New Code of Ethics in Jaltemba Bay

Romy Mora, Regidora of Jaltemba Bay, has just announced that the Cooperativa of Rincón de Guayabitos, which includes the owners and operators of the pangas and banana boats as well as other vendors in the Jaltemba Bay area, have agreed to modify their manners, their dress code and drinking and smoking habits, as well as the physical condition of their equipment, all in an effort to promote more tourism in the bay.

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    As a Canadian visiting La Penita I am so thankful for the kindness of so many local people we have met. Our. Condo owner Gerorge and his wife Nora at Hotel California have a vast knowledge of so many things. They took me to the awesome hot pools and taught us so many things We so like our resident caretakers Martha and Pedro. All our experiences have been positive.. The only coment I would like to make is that whale watching and all visitors to the island. Take all their rubbish with them when they leave the island. A few more community and beach garbage cans would be welcome Thank you all the wonderful Mexician people we have met.. I can,t wait untill I return next. November. Hasta Luego. Dee

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    Spending time on cleanliness of the food (hot foods hot,cool foods cool) and cleaning up after themsleves on the beach or streets is more important than their manners or dress code

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    I have never found that to be a problem actually.. Our concern is the cleanliness of the beach and the streets.. If we could something about that?? I'm sure most folks wouldn't mind if a vendor had a rip in his shirt.. Ellaine and Doug Spivak and for us?? we have only found them to be pleasant and kind and always wanting to be helpful..

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