Los Amigos Plans Some Good Times for Next Season

As the current season quickly winds down, Los Amigos de Jaltemba is proud to announce its schedule of events designed to keep you entertained next year. And hopefully raise a little money in the process to support our wide range of programs and services.

We are planning to hold a Casino Night on Friday, December 7. Come out to “Las Vegas South” to try your luck at a variety of games.

Saturday, January 19 is the tentative date for the first ever Jaltemba Hold ‘Em Tournament. Test your wits against your fellow sharks.

Bring your dancing shoes – or socks – back down with you next year. On Tuesday, February 7, you can dance to music from the 50’s and 60’s at a good old-fashioned Sock Hop.

Academy Awards night is always a big deal in Hollywood. Next year on Sunday, February 24, it will be a big deal in Jaltemba Bay as well. The Xaltemba Restaurant will host an Academy Awards Gala featuring prizes and a special menu. It’s a chance to walk the red carpet in your finest.

The season will culminate with Fiesta 2013: Taste of Jaltemba on Sunday, March 3 at the Salon de Eventos – Real de Peñas. Last year’s event at the same location attracted a crowd of 500 and we hope that next year’s will be even bigger and better.

The young people from the Telpochcalli group will also be busy working with local businesses over the summer to help produce a Coupon Book that will be for sale at our tianguis booth next season – offering you a chance to save some money and support local businesses.

Los Amigos will also be supported by Las Tres Amigas through a variety of projects in the coming winter season. Here are their dates and plans:

  • Las Tres Amigas plan to kick off next year with ‘Kick off the Season’ Dinner Party at Vista Guayabitos on Wednesday, November 14. The event will feature a silent auction and a special appearance by a guest personality.
  • Wednesday, December 5 will mark the kick-off of Las Tres Amigas’ Christmas Stocking Campaign with a social (cocktails & tappas) at Xaltemba Restaurant. Christmas stockings will be placed in a number of establishments around the community to collect school supplies for local schools.
  • The Telpochcalli Youth Group that thrilled the group with an energetic performance at Fiesta 2012 will be performing in the La Peñita Plaza on Wednesday, January 9 at Las Tres Amigas Pizza/Pasta on the Plaza event.
  • The Tea organized by Las Tres Amigas last year was such a success that they are having another Tea on Wednesday, February 13.

You will be hearing more about all these events later. But for now, mark your calendars and come back to Jaltemba Bay next season ready for some fun.

Here is a complete list of our upcoming events for next season:

  • Nov. 12 – Los Amigos Management Council Meeting,
  • Nov. 14 – Las Tres Amigas Kick-Off Dinner Party, Vista Guayabitos
  • Nov. 26 – Los Amigos General Meeting
  • Dec. 5 – Las Tres Amigas Christmas Stocking Kick-Off, Xaltemba Restaurant
  • Dec. 7 – Casino Night, Location TBD
  • Dec. 10 – Los Amigos Open House
  • Jan. 9 – Las Tres Amigas Pizza/Pasta in the Plaza, El Gigio Italian Pizzeria
  • Jan. 14 – Los Amigos Management Council Meeting
  • Jan. 19 – Jaltemba Hold ‘Em Tournament, Location TBD
  • Jan. 28 – Los Amigos General Meeting
  • Feb. 7 – Sock Hop, Location TBD
  • Feb. 11 – Los Amigos Management Council Meeting
  • Feb. 13 – Las Tres Amigas Hat Tea, Location TBD
  • Feb. 24 – Academy Awards Gala, Xaltemba Restaurant
  • Feb. 25 – Los Amigos General Meeting
  • Mar. 3 – Fiesta 2013: A Taste of Jaltemba, Salon de Eventos Real de Penas
  • Mar. 11 – Los Amigos Management Council Meeting
  • Mar. 25 – Los Amigos General Meeting

Note: All Los Amigos meetings are held at La Palapa de Guty. Both meetings start at 7am, but the General Meetings have a meet and greet starting at 6:30pm

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