Mexican Cowboys

This photograph of local vaqueros (cowboys) was taken near La Piedra Bola. We personally know a few of the ranchers in the valley. The cowboys develop their skills in roping, branding and rounding up cattle working on the ranch. Charros, are the ones who compete in competitions known as charreadas (rodeos) where they perform rope tricks and fancy horsemanship along with bull riding, bronco riding and steer roping. We have attended several charreadas – we can’t say it is our favourite sport, but the Charros are highly skilled and it’s fun to watch the families cheer on their home ranch!

About the Authors and Photographers: Retirees Ken and Bea Rauch live in Cobourg, Ontario, and spend several months a year in the Fall and again in the Spring in La Peñita. They have been visiting the Jaltemba Bay area since 2004, and enjoy bird watching, exploring the area on foot, taking photographs and writing. They spend time watching sunrises and sunsets, enjoying Mexican cuisine and making footprints in the sand. When back in Canada, they continue to pursue their passion writing, and photographing birds, butterflies and flowers in their gardens.

Often they are asked for the secret to discovering so many of nature’s hidden treasures. While there probably is no pat answer, they like to think it’s because they are in the right place at the right time, are alert to their surroundings, have quick enough reflexes to press the shutter release and then, cross their fingers that the subject is in focus.

The heart of any country is its people and they love to get to know the local people. They have learned to embrace the Mexican culture and enjoy the slow-paced energy of its people. They maintain that the Mexican sun is eclipsed only by the warmth of the Mexican people.

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