Net Fishing – Evening and Weekend Ritual

Although we have seen local fishermen net fishing for bait fish occasionally, it seems the art of net fishing is a favoured form of relaxation at the end of a busy day or on weekends. Many times we have watched as a family arrives at the mouth of the estuary on the north beach of Guayabitos on either side of the Fisherman Memorial (it varies depending on the waves and height of the ocean) just before sunset in the cool of the evening. The mother and children wait and watch as the father casts his net over and over again until he catches a fish (or not). If he nets a fish, one of the family hurries to him with the bucket to hold the catch. To me this family time once again emphasizes the importance of family in the Mexican culture–togetherness and a special bond. Although fresh fish might be a welcome supplement to the family table, I think the time spent with Nature and each other rates higher on the scale of importance to the life of ”la familia.”

by Ken & Bea Rauch

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