Las Tres Amigas Next Event Involves 3 P’s… Pizza and Pasta in the Plaza

The next event coordinated by Las Tres Amigas involves three P’s: Pizza and Pasta in the Plaza. It is a fundraiser for the Telpochcalli Youth Group, part of Los Amigos de Jaltemba. It will be held on Wednesday, January 9 at 6 pm at El Gigio’s Italian Pizzeria in La Peñita. For a minimum donation of $200 pesos you will be treated to a pizza appetizer, salad and pasta main course, a complimentary beer or wine, and entertainment that will absolutely WOW you! The Telpochcalli Youth Group (remember them from Fiesta 2012?) will perform! It’s guaranteed to be a great show with lots of music and incredible interpretive dance.

Tickets are available from El Gigio’s Italian Pizzeria, Hamaca Maya, at both Tianguis locations from Jeanie Mintzmyer at Hidden Paradise Real Estate or Rick Helberg at Jaltemba Bay Realty, or by e-mailing us at las3amigas@yahoo.ca.

This is sure to be a night to remember.

For those of you not familiar with the Telpochcalli Youth Group, there are about 50 youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who meet regularly at the new Community Cultural Centre, under the umbrella of Los Amigos de Jaltemba. The group focuses on building “warriors for life” through creative expression in interpretive dance, music and fine arts. And boy, are they good. If you saw them at Fiesta 2012, you know what we mean. If you missed them there, here’s your chance to be wowed by their energy, enthusiasm and talent.

Las Tres Amigas (Helma, Maxine, and Nora)

About Las Tres Amigas: We are three women, who one day sat discussing fundraising and how the community needed an afternoon event when Fiesta 2012 at the Bartlett residence was no longer being offered. Two of us had already thought of an afternoon tea and we were off to the races as they say. We have all been involved in our respective communities and have the philosophy of giving back to where you live.

The Tea was a rewarding event with wonderful music, laughter, food, views and pesos for three scholarships being raised. We were dubbed “Las Tres Amigas” by a friend and now we have added the lady bug to further identify us. The Surf and Turf dinner raised enough pesos for five scholarships. People never cease to amaze us with their generosity and their giving back to our communities.

This year we are organizing five events that we hope provide something for everyone. We would be delighted to have offers of volunteers for any of the events you find particularly enticing. Our contact e-mail is las3amigas@yahoo.ca

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