The first time I went to La Peñita was in November 2011 and I was struck by how wonderful the people were there. I’ve never been around so many happy, content and grateful people. The children, especially, touched me. So much so, that I felt compelled to do something to help out. When I asked a very good friend of mine to help set me up with an organization that I could work with she suggested La Peñita KinderAide and put me in touch with Jane Fellows. Jane told me a bit about the KinderAide and I immediately knew it was the perfect fit. Once I was given a list of all the things that they needed, I had so much fun putting together as many school supplies as possible. I have friends and family who also wanted to help and they all contributed as well. In March 2012, I went back with a suitcase full of supplies and a cash donation. Without a doubt, I truly believe it did more for me than it did them.

While there, I was lucky enough to spend some time in class with these amazing, beautiful children. Jane was teaching them English and it was great to see how eager they were to learn. You could feel the excitement! There was no need to understand Spanish to know how happy the kids were to be there and that they clearly love their school and their teachers. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

It became very obvious to me, very quickly, how important KinderAide is to this community. Jane, and so many others, work tirelessly to make it a great place for these kids to be. The work that they have done there is incredible! KinderAide is most definitely enriching the lives of the children in La Peñita! I couldn’t be happier that my next trip is planned for the beginning of October and then as often as possible after that. Each time with as many supplies as I can manage!

Written by Laurie Poizer-Higginson

About KinderAide: KinderAide was established in January of 2011 by Jane Fellows. It is an independent, non-profit group of volunteers whose primary goal is to help children attending kinder schools in La Peñita in their quest to learn English, with the assistance of volunteer teachers and donated school supplies. To learn more, visit the KinderAide community webpage.

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