in La Penita and are vittaly interested in the happenings,

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