Maintenance on the “Bridge of Life” is Progressing

Phase 1 of the “Bridge of Life” maintenance was completed on Tuesday, January 21 as planned. Ten volunteers showed up to help and they successfully replaced the cables that run along both the top and bottom of the side fencing, as well as almost all of the vertical cables that attach to the main supporting cable under the wood planks.

The bridge is now level and much more stable.

Bridge of Life 2

During the 2nd Phase, the vinyl-coated fencing along the sides will be replaced. If time permits, they will remove the damaged wooden planks and new boards will be installed. They hope to complete this project in one day to minimize the interruption of foot traffic across the bridge.

The fencing has already been ordered and delivered, but they have yet to set the date for installation. We will try to notify everyone 5-6 days in advance.

Donations are still welcome to support the ongoing maintenance of this vital link between our two towns, and can be directed to:

Nina Steffens:
Glen Triplett:
Keith Hanson:
Lacy Brunetti:

A big thank you to Nina Steffens and Glen Triplett for providing the above information… and an even bigger thank you to the volunteers who worked on the bridge. You know who you are.

February 5, 2014 – Maintenance UPDATE: 

The second day of repairs took place on Wednesday, January 29 and went off without a hitch. The bridge was kept open, with only slight delays to passers-by, as some of the deck boards were replaced.

Bridge maintenance continued on Monday and Tuesday of this week when additional deck boards, the west side fencing and support cables were replaced.

Phase 3 will begin next Monday, February 10 when volunteers will replace the balance of the deteriorating deck boards. And then on Tuesday, the east side fencing will be replaced along with more new support cables. This should complete this years’ reconstruction.

Keep in mind that the bridge will be closed to all traffic from 10am-noon on Monday, February 10 and from 10am-4pm on Tuesday, February 11 so plan an alternative route for these days.

A big thank you to the dedicated volunteers.

by David Thompson

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