Another joint clinic with the JBAR association and the MEXI-CAN Vet Project is completed.

During the past almost 15 year tenure of JBAR, there have been 27 spay and neuter clinics. There have been 7,375 animals neutered. Can you even imagine how many stray animals we would be dealing in our area if JBAR and other clinics were not in operation? Thank you Linda Chimes and everyone connected with JBAR for those years of dedication.

This recent Clinic finished on March 24th! There were 283 total intakes with 263 animals sterilized. Numerous surgeries including dental extractions, 1 leg amputation, tumors removed, embedded coiled tail operation, drainage of an infected eye, treatment of a cat with infected mammary gland and treatment for(severe mastitis) and inflamed gum treatment were among the 20 extra-ordinary consultations. 

There were 10 adoptions. And be sure to scroll down to see some more photos from this wonderful clinic.

Many thanks to all of you who made it happen! All our incredible volunteers, donors, those who offered hospitality, food for the clinic volunteers, and of course our wonderful hosts, Marielena and Salvador who have offered their lovely home again for our fall clinic.  Also many thanks to our medical teams from both Mexico (Pets for Life) and Canada (Mexi-Can Vet Project).

Over 70 volunteers arrived along with three Canadian Veterinary Clinics from Mexi-Can Vet Project, they also brought many of the necessary supplies. They are listed here:  South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital:  Dr. Carolyn Buxton, Madeline Palmer, Vet assistant, Kim Morrison, Vet assistant

Glenview Veterinary Hospital:  Dr. Chris Collis,  Sara McGeachy, Technical Assistant, Megan Walters,Technical  Assistant.

McKenzie Veterinary Services:  Dra. Jaclyn Hockley, Elly Blake, Vet Tech assistant and Karin Roslee, AH Tech, Michael Ring, Tech assistant.

Dr. Malcolm Macartney and Margaret Purdy are the founders of Mex-Can Vet Project.

In addition, we had our Mexican veterinarian team:

‘Paws For Life’ team:  Dr. Anthony Garcia Carrillo, Dr. Poly Lopez, Dr. Jesus Pacheco Ponce and vet tech Leslie Caratachea.

As a result, we had seven operating tables working daily.

We also hosted 15 high school students from the Edmonton Rotary club along with their chaperones who took part in a wonderful day long learning experience helping in animal recovery.

Our next clinic is planned for November 14th to 17th, 2018 in La Colonia.

Many thanks are needed to all those who provided photos for this article. Muchas gracias a todos!

And we would be remiss if we didn’t thank all of you that provided food and beverages for the doctors, techs and other volunteers throughout the clinic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!