Meet Judy, Walter & Chiquita, Los Ayala

Mexico has been our favourite winter holiday destination for many years. Three years ago Walter and I came to visit friends who were vacationing in Rincon de Guayabitos. As we had been considering building a home in Bucerias or near there, during our visit we casually looked at several homes in Jaltemba Bay to get some ideas and during this time we fell in love with Los Ayala.

We fell in love with Los Ayala because it was quieter and friendlier than some of the other locations we had looked at, and EVERYONE, including the children, said good morning, or good afternoon, or good evening if they passed you on the street.

Los Ayala’s beautiful beach was a another attraction, as were the several small restaurants offering tasty meals and snacks. We also met several other Canadians that called Los Ayala home for at least part of the year, and even some that live here year-round. During our casual look-see we found a charming Mexican style house that was partially constructed and decided we could work with it and make it our own. This is our second winter in our own home and we love it!

Chiquita our most adorable Mexican dog joined us in January 2011 at just four weeks old and she has been a wonderful addition to our household. She loves meeting new people, and she especially loves children.

It is always a little sad when we have to say goodbye to friends here and return to Canada when the season is over, but we do have family there and the grandchildren want to see us. Luckily, because we own a home in Los Ayala, we are able to share our little piece of paradise with our family and grandchildren who will be visiting us here for many years to come! Truly we are fortunate to be able to enjoy life in Canada and Mexico!

Judy Jean, Walter Schroeder and Chiquita
Los Ayala, Nayarit, Mexico

The Story of Chiquita

I was on my way to Tianguis; the market in La Penita, on a beautiful sunny day in January 2011 with my friend Daphne who spotted a tiny white puppy in the arms of a young woman. Of course, we had to stop to see the puppy. It was the cutest little thing, really just a ball of white fluff; and only four weeks old!

Daphne speaks broken Spanish a little better than I do, and during her conversation with the young woman she learned that the dog, really just a puppy was being taken to the market to be sold! I did not want to let that happen, and even though I knew it would be a life changing decision, I asked the young lady to accompany the veterinarian in La Penita. The veterinarian assured me that the little puppy was was healthy and would be okay, once we eliminated a parasite infection. Yup, I bought the puppy even though I have never been a pet-owner type.

After several trips back to the vet to clean up all the parasites, Chiquita took over our household.

This story was originally published in “Local Folks” on Magical Los Ayala.

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