Meet Your Neighbors – Sweat Bee

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOUR  (Tongue in Cheek)

The beautiful SWEAT BEE or as I prefer to call them: SWEET BEE

I’d wager you’ve seen them around you or others, thought perhaps they were a colourful fly. While reports claim they are “shy” I find my personal Sweet bee to be quite social. In fact she will hover in front of my face while I talk sweet nothings to her, telling her how beautiful she is.

Her intention of course is not to hear my voice but to find one of the holes in our wrought iron outside chairs to deposit her pollen. I would never try and dissuade her.

The Sweat Bees are known as Agapostemon, and are native to North and South America. Not as cute a name as Sweet Bee, but you call them whatever you’d like. Loving flowers, such as daisies and dandelions are their favourites. Most species are solitary ground-dwellers. In some species several females will share a common tunnel entrance and post a single guard outside, but inside the burrow, each female builds and maintains her own nest. It is said that when they have their one baby, and if it’s a female it will remain with the momma bee for 3 years. The males, however, fly off to find a partner.

The next time you see one of these magnificent creatures take a moment to gaze at them in amazement. I do. I have had, I believe, (who could really know) the same one for 4 years. She knows me, and where to go to deposit her pollen and so far I haven’t seen any evidence of an off-spring. I shall keep looking however. One of the magics of Mexico.

Ellaine Spivak

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