Meet Los Ayala’s Beloved Juez, Romy Mora

When Romy Mora, was offered the opportunity to serve as “Juez of Los Ayala” (Judge) she decided within three minutes flat that her answer would be yes! She had no hesitation because she knew that she would be able to make a difference to the community of Los Ayala. She knew she could make a difference because she likes to see things get done, enjoys helping others and building community spirit.

And what a difference she has made! Accomplishments she is most proud of include Los Ayala’s Town Plaza, the paving of Coral Avenue with interlocking brick, and Los Ayala’s being awarded the PET (temporary employment program) for the fourth time. Because of the PET program, Los Ayala, has been able to employ 12-17 persons every summer to ensure that the estuary, streets and Los Ayala beach are kept clean.

Romy accepted the position of Juez of Los Ayala, just over two and a half years ago. She has just six months remaining in her term. When her term is finished she intends to run for the position of “Regidor” for a political party whose beliefs fit her perfectly; primarily, respect for humanity and ecology.

The primary role of the “Regidor” is to serve as a voice for the community and the municipality and to come forth with ideas and solutions. The position of Regidor also has a vote! If Romy succeeds in being elected as “Regidor” she will be serving the communities of Los Ayala, Rincón de Guayabitos, a portion of La Peñita de Jaltemba, and La Colonia. She says that one of her first goals will be to have the beaches in Jaltemba Bay certified as “Clean Beaches.” A goal that I am sure is shared, by everyone in the community of Jaltemba Bay!

Los Ayala is often described as “A small town, with a big heart,” but I suspect a more apt description is “Los Ayala is a small town who is blessed, with a Juez with a big heart.”

Fun “Romy” Facts

  • Born and raised in Tepic, the capital of Nayarit
  • She grew up playing on Los Ayala beach, as her family owned a vacation home in Los Ayala, forty-two years ago
  • She has lived in Los Ayala on a full-time basis for twelve years
  • She is married to a charming Canadian man, has two beautiful children and an adorable dog
  • She loves fashion, especially shoes but she will not reveal just how many pairs of shoes she owns
  • She is studying to be a Notario
  • Favorite Food: Mexican & Italian
  • Favorite Activities: Watching movies with the children
  • Favorite Movies: “The Notebook” and “The Last of the Mohicans” the latter which she has seen fifteen times and she still cries at the ending.

In the Fall of 2011, Romy was elected to the position of Regidora for Jaltemba Bay and she graduated with her degree in law in the summer of 2012. Miguel Sillas, is now serving as Juez of Los Ayala.

Congratulations to both!

This article was originally published January 1, 2011 on Magical Los Ayala.

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    Si! Gracias, Romy!

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    Once in a great while, we run into a truly effective public Romy Mora. We are indeed fortunate to have her in our community. We should all be very proud to have her as one of our Regidoras. Muchisimas gracias, Romy!

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