Nayarit EATS: What Makes a Fajita Sizzle?

Fajitas are a popular Mexican dish and are served throughout Jaltemba Bay and Riviera Nayarit. Some of the most authentic fajitas can be found at La Piña Loca Restaurante in Rincón de Guayabitos. They start by marinating and grilling your choice of shrimp, chicken or beef (or a combination of all three), and sautéing chunks of onion, bell pepper, mushroom and tomato. These ingredients are then piled high in a hot molcajete and topped with cheese – and before you know it, your fajita is delivered to your table, steaming and sizzling alongside a basket of warm tortillas de harina (flour tortillas), salsa mexicana and La Piña Loca’s flavorful and beautifully spicy chimichurri sauce. Oh, and if your cerveza is empty, this would be a good time to order another one.

Molcajete La Pina Loca DSC07163-500

A molcajete (pronounced mol-kah-HAY-tay) is a three-legged bowl that has been carved out of volcanic rock. It is “the perfect” vehicle to serve fajitas in because it literally keeps your meal hot until the very last bite… which is why you should NEVER touch the bowl. Yes, consider yourselves forewarned.

The proper way to eat a fajita is somewhat debatable. The majority of people tend to overfill their tortillas. This is a rookie mistake as most of the ingredients will inevitably fall out the sides and back into the bowl. A select few seem to have calculated the exact amount of ingredients a tortilla will actually hold, and masterfully fill, roll and eat one after another as if there is nothing to it. And others, like myself, have simply succumbed to eating the ingredients straight out of the bowl with a fork, dunking our tortillas and adding more salsa as needed.

Regardless of how you eat your fajitas, these are a must try… along with a bowl of their to-die-for Sopa Azteca (tortilla soup) to start!

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La Piña Loca Restaurante & Bar

Address: Retorno Tabachines #4, Rincón de Guayabitos
(view website / map)

Hours: Open daily from 8am-9:30pm

Menu: This charming little restaurant offers a large menu with traditional Mexican items like pozole, tostadas, enchiladas, sopes, burritos and tacos, in addition to several seafood, beef and pork dishes. Their specialty items include their fabulous fajitas, coconut shrimp with mango salsa, Veracruz-style fish fillet, octopus in garlic and to-die-for tortilla soup. Mercedes, the owner, is almost always behind the bar; Hector, Ruth and Susana work their magic in the kitchen while Marco, Janet and Erika serve you with a smile.

by Allyson Williams

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6 Reviews on “Nayarit EATS: What Makes a Fajita Sizzle?”

  1. :

    We were there last Thursday night for the music & fajitas. Both were fabulous. I wore off my shrimp fajitas dancing to the music of The L A connection. LA standing for Los Ayala. Great time! Good food!

  2. :

    I would like to share this at Facebook where all my friends could see this lovely restaurant because Ray play saxophone every monday night How could I do ? I try and I cannot share in Facebook Thank you

    1. :

      Micheline, simply hit the Facebook share button on the bottom of the article.

  3. :

    The fajitas look amazing and your detailed description makes me want to order them now... for breakfast! This IS definitely on my list of where to go eat in April...gracias! :)

  4. :

    Aside from the great breakfasts, the most memorable dish at Pina Loca is the fajitas. Piping hot in a lava molcajete and soooo good. It is almost large enough to feed two people so go there hungry. We will be there on Feb 2 and it may be my first meal after arriving from the airport.

    1. :

      Be sure to write a recommendation for La Pina Loca via their webpage. I know Mercedes and her staff will appreciate it!

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