We want to thank everyone who helped to make this years Dessert Buffet/Elementary School 2011 fundraiser a great success. Thank you to all who brought all the fabulous desserts, and all who tirelessly served the desserts, and all who came to eat all the delicious desserts.

Thank you to Christina Stobbs for all the advertising. Thank you’s to Elaine, Martin Torres, Nt and Wayne Ramage who took the money at the door. Thank you Kevin and Myrna Field for donating all the coffee, tea and fixings, and for making the coffee and serving. Thanks to Joanne Gadd for selling all the 50/50 tickets. Thanks you to those who helped set up and take down the tables and chairs. Without all your help we couldn’t have done this fundraiser for the children in Los Ayala, never mind making it a great success.

Thanks you once again to our anonymous donor who so kindly donated another air conditioner this year for the fourth classroom, now giving all of the children relief doing the hot and humid summer months. This very generous donation is so appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who supported the 50/50 Draw and also those who gave further donations.

The Work

Los Ayala’s Elementary School Lunchroom, about to be transformed (with photo above). Work commenced on Monday March 7th.

We so appreciate those who helped in any way to make our Annual Dessert Buffet/Elementary School Fundraiser 2011 a success. With each year’s fundraiser we are helping to make the Los Ayala Elementary School a better place for the children to learn and for the whole community to have pride in their school and community.

The Fundraiser Net Profit of $23,110.35 pesos will be used to continue with construction of the lunchroom. Plumbing and electricity will be installed. The existing counter will be altered, allowing for the placement of a sink, stove and a refrigerator. Permanent tables and chairs will be built out of cement, allowing for enough seating for the current enrollment of 78 children and 3 teachers. We will install ceiling fans and an enclosure around the lunchroom for security measures.

As many of you already know, the government does not provide funding for improvements or maintenance beyond the initial construction of the buildings themselves. With your help we have been assisting the community and the school in these matters. We thank you!

Linda, Orlando, Romy and Mario

This article was originally published on Magical Los Ayala.