Las Brisas Restaurant in La Peñita Undergoes Major Renovations in Preparation for New Malecón

Tiki’s Las Brisas Restaurant in La Peñita is undergoing a total makeover. The restaurant, which is located on the beach directly across the street from the new malecón, has been plagued by closures related to the recent malecón construction. This past winter, Las Brisas was forced to close for weeks at a time due to sidewalk and roadway demolition and reconstruction.

For the most part, the roadwork has been completed with the exception of the stretch directly in front of the restaurant; the sidewalks are still just a dream. The malecón’s concrete deck is supposed to be poured within the next two weeks. The anticipated completion date for the entire project was suppose to be June 30th. Rainy season could also hamper progress if construction is not finished before the heavy rains come.

In the meantime, Tiki has started renovating his restaurant. His plans include the addition of a 1,260 square feet (126 square meter) rooftop patio above the existing single story restaurant. The new rooftop patio will include a bar, hardwood dance floor and restrooms. Tiki wants to finish construction before the rainy season begins or at least by the end of July. Right now, Las Brisas is like a beehive with everyone busily working to meet Tiki’s timeline.

There are seven new concrete columns being constructed that will support the expanded second floor. The patio will be one meter wider and two meters longer than the existing building. This will provide additional seating space upstairs.

Tiki’s interior bar has taken on a new look… it looks more like Kiko’s Ferretería.

The street and the malecón are both almost ready for the concrete to be poured. The men in this photo are digging a trench for the underground power lines.

It’s getting closer folks. Now to get rid of those unsightly power poles.

by David Thompson

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    Can hardly wait to visit the new place Las Brisas must be hard for the family with all the construction, as they were closed when I was there Feb- march. Looks like it will be nice! And a dance floor, sounds great!

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    Hopefully we can do it together, Patty!

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    Thanks for the update David. I look forward to visiting the newly renovated restaurant when I return to Mexico in November and perhaps walking the malacon!

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