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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – According to the North Coast Regional Director of Tourism, José Ludwig Estrada Virgen, the Secretary of Communication and Transport (SCT) has announced that the first stretch of the Jala-Compostela highway, in the state of Nayarit, will open in time for the Semana Santa holidays.streaming Despicable Me 3 film

Budget cuts and environmental issues have delayed the construction of the new Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta highway, but the SCT asserts that the first stage, a 67.9 kilometer stretch between Jala and phentermine Compostela, will provide travelers, especially those coming from Guadalajara, with shorter drive times and easier access to the entire Banderas Bay region during the two-week Easter vacation period.

The trip from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta usually takes a total of four hours, and sometimes more, but the opening of this section will reduce travel time, in addition to improving coastal road traffic.

“This road from Jala was to be completed last year, in fact the year before… in December 2015. They are now working on the junctions, so let’s hope they are completed before the holidays,” he said.

Thanks to Banderas News for the above photo and article.

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    What about the second phase from Compostela to Las Varas ?

    1. :

      as of apr 16, has anything opened?

      1. :

        Tim, In reply to your inquiry "as of apr 16, has anything opened?" - Since this is April 15th, I cannot speculate as to whether or not anything else has opened by tomorrow. I do know, however, that the stretch from the Jala interchange to the Compostela interchange has opened, just in time for Semana Santa. Do not expect further progress to be reported for a while, since many bridges still need to be built and most of the highway from Compostela to PV is either just beginning or still in the planning stage. And when I say planning, the planning is actually complete but the acquisition of right of ways is falling behind. It's going to be a little while before the entire road is completed and opened. Rest assured that we will do our best to keep everyone informed either in the Explore Nayarit Newsletter or the Jaltemba Bay Folk Community Forum (jaltemba-bay-mexico.com)

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