With your help, the Jaltemba Bay community has benefited in many ways: we will have playground equipment, a kiddy corner, nifty and needed school supplies, alternative prostheses for breast cancer survivors, and Community Cultural Center (CCC) programs for women and children.

The November Tapas and Sangria Party at El Panorama Hotel netted $5,053 pesos, which will help establish a ‘Kiddy Corner’ full of books, toys and equipment to provide a safe and fun environment for the little guys who accompany their moms to their classes at the CCC.

Our December Christmas Stocking Campaign brought in several bags full of school supplies which were distributed to mostly kindergartens in area schools by Gema Marquez, who runs the Books on Wheels project.

Also in December, the oh-so-popular Country Casual Pig Roast at El Rodeo raised $21,950 pesos – enough funds for the construction of two playgrounds, coordinated by the Recycling Committee of Los Amigos de Jaltemba; the El Tonino school will receive one of them. The recent refurbishing of play equipment at the Eco Park on the north side of La Peñita is a joint project with money from Las Tres Amigas and private donors as well as a lot of volunteer labour. The swings, teeter-totters, climbing bars and serpentines are going to provide a safe and entertaining playground for little guys.

January brought the Under Wraps Dinner and Mystery Auction at Xaltemba Restaurant & Galeria. The $13,760 pesos will provide scholarships for four students at CONALEP next school year.

Five more scholarships will be awarded by the Los Amigos Scholarship Committee with the $16,570 pesos that were raised at our Handbags and Hankies Tea Party at El Panorama Hotel in February.

And last but not least, proceeds from the International Women’s Day Luncheon on March 8 at Latitude 21 will match a private donation of $500 US so that Cancer de Mama can continue to develop a locally manufactured alternative prosthesis. The balance will provide safety and first aid equipment for the CCC and supplies for their after school program.

None of this could have been achieved without the support of many in the community:

Where would we be without our ticket sellers? Jeanie Mintzmyer (Hidden Paradise Real Estate), Rick Helberg (Re/Max Jaltemba Bay Realty) and Hala at Hamaca Maya who helped with every event, along with assistance from Xaltemba Restaurant, Cafe Dolores, El Rodeo, Latitude 21 and El Panorama Villa Hotel B&B, and the La Peñita RV Park office.

Raffle prizes and draw items were provided at our various events by Super Maxi Alvarado, Casita de Irma, each of the restaurants involved, Marena del Mar, Cafe Peñita de Occidente, Avanti Restaurant, Terapeutica Emilia Esperanza G., Carniceria La Nayarita, Joan Hagar, Joyce Vanderstaak, and Las Tres Amigas members.

Musicians, an artist and even an auctioneer volunteered their talents too: Mimi and John Flamang, Manuel and his friend Martin, Linda Fraser and Dave Stevens deserve a great deal of thanks.

Sydney Richmond, the Los Amigos tianguis booth, Armando’s Joyas and Cafe Dolores made the Christmas Stocking Campaign possible.

An extra special thanks goes out to all of you who attended the events. It goes without saying that without you, these results would never have been achieved.

We want to pass along our congratulations to Los Amigos de Jaltemba, Vicki Robelo and the folks who work so hard at the CCC volunteering and keeping the doors open, Gema for her labour of love with the Books on Wheels project and the Cancer de Mama committee – for seeing the projects from our 2012-2013 fundraising efforts through to fruition.


We’re going to whisk you away on an International Tour, starting with an Evening in Paris on Wednesday, November 19 at Xaltemba Restaurant & Galeria. With the assistance of chef Lurah Magee-Newgen, you can enjoy an evening of French cuisine on the Left Bank (well, not quite, but it is close to the Avenida). Let your inner Bohemian out!

We will then head on to Italy for a Cena de Natale at El Gigio Italian Pizzeria. He is going to serve up some of his family’s traditional Christmas dishes on Sunday, December 14. And what would Christmas be without bells? Bring a bell, wear a bell, ring a bell and we’ll see you there ‘with bells on’.

On Wednesday, January 14, we’re going to step back in time to Merry Olde England. Join us for a Mediaeval Feast at El Rodeo. Polish up your armour and shine up your crowns and jewels. You never know what royalty might drop in!

We’ll stay in Britain but bring you back to modern times with a Petals and Pearls Afternoon Tea Party at El Panorama Villa Hotel B&B on Wednesday, February 18. Pack your pearls! Go wild with flowers – in your hair, on your dress, maybe even your shoes!

The very deserving and community-based programs at the CCC and CONALEP scholarship students will benefit from these fundraisers.

We will also continue the Christmas Stocking Campaign starting in early December to collect items needed for the after-school program at the CCC. A list of desired supplies will be circulated later.

And there may be more! We’ll keep you advised. Between now and then, have a happy and healthy summer and we’ll see you again in the fall.

Thanks for the community’s support!

by Las Tres Amigas (Helma, Maxine and Nora)

If you have information about an upcoming event, community group, organization or project, email us the details along with any photos and we will include it in the next issue of our newsletter. Please also add it to our online community calendar.

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