Swimming in the sparkling waters of Bahia de Jaltemba interspersed with early morning jungle hikes comprise much of our group’s weekly activities, with the weekends reserved for downtown dining. The challenge being to determine just what our dining experience might be. Will the evening’s restaurant selection feature Italian, Mexican or International cuisine? After a few evenings of formal dining enjoying many fantastic meals, a change was in the winds.

What might be an alternative to the local restaurants? From an early January excursion to clear a corridor for El Monteón hikers, Bill and I discovered a fantastic lookout, complete with a palapa, overlooking Playa Coral/Punta Raza. During “Happy Hour” this location was suggested as a possibility for an evening eating location and an opportunity to watch the sunset. An overwhelming agreement to visit the viewpoint was quickly gained and the idea was endorsed as our next dining venue. Rapidly menu ideas were molded into a gourmet picnic dinner for the following Friday.

A fun, but rough ride!

The journey to our mysterious picnic site was to be an intrepid adventure for many. To reach the mountain top, four by four vehicles needed to be employed. And since we only had one four by four truck available and eleven people wished to go, it was necessary for many to pile into the truck’s box and hang on! The term “road” is politely being used to describe the rough track the truck bounced and bucked over to reach our destination. Upon arrival and after a few verbal complaints about bruised backsides and driving skills the truck was unloaded and the table set.

Chow time

The 360 degree panoramic view encourages numerous photos to be taken before we sat to enjoy our gourmet mountaintop dinner. Needless to say spirits were high, and after our bellies were full, we chatted as we waited for the sunset to begin.

A sunset is a time of day when vivid and rich colours can paint the sky with brilliant hues. For many a favorite time of the evening. As the bright sun began its descent the question was presented. Will this evening’s sunset be a brilliant palette of paint or were we to be disappointed? The western sky slowly boasted mystical colour blends as the flaming ball softly sank below the horizon and cameras franticly clicked to capture nature’s moment. The evening fellowships, the panoramic views and scrumptious foods were memorable, but the evening’s climax was God’s colourful painting – THE SUNSET!

John Berg Sunset P1090689
Early evening, the sky was filled with vibrant colour.

John Berg Sunset P1090690

The sun disappeared and the colour palette changed. 

by John and Doreen Berg

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