My Ever-Changing View of Jaltemba Bay: Part 1

My husband and I bought our property up near El Tonino specifically for the View. I capitalize the word “View” because to me it is a particular something that requires recognition, to be set aside from just any other view.

I knew it was the property for us as soon as I stood amongst the guanabana fruit trees and stared out over the Pacific ocean. Jaltemba Bay takes up most of the 270 degree westward view, encompassing Punta Raza then northwards to Punta Cocodrillo, over to Las Varas and beyond. After searching for months all over the place from Lo de Marcos to Zacualpan, I said “This is the one,” after being there for only two minutes. There were no arguments from my husband, nor from our guide Gustavo. They could feel the special vibrations this property exuded as well.

We have seen the sky painted in soft pastel colours during quiet morning sunrises, storm clouds with rain sweeping down to obscure the white crashing rollers at Playa Naranjo, rainbows over the growing fields of maize and beans, and then there are the sunsets… sunsets that almost make you cry out in wonder as to how something so fleeting can be so beautiful for such a brief moment in time!

Starting this season I am going to photo journal the View, here on Jaltemba Bay Life, so that it can be shared with many other people. Check here often because I will be adding subsequent parts on a fairly regular basis. I will commence with some memorable ones from last season, just to get you in the mood!

Because it’s a rather bumpy drive up to our casa, and a good 5 kms from Hwy. 200 and about a 15-20 minutes to drive them, we don’t get a lot of people coming this way on back country road tours. That’s not a bad thing as far as we’re concerned, but people miss out on one of the best vantage points to view all of Jaltemba Bay. The folks we usually see up here on a regular basis are the farmers, who are our vecinos (neighbours), that pass by on their way to care for their fruit trees and cattle. Perhaps these photos will inspire more people to veer off the beaten path and look for the parts of Mexico that are not part of the all-inclusive package, nor filled with touristic bobbles and dust collectors.

This photo and the previous one are from the same evening, just minutes apart. (January 16, 2011)

A week before Christmas. (December 18, 2011)

We found these cow and horse skulls near our property. They now sit on top of our water tank for others to enjoy. (December 22, 2011)

A quick thunderstorm rolled over us, with hail… and more, as seen in the next four photos.

A rainbow appeared over the agricultural fields as that sun set, then…

The hail and rain contributed to this ‘wet look’ sunset over our deck and Jaltemba Bay…

The hail storm sailed northwest over Punta Cocodrillo and out to sea…

Even after the sun was down, there was more to see. The clouds on the distant horizon looked like newly formed mountains far out in the ocean. (Febuary 11, 2012)

The View towards Isla Peña and Jaltemba Bay. (October 19, 2012)

Four shrimpboats heading out for a night of fishing, past Isla Peña. (October 27, 2012)

About the Author: Tosia Archer spends her winter living near El Tonino (a 20 minute drive north from La Peñita) along with her husband David and their Mexican adopted pets: dogs Agua Chili Bob and Momz, and their cat Blanca. They all travel south together by truck from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada each fall and return there to work each spring. She enjoys photographing local wildlife and flowers, whale watching and then rendering what she has seen into watercolour art. She volunteers with JBAR and is a member of the Guayabitos Artists Collective and Writers Who Love Mexico. Tosia is also part of the Jaltemba Bay Life Team.

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    I passed in your village on my way back from the hot springs in the mountain, very nice, I wish I could have such a observatory for the sunsets. I enjoy your photos and writing, so keep on and thank you.

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    Toshia your pictures are amazing miss it already Judy

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    Tosia, thank you for sharing your lovely stories and photos of the Jaltemba Bay. My husband, Erik, and I love the area, and plan call it our home sometime in the future. I look forward to exploring the area more to determine where we will put down roots. Look forward to your future stories!

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    Where is Jaltemba ? I cant wait to see more of those photos! The rainbow is so beautiful! Hilary

    1. :

      Hilary, you can learn all about the Jaltemba Bay area via our website here...

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    Very nice photos! Thank you very much and....keep them coming.

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    Beautiful thanks for sharing

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