She’s the littlest one in the herd, and she needs a name. For the ‘top dollar’ finale of our first fundraising event, we would like to invite individuals or groups to bid, in person or by proxy, in our ‘Name the Filly’ Live Auction, for the special honour of giving our seventh horse her name, and a new beginning…

No Mother, No Brother, No Name

She showed herself to be ‘Sassy’ from the start, doing all she could to keep up with others. The littlest of the herd, her ‘dam’ had already died by the river bed when we found them. After the rescue, she had her big brother in the stable by her side, but her brother was ‘Chance,’ and she was the one who stood watch over him, brave but helpless, in his final days. Orphaned and alone, life in the valley would have been short too for this frisky but forgotten filly. That’s why we’re giving her a special place in the J.E.E.P family, finding her a new name that will not only honour her for what’s she’s lost, but title her as a symbol of hope for a long and happy future.

Grassroots fundraising has already started in our local community. But it’s our ‘Name the Filly’ Live Auction that we hope will reach the world, to bring the most bidders and the biggest payout at ‘Pony Up!’ To honour a special friend or a cherished partner, to welcome a new baby in the family, remember a lost loved one, or simply to be a part of this special project with the lasting legacy of your favourite name, the highest bidder will get to christen the littlest and luckiest of our ‘Lucky 7’ herd.

International Bidders Welcome

We know there are lots of local folks naming names already, planning to come to our fundraiser just for the chance to ‘Pony Up!’ with their pick. But J.E.E.P. welcomes generosity regardless of geography, so you don’t have to be here to bid. If you or your group would like to submit an Advance Bid, you can. For the sake of our cause, we’re pulling down the fences to make sure our namesake filly fetches a fortune! Advance bidders must submit their bids before noon on Wednesday, January 23 (the day of the event). Please leave a message on this page if you would like further info. And please Like or Share this post with others who may be interested in joining in the auction from afar.

Auction Details

What? ‘Name the Filly’ Live Auction Finalé at the ‘Pony Up!’ Fundraiser for J.E.E.P.
When? Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 5:00 pm local time
Where? Los Compadres Restaurant in La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Mexico
Currency? The auction is happening in Mexico, but bidding will be in US$
Who Can Bid? Bidders are welcome in person at the event, and also from anywhere in the world via registered Advance Bidding.
Starting Bid? $50 (US$)

How far does $50 go? If you’re a hungry horse, not far. Fifty bucks will feed and care for our filly for a bit more than a week, and we’d like to feed her for a whole lot longer than that. Do the math. $200 a month, more than $2000 a year? We want to give her a name next week, but even more, we want to give her the very best start to celebrate with a healthy, happy birthday this time next year, and every year…

For more information, visit the Hilltop Refugio / Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) webpage.