Malecón Project in La Peñita to Resume after Semana Santa

There have been rumors going around town that the malecón construction project in La Peñita has come to a halt due to funding issues. We have been trying to contact officials for several days to confirm or refute these rumors. We just heard back from both Romy Mora and Guillermina Dueñas, Regidoras of Jaltemba Bay, and we are happy to report that the crew is scheduled to return to work on Monday, April 8.

Romy spoke with contractor Oswaldo Ulises Estrada from Terracerias y Caminos and engineer Lenin Leonides Santillan earlier today and confirmed that “They will start to work again on the existing 170 meters of the malecón as soon as Semana de Pascua ends.”

According to Guillermina, the crew stopped working because of the Easter holiday and because “The state transit does not allow big trucks with heavy weight because of the huge amount of people and because they could not pass in times of vacations. Also, this is a federal job and in the case of tourism, the law says the the contractors could serve jail time if they do not finish the job.” Guillermina also commented that “we are all working together for more meters of malecón.”

When questioned about the funding issue, Romy stated that “Half of the work is done and paid for. The federation pays half and the state pays the other half… $6 million pesos each. The work includes the two side roads to the malecón, as well as the new water and sewer lines that will run to the pumping station of Las Escolleras (the one that was always leaking sewer) and will also include a new pipe.

Stay tuned. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

by Allyson Williams

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