Little Beans: Another JBAR Foster Failure

Beans was 4-months-old when he came into the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) spay and neuter clinic in Rincón de Guayabitos last April. He was riddled with ticks and fleas, and if we didn’t find a home for him, he would be left to his own devices on the street. We decided to foster him and bring him back to Canada where the Mexi-Can Vet Project would find a forever home for him. Fostering a dog is great, but you always know that there comes a moment when you have to say goodbye.

My husband, Ron, kept saying that it was my decision whether we keep Beans or not. He got along great with Hardy, our other dog, and his antics constantly made us laugh. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love. But as much as I wanted to keep him, I was trying to be sensible and resolved to foster him.

When we got back to Victoria, B.C., I took Beans to McKenzie Veterinary Clinic and said my tearful goodbyes. I’ve fostered before and it’s always difficult to say goodbye to an animal that worms its way into your heart, and I knew that this little guy would get a much better life here than if he had been left in Mexico.

Later in the day I went to my husband’s office and he said, “Where’s Beans?” I told him that I’d brought him to the clinic, and he proceeded to tell me that perhaps we had done the wrong thing – after all, it doesn’t take much more to care for two dogs than it does for one. We hummed and hawed for several minutes and finally he said, “Ah… go get him.” So, I drove back to the clinic and said, “Guess what?!?”

Beans was very confused when he saw me again. He had been affected by my emotions when I had left him, and it took him about 10 minutes before he would “forgive” me.

So, I am once again a “foster failure!!!”

by Juavana Simone Nicholls

Beans and Hardy playing (July)

About Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR): Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) was established in 2003 by Lin Chimes of Los Ayala, Nayarit, Mexico. Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue advocates humane and healthy practices for animals in the Jaltemba area by promoting health, education, spay and neutering, adoptions, foster care and positive relationships with animals and their owners. JBAR also works to find homes for street dogs and cats. This effort has significantly improved the overall health and enjoyment of life on Jaltemba Bay for human visitors, residents and also our four-legged friends.To learn more or to make a donation, visit Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR).

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    I loved your happy ending... Another dog that has found his forever home with his foster family!

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    I too am a foster failure. Mattie (then estrella) was left at Lin's back door & when Lin's Mexican caretaker & his family went to visit relatives at Christmas last year, Lin asked if I could keep Mattie for a few days. Mattie was just a puppy. Of course I could. A few days wasn't that long. Mattie went back to Lin's after Christmas & my life went back to everyday normal. When Mattie was spayed to prepare her for adoption in Canada, I once again helped out by keeping her for a few days while she recovered from her surgery. Then Lin phoned a few days later to say that Mattie was scheduled to fly to Victoria to be put up for adoption "Could I bring her over the night before her flight" I began to cry . My husband asked why I was crying. When I told him, he said "you just can't give a little bit of your heart can you? You can keep her if you want". Mattie has become a huge part of our lives. Everyday she does something that makes us laugh. We'll be taking her back to Mexico when we return in November. So happy I failed at my fostering job

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    What a great story . Your dogs are so cute together. I will look out for them around Victoria. I take it you drive to Mexico so you can take the dogs ,with the new airline rule on pets

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