I’d like to share my story of warmth and love about a local vet who helped me, a Canadian from British Columbia, to help a local street dog who I call “Si.”

Si started dropping by to say hi. After a few interactions, he seemed to know I wanted to help him. He started letting me pet his head and then he’d leave. Little by little he stayed longer and longer, and eventually he began to eat the dog kibble I offered him. I gave him his deworming pill with meat that a neighbor gave me to give him. The next day Si seldom left my side as if he was saying thank you.

Later I saw him approaching people with a wagging tail and playing on the beach with other dogs. I am amazed that such a gentle spirited dog with lots of love to give does not have a line up of offerings to give to him… while only asking to be loved, petted and fed.

I found a wonderful man, a vet, who offered to share the cost of treating this street dog for mange. I brought the dog into his clinic and asked him to help the dog, fully prepared to pay. When he gave me the price for the first treatment he pointed to himself and said half, and then pointed to me and said half. Another huge heart in La Peñita who walks the walk rather than talks the walk.

What surprised me was that he offered to help when I didn’t ask him to contribute in any way. He worked from his love of animals.

His name is Dr. Eladio Arreola Tello. I call him the “dog godfather.”

Carroyl Vet Letter 2
Day 2 of feeding Si.

Carroyl Vet Letter 3
After 8 days of food, his first deworming pill and before mange treatment.

Si’s next appointment with Dr. Tello is in one week, when he will get another needle with some antibiotic. Apparently that is all he needs to treat his manage and small eye infection.

What a blessing to be able to help. Thank you La Peñita for giving me that opportunity. A neighbor has stopped by numerous times to give food and to ask how Si is doing, and people living close to me ask about his progress. The local Mexicans, as well as fellow Canadian and Americans visiting here for the winter, are all interested in his getting well.

I always break out in a smile while telling them the good news.

by Carroyl Taylor, Summerland BC and La Peñita

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