Meet Our Little Panchito

I would like to introduce you to Panchito, our new rescue pup. I saw his photo online and knew right then and there that he needed to be part of our family. We lost our beloved Tucker unexpectedly over the summer, and Taco (our second rescue pup from Mexico) had made it abundantly clear that he was ready for a new companion. We rescued Panchito from the pound in Puerto Vallarta about a month ago. He had bedsores on his hips because he was so thin, he had sores on the tips of his ears which we think were caused by someone pinning them together in hopes they would stay upright, and he had an infection and inflammation from his botched sterilization done at the pound.

During the past few weeks, he has gained a little weight and all his sores are healing nicely. He absolutely loves his big brother and follows him (and me) everywhere we go. He is learning how to eat hard food, potty outside and play with his very first toys by mimicking Taco… and he has found his voice (sorry neighbors). He is a snuggler and a lover, and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide him with a forever home.

Below are a few pics of Panchito’s first meeting with Taco.

It was “puppy love” at first site.

We’re big on rescue animals around Jaltemba Bay. If you have adopted an animal from Mexico, please send us your story so we can share it! To learn more, visit the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) webpage.


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