Years ago, three of us started up a soccer program here in Sicamous, British Columbia. I ended up running it for years after my kids grew up and graduated. Since I stopped, the equipment has been sitting here waiting for someone to use it. I got this idea to donate it to Los Ayala a few years ago and finally got in down there.

The Los Ayala soccer (futbol) team is looking for financial help to cover the cost of their jerseys. I had about 20 pinnies in the bins which are good for practices only. The soccer field at this point is just an empty lot at the south end of Los Ayala. Nothing on it yet. For now, they are using all the pylons I brought down. So for those sports-minded snowbirds, this is a neat project to donate to.

Pictured: Myself (left); Miguel, the mayor of Los Ayala (right); and the soccer coaches and team members.

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