Meet Jane Maroni, Lo de Marcos Artist & Sculptor, and her Medium in Motion

Spending an afternoon with Jane Maroni and Chris Nielsen at their Organic Design Studio in Lo de Marcos is an awe-inspiring experience. Their “eco-motion sculptures” are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They are a combination of art, engineering and design, and they will either draw you in or you won’t understand them at all. Part of Jane’s goal is to encourage all potential and current clients (as well as lovers and naysayers of their work) to sit under a palapa, sip a cocktail and watch the movement of their sculptures… and let them mentally and physically relax you. She says, “it takes the edge off for her, and that is priceless.”

These fabulous mobiles are made from things found in nature and repurposed. The organic shapes, gentle and fluid rotation and the way these sculptures somehow remain perfectly balanced in mid-air is absolutely mesmerizing. Each sculpture is an engineering marvel and trust me, you will want one in your home, office or business.

Solar” (above) showing off her beautiful dance

Jane Maroni 5

Jane is a true artist – eclectic, bold, brutally honest, a little wacky and utterly passionate about her craft. Chris on the other hand is laid back, soft-spoken and the logical thinker/engineer who brings Jane’s designs to life. They moved to Mexico to get away from the bustle and politics in the US. Originally, her plan was to make jewelry and let Chris fish, but she admits that “artists don’t always think their plan through.” They ended up settling in Lo de Marcos because they wanted to live in an authentic Mexican town, without a strong American, Canadian and European influence. They live simply here – they recycle, reuse and reduce their carbon footprint – but more importantly, Jane feels inspired here. One day, she hopes to write a book, and her true passion is jewelry… but that’s another story.

They both recall their first sculpture, a small piece made of twigs and shark teeth they found on the beach and strung together with dental floss. Jane says it is her “all-time favorite piece,” while Chris describes it as “pathetic.” Their organic art form grew from there, and they decided to open their outdoor studio in December 2012, which is still a work in progress.

Jane Maroni 6
“Hour Glass”

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind design. Their sculptures average 2-10 feet in size, although custom orders have been as large as 30 feet.

For more information, visit Jane Maroni’s “Eco-Motion Sculptures”

Jane Maroni DSC08088-500

by Allyson Williams

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