Even on a Saturday morning, there were two cement trucks, at least five backhoes and a crew of a dozen or more people steadily working on the new malecon in La Peñita… not to mention a handful of curious spectators.

The first section of the seawall (shown above) currently stands about 5-feet above street level. This section, which is located on the north end of the malecon, sits directly in front of Tiki’s Las Brisas Restaurant.

Tiki informed me that the new stairs going down to the beach will be built north of this first section.

The middle section (shown above) is also well on its way.

The crew continues to add large rocks to each section in order to make them structurally sound. Being that the malecon is so close to the ocean, they are using rocks instead of rebar, because the steel can rust and crack the concrete.

Another crew was adding fill around the newly built foundation of the third section (shown above), which appeared to be around 6-8 feet wide and about 6-10 feet below the current street level. The standing water is caused by high tide, which limits when the crew can work.

Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Editor’s Note: In the meantime, please patronize Tiki at Las Brisas Restaurant and Haitham & Lucy at El Rincón de Arabe. Both businesses have suffered greatly because of the construction and are doing their best to stay open, but they need our continued support to do so.

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