On Wednesday, January 11, 2011 a community meeting was held in Los Ayala’s Town Plaza to discuss the the plan, to raise the funds needed to replace the existing sewage piping, for the transfer of waste from Los Ayala to the pumping station located in the area of Vista Guayabitos.

The meeting was called by Romy Mora, Regidor of Jaltemba Bay and Miguel Sillas, Juez of Los Ayala to express the importance and the urgent need for the piping to be replaced before Semana Santa 2012. In attendance to explain the details were Julio Gonzales, Head of Siapa, Julio Gonzales, Gabriel Meza, Boss of Siapa Jaltemba Bay, and several members of the Siapa team who drove here from the city of Compostela.

Gabriel Meza explained that existing eight inch sewer pipe of R26 thickness installed in Los Ayala in 2000 needs to be replaced with a 12 inch pipe of R32 thickness. Los Ayala has been growing at a rate of ~ 30% a year versus an ~ average of 6% in the neighbouring towns of Jaltemba Bay. The existing piping is in poor condition, and can no longer accommodate the needs of our small, but growing town, especially during busy holiday periods. In addition, the tree roots running down the center median of Bahia de Banderas are penetrating the existing too, thin piping, resulting in leaks and breaks in the pipes are occurring more and more, frequently. Julio Gonzelas explained that because of the current state of the piping the repairs rendered by Siapa are about as effective as treating the pipes with aspirin. Frankly, the piping need to be replaced, at an estimated cost of ~ 1,200,000 pesos. (versus the $1,000,000 pesos reported in the February Los Ayala News)

In summary, the community of Los Ayala needs to raise ~ $250,000 pesos which is approximately 25% of the projected cost. The monies we raise will be matched from the Mexican Governments “3 for 1 Program.” The federal government will cover 25% of the cost; the state (Nayarit) government will cover 25% of the cost; the municipal government will cover 25% of the cost. As with the “3 for 1 Program,” that resulted in Los Ayala’s Town Plaza, if we raise $250,000 pesos the “3 for 1 Program” will match the funds we raise, translating into $1,000,000 pesos for the community of Los Ayala!

Property owners in Los Ayala will be assessed with a one time tax (expected to be around $2,300 pesos); and hotels and bungalows will likely be serviced with an additional tax based on the number of rooms. The assessment amount will be announced this Friday, in the Town Plaza at the Three Kings Day Celebration which starts at 6 p.m.

A few attendees expressed concerns about the roads not being done first, and Romy Mora explained that replacing the existing piping has taken priority over the road improvement project in Los Ayala. She also explained that it does not make fiscal sense to pave the roads in Los Ayala with interlocking brick, only to have to tear them up again to install new piping. A couple of bungalow owners expressed their concern with being assessed, primarily because they do not the means to pay an assessment.

As I know that Los Ayala will be asking the community of Jaltemba Bay to support the Mexican Fiesta we will be hosting to raise funds for the project, I asked what the future plans were to improve and repair the aging infrastructure in the neighbouring towns of Jaltemba Bay, and was advised by members of the Siappa team that at $10,000,000 peso project is in the works, for which a request will be put forth to the Federal Government for funding. Gabriel Meza, also advised (See Los Ayala News 2012) that all twelve pumping stations in Jaltemba Bay will be replaced.

Towards the end of the meeting, Romy Mora explained to attendees that replacing the existing infrastructure, is not a matter of choice; the monies needed to be raised; and that this project is essential. She asked everyone for their full support and advised attendees that, nothing will be done, until we raise our share of the monies needed.

The proposed tax assessments on Property Owners in Los Ayala will be not sufficient to raise $250,000 pesos, and for that reason, Romy (our Regidor) and Miguel (our new Juez) will be hosting a Mexican Fiesta on January 27th at 6 p.m. at El Delfines Bungalows and RV Park, in a quest to raise sufficient funds for the infrastructure project. The cost for the event will $350 pesos, including dinner and one drink. The entertainment line-up includes Marachi, Folkloric Dancers and a Traditional Charro – Mexican Horseman Show.

Romy reminded everyone, that the 3 for 1 program was how the Town Plaza in Los Ayala was financed, and resulted in the beautiful Town Plaza we enjoy today. I would like to add, that property taxes for home owners in Mexico are negligible, and clearly insufficient to fund street and infrastructure improvements, and on that basis ask everyone to support Romy and Miguel, and the community of Los Ayala by contributing what ever they can afford; and by attending the Mexican Fiesta on January 27th. You can make a difference, and contribute to enhancing the quality of life in Los Ayala.

Images of the overflow at the pumping station by the estuary in Los Ayala, Christmas 2011. Photos courtesy of Harry Brown.

Update from Romy Mora, Regidor Jaltemba Bay

February 15, 2012

The Infrastructure Assessment for Property Owners/Business in Los Ayala will be 2300 pesos per home or property.

Hotels and Bungalows will be assessed an additional 50-70 pesos per room (some bungalows have as many as 50 rooms); and hotels and bungalows who have the financial means to contribute more, will be asked to do so.

Work on the replacing the Infrastructure is expected to start the week of February 20th.

Copy of the $65,000 peso deposit made to the designated “3 for 1 Account”

This article was originally published on Magical Los Ayala.