Meet Daniel Calluso & Miriam Martinez, Jaltemba Bay

Daniel and Miriam moved to La Peñita from Reno, Nevada in 2002. Miriam loves Mexico, her birth country, and wanted to move back so she could provide her children with a good life where they would grow up with a strong sense of family. Miriam grew up in Mexico City but she wished to live in a small Mexican town located near the beach… somewhere where her family could enjoy a simple and tranquil life. Daniel, originally from Argentina, shared the same dream and values as Miriam, and together they decided to move to Mexico to live full time.

Before moving here they enjoyed vacationing in Puerto Vallarta. Daniel headed out on a reconnaissance mission, returning to his family to announce that he had found the perfect place, namely La Peñita. It was picture-perfect and the ideal locale for their family, offering a safe, family oriented, drug-free town in which to bring up their children, with gorgeous beaches and beauty beyond belief. Miriam qualifies “drug free” by saying that of course drugs are found everywhere, however they are not in your face here as they are in some cities in both the United States and Mexico.

They moved here with their two daughters, Mariana and Jessica, who are now 10 and 19 years of age, respectively. Miriam says that the Jaltemba Bay area is a great place to live because even though it is quite small, it offers all the conveniences of city life, good schools for children, a good nearby hospital (San Pancho) and the charm of small town living. Daniel and Miriam both agree that Jaltemba Bay is the perfect choice for their family.

The Charmer and the Chef

In 2003, they opened Soley Ristorante-Caffe, a charming bistro-style restaurant which serves up authentic Italian cuisine in La Peñita. They started with just a few tables and over the years business grew quickly. Daniel is the perfect host who oozes oodles of charm, and his wife Miriam, is a culinary artist. Together they created what today is one of Jaltemba Bay’s most popular restaurants, no doubt because Daniel and his staff ensure that the dining experience is always perfectly memorable!

This year, the plan is to move Soley Ristorante-Caffe to the Equinoxio Mall on Avenida del Sol Nuevo in Rincón de Guayabitos and open up an Argentinian restaurant in the current La Peñita locale in place of Soley. The Guayabitos location will provide them with more space to accommodate the crowds, and the Argentinian restaurant in La Peñita will allow Daniel to indulge and share his passion for Argentinean cuisine.

Daniel and Miriam are renaming Soley Ristorante-Caffe to “Backstreet Italian Restaurant” in memory of the immensely popular and successful beachfront Italian restaurant and micro-brewery they once operated on Guayabitos beach. Whatever the name, the tradition of great Italian dining lives on.

The Argentinian restaurant will be called “The Argentina Steak House” and will feature beef grilled to perfection and served in a variety of delicious ways. And antipasto… make room New York, antipasto is coming to Jaltemba Bay!

Miriam and Daniel wish to assure their friends and customers that the time-honored tradition of the famous Tianguis breakfast and lunch at Soley will continue in La Peñita. Every Thursday, the Argentinian restaurant in La Penita will once again become “Soley for the Day.” There is no better spot to meet and chat with friends for coffee and breakfast, before or after shopping at the market in La Peñita. And yes, they will be serving all of your traditional favourites, including those wonderful omelets accompanied by a tossed green salad.

Backstreet Italian Restaurant opened in Guayabitos on Friday, November 16, 2012 and Soley Argentinean Steak House opened in La Peñita on Thursday, November 29, 2012. For more information, menus, hours and locations, visit the Backstreet Italian Restaurant and Soley Argentinean Steak House websites.

Enjoying Family Life

Over the years, Daniel and his family have enjoyed living in both Guayabitos and La Peñita. They especially enjoy La Peñita because it is a typical small Mexican town where all the conveniences are close by. They also like living in Guayabitos, because although it is more touristy, the beach is spectacular and the surrounding lush tropical vista is like living in the Garden of Eden, especially in the rainy season.

Daniel and Miriam relish the family lifestyle here and say that sometimes they spend 24 hours a day with their children. They feel blessed to be able to spend so much time with them, helping them with their homework and studies, and when they have free time they take delight in leisurely days spent at the beach. The children are also part of the family business.

They often take trips to Mexico City to visit Miriam’s family which includes her Grandma, and seemingly a thousand cousins! They are also fond of San Pancho because of the beautiful beach, friendly people, good restaurants and spotlessly clean town.

Why Jaltemba Bay, Mexico?

What’s not to love? Warm, sunny weather, magnificent beaches, friendly people and strong family values.

About Soley Ristorante-Caffe

Specializing in fine Italian cuisine, Soley is one of the most romantic dinner spots in Jaltemba Bay. Daniel Calluso, the host, creates the ultimate dining experience, where patrons are welcomed with open arms and made to feel at home.

The delicious fare served up at Soley is surpassed only by engaging efforts of Daniel to welcome each and every person into his little piece of paradise. Whether planning a romantic tryst or a festive celebration Soley never fails to fit the occasion.

What’s next for Daniel and Miriam? Bringing Italian charm to Guayabitos and Argentinian sizzle to La Peñita!

About the Author: Christina Stobbs is a writer and photographer who lived in Los Ayala year round with her husband Robert. As a photographer, she feels fortunate to have lived in an area so rich in flora and fauna, and abundant in natural beauty. She enjoys landscape and wildlife photography, and has a fondness for pelicans. Most recently, she starting selling her photos with stock companies Dreamstime and Big Stock Photos. As a writer, she states that living in Mexico is perfect because each and every day is full of surprises. To view more of Christina’s work, click here.

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  1. :

    Congratulations Daniel! sounds like you are living your dream! But Iam Very surprised its in Mexico! Enjoy!!

  2. :

    My wife and I have had the pleasure of eating wonderful Italian food at the Backstreet cafe many times….great food, great prices….great place to sip wine and eat super food……can't wait to return…..always a treat to eat at the backstreet cafe… I call it……

    1. :

      Yes, indeed dining at the Backstreet Cafe is always a treat!

  3. :

    Thank you for your comments... Indeed it is a small world. I wish I were in Jaltemba Bay right now to enjoy an evening of fine dining and an experience filled with charm.

  4. :

    Thanks for the nice article, Christina. And I like the photo too... ah, that Miriam; so sweet and so wise. The Calluso's are among our oldest and best friends; as comfortable as an old pair of shoes. As a matter of fact, we were with them at the Guayabitos restaurant last night with other good friends, celebrating the birthday of Lin Chimes. We lingered and lingered. It was after 11pm when Bruce and I got home... way out of the ordinary for us, but typical of an evening at either Calluso restaurant. Tom

  5. :

    Stan and I had the pleasure of a wonderful meal at The Backstreet Restaurant in Guayabitos. We were welcomed by Daniel as only Daniel can welcome his guests...with open arms and a kiss on each cheek. Our meal was perfection. The first time we met Daniel he asked where we lived and we told him east of Reno and he told us that he had operated a restaurant in Reno and to our mutual surprise I had visited the Reno restaurant many times. We talked food and the restaurant business and I realized that I had also eaten in his restaurant in San Franciso several times. So here, 2500 miles away I run into a man who has feed me well in both Nevada and San Francisco. The old cliche about a small world really is true.

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