Day #1 of the “Pets For Life” spay and neuter clinic in Las Varas was a great success. Dr. Mari organized this clinic in the Commisario de Ejido on the town plaza, so it was easy to find for the locals and a smoother layout/space for the team.

A special thanks to Dr. Carla Bell, from Saseenos Veterinary Services in Sooke, BC, who continues to sponsor these clinics in Las Varas.

Las Varas 2014 Clinic 2
Las Varas 2014 Clinic 3  Las Varas 2014 Clinic 7
Las Varas 2014 Clinic 5

Local Las Varas vet Dr. Hildegardo performed check-in, Dr. Poli worked the prep table (Paulina was off that day), so Dr. Anthony and Dra. Jimena were able to perform a total of 33 sterilizations, which consisted of 12 cats and 21 dogs. A few locals dropped by to help with post-op care for their animals and handle kennels, though generally the clinic was smoothly run with 7-9 people.

By the end of Day 4, a total of 120 animals were sterilized over this 3.5 day clinic in Las Varas. Saturday saw a cap on the number of animals registered, as we were running out of anesthetic once we passed the 100 animal estimate. Fortunately, a number of cats and small dogs were sterilized, so there was some anesthetic remaining, allowing for the extra 20 add-ons.

Las Varas 2014 Clinic 4
Las Varas 2014 Clinic 6

Each year we see greater community involvement in the Las Varas clinics. Every animal sterilized at the clinic was brought in by a concerned family member. Many locals remained at the clinic to help. As we ran out of kennels to store each animal, due to high demand and volume, this became a bonus for those wanting to help at the clinic. Animals without kennels underwent surgery early in the day, and the animal was able to return home for a full recovery as soon as they left the recovery table.

Local Ejido and politicos attended the clinic, and there was discussion to fund a second clinic this year as well. It will be interesting to see where this community involvement and interest takes Las Varas.

by Rob Erickson

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