Meet Nadia Cuevas, Rincon de Guayabitos

Nadia was born in the city of Lazaro Cardenas in the state of Michoacán. She moved to Rincón de Guayabitos with her family at the ripe old age of three years because her parents yearned for a simpler life. Her parents, Beto and Laura, envisioned an idyllic lifestyle bringing up their family in a small beach town.

Nadia and her two younger brothers, Beto and Alex also live in Guayabitos. Nadia and her brothers attended elementary and high school in Puerto Vallarta. Nadia decided to pursue a higher education and attended the University of Puerto Vallarta where she majored in tourism and specialized in marketing. While attending university, she came home every weekend to enjoy the good life in Guayabitos with her family. Nadia is an avid traveler and eight years ago she seized the opportunity to live in Vancouver, B.C. for one year. While living in Vancouver, she attended the University of British Columbia where she took courses in English and Business.

Nadia’s most loved things about Jaltemba Bay
are the beaches and the sea which she describes appropriately,
as simply “increíble.”

Fifteen years ago, Nadia’s mother, Laura operated a Mexican restaurant called Beto’s which was located in downtown Guayabitos and well loved by the community for its traditional Mexican fare and friendly service. As Guayabitos grew in popularity, an abundance of inexpensive restaurants and a plethora of food stands opened in the area and it was challenging to operate a profitable restaurant in a newly emerging world of budget-conscious dining.

Eighteen years ago, Nadia’s father, Beto, purchased the exquisite piece of property that Vista Guayabitos sits on today. He envisioned a unique opportunity to open a higher-end restaurant specializing in the finer cuisines of Mexico and offering the best view in all of Jaltemba Bay. He knew without a doubt that opening a restaurant on the property he bought would provide him with the competitive edge needed to compete in today’s market.

Indeed, eight years later Vista Guayabitos is known as one of the finest dining establishments in Jaltemba Bay and offers the most spectacular view on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Patrons enjoy fine dining and feasting on Mahi Mahi prepared in a variety of exquisite fashions, Coconut Pecan Shrimp, Barbecue Ribs, Lobster Thermidor, Lobster Bisque, Seafood Soup and more simple fare including Deli Style sandwiches and burgers.

Interesting fact… When they started building the restaurant, the original plans were to have just one floor. However, there was a huge rock situated on the property that the construction workers could not break, come hell or high water, so they built around and on top of the rock. And that is why the Vista Guayabitos has two levels.

Naturally, I asked Nadia what her childhood memories of Guayabitos were like envisioning a tropical paradise awaiting its discovery by the world. She recalls that it was very quiet and that there were hardly any businesses in town or on the beach. She fondly remembers playing volleyball and soccer in downtown Guayabitos on the main street, “Avenida del Sol Nuevo”, when cars on the street were a rarity. The spectacular three-mile stretch of beach was deserted and quiet, even on weekends. She says that there were a lot more green areas in the community to enjoy.

Nadia adores living in Jaltemba Bay. She loves that everything is so close, that the towns comprising the community are small, and that everything is just five minutes away. She loves the fact that the tourist season lasts the entire year and that most every weekend in Jaltemba Bay is hopping! She bears a strong affection for the local people because they are so friendly and welcoming, and she loves living here because she knows absolutely everyone. Her most loved things about Jaltemba Bay are the beaches and the sea which she describes appropriately, as simply “increíble.” When she manages to find some time to take off from her busy work schedule, her favorite thing to do is to head out scuba diving in the waters around Isla Islote with her husband Chris and also with her friends and family. She says there are loads of colorful fish and even some coral in the area.

Just this year Nadia joined the Cancer de Mama committee at the invitation of some friends who thought she would enjoy volunteering for this organization. Undeniably, she loves being involved and takes great pleasure in being able to make a difference in the lives of women in our community. Nothing is more fulfilling to her than seeing women from all over the state of Nayarit, head to La Peñita to receive long-awaited prosthesis.

Nadia’s favorite restaurants in Jaltemba Bay are Xaltemba Restaurant & Galeria and Mona Lisa Pizza. She loves dining at Xaltemba for the epicurean cuisine and because she has made great friends with the proprietors, Eddie and Roberto. A pizza lover, she states enthusiastically that Mona Lisa Pizza is simply the best in all of Jaltemba Bay, and she says with a big smile, it is soooo good! Nadia is crazy about corn, and the proprietors at Mona Lisa Pizza make a pizza loaded with corn especially for her. If you love corn, too, maybe try asking for the Nadia special.

Nadia is a beautiful, extremely intelligent and vibrant young professional woman. After finishing university, she learned that career opportunities that fit her education and professional skills were sadly lacking in Puerto Vallarta. Opportunities for jobs were very limited, so naturally when her parents invited her to run the family business, the beautiful Vista Guayabitos Restaurant, she accepted the offer with great enthusiasm.

The incredible view from Vista Guayabitos Restaurant

Today, Nadia and her brother Beto manage Vista Guayabitos and they have great plans for its future. They have just finished downsizing and renovating the restaurant in order to build two exclusive, ocean view vacation rentals on the property. The upscale condos will offer tourists the finest accommodation in Jaltemba Bay with the most beautiful view for miles. Each condo will be appointed with a hot tub where guests will enjoy relaxing after a fun-filled day spent in Guayabitos. Of course, the renters and their guests will take advantage of the proximity to the restaurant for lunch and dinner, even though the condos will be appointed with kitchens.

The renovations involved downsizing the current restaurant to seat 40 persons from the previous seating capacity of 100. The newly renovated restaurant is beautiful, old style authentic Mexico and is situated on the lower view terrace. Nadia advises that they can still accommodate up to 85 persons for special events and their opening hours remain the same, open every day from 1-9 p.m. All the menu favorites are still featured on the menu with the addition of a few new specialties. Why downsize? The existing restaurant was too large for their client base and because they saw an opportunity to accommodate two brand new vacation condos which will be opening next year.

Congratulations to Nadia and her family on the success of Vista Guayabitos and their new vacation rentals. On that note, extra congratulations are due to Nadia, who married the love of her life, Chris just one year ago. Future plans? She loves to travel and hopes to travel around the world with Chris!

For more information about Vista Guayabitos Restaurant, please visit their website. You can also read a recently published article and see photos of their newly remodeled space.

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    Okay.... just checking. This is a nice piece of JB History. Tom

  2. :

    Hola Tom, Nadia advises that the time-line in the story is complicated but correct. She explained that... Restaurant Vista was located in downtown Guayabitos (main street. av sol nuevo) and then her Dad bought the property (the land) up on the hill 18 years ago. And 8 years ago they built Vista Guayabitos.

  3. :

    Thank you Tom, I agree the dining at Vista Guayabitos is now on par with dining at Xaltemba and we are lucky to have two such fine restaurants here in Jaltemba Bay. You're correct, the timeline seems like it might off. I have contacted Nadia just for clarification.

  4. :

    Christina.... rereading our article, I am wondering about these numbers: "Fifteen years ago, Nadia’s mother, Laura operated a Mexican restaurant called Beto’s..." "Eighteen years ago, Nadia’s father, Beto, purchased the exquisite piece of property that Vista Guayabitos sits on today." "Indeed, eight years later Vista Guayabitos is known as one of the finest dining establishments in Jaltemba Bay and offers the most spectacular view on the Pacific Coast of Mexico." Is this time-line correct? Somehow, to me, this does not seem to jibe. Tom

  5. :

    Nice job, Christina... I think that, for an old-timer like myself, I am one of the few who does not know this family well. But I certainly remember Beto's restaurant from the old days. It was long, one of our favorite places for breakfast, and they had a nice juice bar as well. Until I read your article, Christina, I was not aware that this is the same family that now has the Vista Guayabitos. As Nadia relates, there have been many changes to Avenida Sol Nuevo since those days. It seems like I do not visit Guayabitos often. When I do, walking parts of the hotel zone, I could easily convince myself that I am there for the first time. I remember one winter's stay, when Nadia's family added the very fancy second level residence on top of Beto's Restaurant. It was pretty much the talk of the town. I am anxious to see what they have done with their redo of The Vista. I agree that they had too much space before. Their view though, has always been spectacular. I have never been there, that I did not yearn to own that outrageously perfect, rocky little spit of land and beach down below. I'm sure that I am not the only one with that fantasy. The fare at The Vista Guayabitos has dramatically improved in recent years. Although different, imho, they are on par with The Xaltemba. Some day, I would like to become better acquainted with this nice family. I know we have many friends in common. ¡Buena suerte Vista Guayabitos, with this new chapter in your interesting history! Tom

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