Meet Your Neighbors – Isidro “Shorty” Sanchez

Meet Isidro Sanchez, but no one knows him by that name. He goes by the name of Shorty!

He has a hat with that name on it and a wheelbarrow he takes to the Los Ayala beach early (6:30 to 9:00am) every morning, or the market on Thursday in La Penita.

Born in Tepic in 1960, Shorty lived there in the home willed to him by his grandfather. It is an adobe home and is well over 100 years old. He refers to it as his Flintstone house. On the property he grows, avocados, oranges, bananas, tangerines, plums and lemons. He lives in La Colonia now and has 2 adult children and 3 grand daughter in Wyoming. Shorty has been living in our area for the past 7 years. Before that he lived in Wyoming for 35 years.

He was married, had his children and a landscaping business for over 10 years in W. He employed 12 and 15 workers. He paid taxes, reasonable wages to the workers, owned a home, Wyoming car and was doing well. Someone reported him as being ‘un-documented’ and he was deported. That ended his marriage, his business and his life in the USA. We are the lucky ones here, as we now get to call Shorty our friend.

He takes the bus to Tepic every other day to gather some of his home grown produce, which he sells on the beach or at the Tianguis markets. He also sells fresh fish, lobsters and other sea-foods that his fisherman nephew catches for him. He sells only the freshest of fish and produce, and of course at very good prices.

Shorty is also a trusted guardian of many homes in our area, where he does the landscaping, and ensures that the homes are in top notch condition for folks when they return to paradise. Looking for a property manager? See Shorty! You can’t miss him or his smile. He is also a good translator. He is a man of many talents.The Mummy 2017 film

It’s not uncommon for Shorty to be helping out folks in our area whenever and however he can. Truly a wonderful fellow and very interesting to talk with. Say hi to him the next time you see him with his wheelbarrow. You won’t be sorry.

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    Great article. Will say HI and talk to him if I am lucky enough to meet him.

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